You Plan To Kill Me With Meng?


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Qiao Qixi woke up one day to find himself transmigrated as a polar bear and he merely took more care of the injured bear next door when the other side see him in a different light.

A gay… bear?

Later he found out his guess was right. Shit, experts say the animal world is full of homosexuals, it is indeed true! He was not deceived!

And it’s happened more than once.

Afterwards, regardless of whether he was transmigrated as a lion, tiger or leopard… he would be targeted by the same sex.

Even as a peacock, there will be another peac*ck that will spread out its tail feathers to tempt him.

Is Qiao Qixi bothered by it, you ask?

No, he enjoys being fed by all the big guys.

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Are You Going to Kill Me?
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New Dooka rated it
June 6, 2021
Status: c1
I’m MTL-ing and I’ve loved it up to the police dogs. Now I just don’t know if I want to keep going with the novel. Seriously, which f*cking country doesn’t put boots on their rescue dogs ffs? And the choices of the 2 leads don’t make much sense to me, they’re s*upid. It wouldn’t be a problem to purposefully fail the explosives course and still graduate, SO THEY DON’T NEED TO RUN AROUND WITH BOMBS IN THEIR MOUTHS PROTECTING THE HUMAN POLICE. ARE THEY MORONS? THE HUMANS GET GOOD PROTECTIVE... more>> GEAR, DOGS DON’T. And all this, “we have to work hard so the humans let us stay together and not send us to different places”, runs contrary to their whole purpose for everything they do. They do everything to stay together but of course they’d just follow the wishes of humans and split up, instead of running away or just refusing to work until they’re back together? It’s just dumb nationalistic, humans are superior bullsh*t the whole arc and it’s ruining the beautiful sweetness from earlier arcs. <<less
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Kokoro Mugen
New Kokoro Mugen
June 1, 2021
Status: c1
I love this concept and this novel!

The only problem I have is the translation website "Novelhunter". I am scared to even go on it because of the potential viruses or malware.

This led to me MTL-ing it and I still love the novel!

Latest arc (based on MTLnovel) :


They become police dogs in the human world! \ (^O^) /


I dearly wished for a better English translation! This deserve more attention!
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Sadie Woods
Sadie Woods rated it
March 18, 2021
Status: c5
Translation: Concept is super cute, I'd love to see where it goes!

Website: -500/5. I've never seen such a pop-up ridden redirecting and virus-y website before. I'm on mobile and oh boy I can't go forward or touch the screen without being redirected to something scammy or it trying to download something presumably virus loaded. Maybe someone on PC with better blockers would have better luck than me!
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ApolloAresZues rated it
April 4, 2021
Status: c219
A stoic and cool ML with a cute and spoiled MC is common, but each arc is very well written, fluffy, heartfelt, and in depth. It follows their reincarnations into diff animals with MC remembering his time as a human. So far there are 4 (theres 6 now this is old) arcs and the 4th arc is my favorite.

In the first arc

... more>>

They are polar bears released back into the wild (antartica) by humans. They travel around with a cute yellow bucket the MC picked up and hunt for food and go through the different seasons and years together. Its very fulfilling with a sort of slice of life feeling. The ML takes good care of the MC as a sort of pseudo parental figure who feeds and supports and teaches him (Ofc they eventually become lovers). When ML gets old, the MC in turn supports him.


In the 2nd arc


In this arc they're lions and ML is raised by MC this time along with 4 other cubs whose mother was killed. ML doesnt remember their life as a polar bear at first but later remembers, and MC doesn't know he is ML until later. In this lifetime MC in a capable patriarch and dad who raises up the 5 cubs and then later gets taken care of by them. There's some scares in this arc as the circumstances are rough and MC goes first here while ML watches the rest of the cubs go one by one, then let's go himself. It was so sad


In the 3rd arc


In this arc they're killer whales and can finally communicate. Before this there was no talking but bc of soundwave they can talk kind of brokenly. ML starts out as a part of wandering group while MC lives with whale family. Then ML courts MC and MC joins his group and they have like this big adventure with hilarious side characters. This was a very funny arc


4th and current arc


In this one they end up as expensive wolf dog puppies in a city. Both have memories and they can talk. Bc this time they aren't the top of the food chain, they go to a police station to be police dogs. It's fun seeing all the humans impressed and dumbfounded by these very smart dogs. MC even drives a boat! Lol it's a lot of fun and you can see the years of experience in diff environments of the wild help them alot.


Anyway I'm looking forward to the peac*ck arc mentioned in the summary. They haven't been a bird yet. The MTL of the first two arcs is easy (lowest is about 70% comprehension), the 3rd arc is a bit harder maybe bc of the setting. 4th arc gets easier to MTL.

PS. Forgot to add that the current translation site is very bad and has alot of ads and viruses. And to be honest, comparing the translation to the MTL of the chapters they have out, there is not much difference (Its like a slightly cleaned up MTL). I would say just MTL from the start or wait to see if they change their site in the end.

Update: AHHHHHH THE PEAc*ck ARC HAS STARTED THE PEAc*ck ARC HAS STARTED OMG. For some reason I'm crazy excited and super impatient ^_^ really looking forward to this arc. It seems like Alexander will be raised up by Otis once again lol!

Update: 5th arc description


Like I said above the MCs are now peacocks. ML is a white peac*ck already an adult and MC was an unhatched green peac*ck egg that's endangered. ML steals it from the research facility and raises it successfully outside amid the shocked eyes of researchers who have a hard time getting their eggs to survive. The two shock the humans once more when they're confirmed gay! Also in this arc the best thing ever happened: they became parents!!!!! The facility gave them the weakest eggs with little chance of survive just to see if theyd get a miracle and it happened! Now they have babies! In prev lives the closests they got to raising kids is the lion arc but like it was actually MC raising them and they were all more like brothers. This one is them actually raising kids. It's so cute!


I predict this life will be ending soon which makes me sad, but I'm super happy bc it's been hinted we'll get a tiger arc next. Tbh I missed the cat life with the jungles and grasslands so I'm happy abt that! I wanted them to be leopards at first next but a tiger is fun too! Really hope this story is ine of those that gone for 500+ chapters bc it rlly has a lot to offer and can bring new things to the table just based on plot. Like there are alot novels on here with 1k chapters but dont really need all that length but this one! Does! Please author! I want it to go on forever if possible it brightens my day everytime I read the daily update. Theres so many more animals they can try I want to see everything if possible.

Also random thoughts but as the story goes on ot rlly gets this "old married couple" vibe. Like they unquestionably love each other and the MC, no matter if he is older or whatever species, will always be the MLs baby and I think that's so lovely. Like MC once said, they're each others partner, brother, father etc and you can really feel that in the story. Even now, when they are peacocks, the ML calls the MC little bear and his baby, because ML is an animal at heart an so pure and devout all his habits of care and his way of thinking abt MC never changes. It's very hard to articulate into but reading later arcs feels very fulfilling and sincere, almost nostalgic. I promise if your into that heartwarming stuff you'll love this.

Update: I'm just going to keep updating this as the story continues because I like it so much. Its chapter 195 and we've finally hit Arc 6. I am very much in shock right now! All my understanding has fled. Our couple is now

dinosaurs omg! I truly, honestly thought they would be some type of cat but I guess the author was just tricking us and was like nah I've already done that type of animal Imma do something completely different. I mean they have been a polarbear (bear), a lion (cat), a dolphin (fish), a wolfhound (dog), and a peac*ck (bird). I guess the author wanted to think outside the box and surprised us all so now we have a reptile? Anyway we've left the peaceful and worry free peac*ck life and now seem to have returned to something similar to the lion or polar bear life in which there is danger and worry. Its foreshadowed that their will be lots of conflict and natural disasters. I dont think it's ever been hinted about so much danger until now and I'm not even sure what type of dinosaur they are this time around or even where ML is but I am excited all the same! I can feel the adventure already!

Btw humans have invented smth that allows their spiritual bodies to travel into the past so they'll be witness to our two gay dinosaurs this time around. ^_^

Also if you didnt notice I'm really excited because this genuinely just overturned all my expectations I have literally no clue what to expect. The mtl will probably get harder tho sadly bc of dinosaur terminology. But we shall all learn about dinosaur facts together!


The 6th Arc description Update (about 17 chapters in)


So we finally know what kind of dinosaurs the MC and ML are. MC is an Anklyosaurus, which is those herbivore dinasaurs with the hammer tails and like steel plait bodies. Look it up and you'll find them very familiar. Ironically, ML is a T-Rex, a carnivore lol. So their on opposite ends of the food chain. In this, for the first time in many years, ML loses his memory of the other lifetimes and is once again a blank slate. But that does not stop him from falling head over heels for a herbivore dinosaur and following him around trying to feed him! Lol it doesnt matter if Otis memory is there or not, he loves Alexander no matter what his instincts tell him.

So the story goes on that they meet up and travel together while having different diets lol and being watched by the human spiritual intelligence that time traveled. Except this time period is really the most dangerous because of the natural disasters

I'm actually pretty emotional rn because this arc is giving me both anxiety and warmth in my heart from their pure and unconditional love that will sacrifice anything to make sure the other is ok. I feel like this arc really embodies the amount of love they piled up from lifetime after lifetime and how it has solidified into an intangible piece of them that will never go away. A big spoiler but I'll put it below cause I just want to vent.

When they are living peacefully for years an earth quake occurs. Instead of escaping like the other dinosaurs, they both rush to make sure the other is ok. But the earth cracks open and literally splits them apart. Otis, who still has no memories of their past love but seems to still feel its imprint on his soul, jumps across the narrowing gap to be with Alexander and injures himself. Thankfully he did tho bc the side he was on ends up engulfed in water. Through this, Otis does get his memory back but is still gravely injured.

The entire scene of Otis jump made me cry like crazy. Otis was running along the edge of the crack to get to a narrower split to make the jump easier while Alexander kept trying to tell him not to, but bc Otis had no memory they couldn't communicate. At one point Alexander even thought that if Otis fell in he'd just go too and they could be old ghosts together. I cried so hard!!!Like they love each other so much. Otis's pure unconditional care and adoration and Alexander's attachment and dependance. They love each other more than anything. And when Otis tumbled to the other side and was going to smash into a boulder, Alexander fearlessly took both Otis's weight and the boulder impact. How much they sacrifice for each other! In the end Otis was injured and Alexander, a herbivore, still went to hunt prey for him even tho his current body doesnt like meat.


Honestly I adore this couple and I feel like they embody all the goodness and purity of the world. Again, I definitely recommend reading this it only gets better and more heartwarming and lovely. As the arcs progress, I'll add them. <<less
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March 24, 2021
Status: --
Ok I was interested in this story, but there is no f*cking way that I will read it on the shitty site it's on. This is really unacceptable. Yeah I know these are free translations and alot goes into making them, but c'mon you could surely add some less intrusive ads. I don't know anything about the site or translator (s). If they have nothing to do with the issues on this site, I would suggest they host the translation some where else. This issue not only affect us as... more>> readers, but would prevent you from growing an audience. Im pretty sure I'm not the only one that wouldn't even bother to read this just because the ads alone. Hopefully they switch to a new site or someone else picks this up, but until then I going to have to pass. Thank God I didn't get invested in the story yet or I would be screaming.

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ArisaX rated it
March 11, 2021
Status: c116
Their interactions are so cute and wholesome and also realistic. I'm getting diabetes from all the sweetness. The title really does it's justice

Update: my heart has been cleansed, my pores have opened, they're so so so cute ahhhhhhh 😭
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Googut rated it
March 27, 2021
Status: c118
ok, if you are looking for anguish or a little drama, you will not find it here. it is basically about MC and ML living a wildlife in the form of animals. is it fluffy and pure meng, dog food? on here.

Basically MC was a human and was reborn in a small polar bear, being a fake polar bear without any knowledge of surviving, ML "adopts" him.

in the first world, only MC has humanized thinking, while ML is a pure polar bear who acts on instinct to protect and care... more>> for his little cuteness of him. It's really cute to see how ML (Odis) spoils MC, always being patient and putting MC's wishes above their own.


For example, he always gives the best part of game food for MC to eat or waits for MC to eat first and then eat or hunting prey for MC just because he asked. In the beginning Odis (ML) hesitates long before letting MC hunt alone, always afraid that his cuteness will be hurt.


the second arc, MC reborn as a Lion with the memories of a wild polar bear life. so you think he became the king of the savannah? nah, the small MC decides to do something he can not do in another life, raising children! In this life, he first first waits for his children to grow up before I left in search of his beloved Otis


(** big spoiler:................................................. odis is one of the children


it's funny that, in every life, other animals are extremely confused by the unusual behavior of MC and ML. Female and male bears look strange at Otis, a male polar bear who is taking care of a cub, this is not scientific! (MC and ML are two years apart, with ML being a sub-adult and MC being a grown-up "cub" - the age when young polar bears abandon their mothers to live alone) Other lions look confused while MC rescues children that are not the result of his own offspring.

the third world was my second favorite so far, finally MC and ML can communicate! Seeing ML flirting in words I can understand caused butterflies in my stomach. ML is very provocative, with no memories of the past, but still falling in love with MC and trying to win him over.


when ML recovers his memories he becomes less talkative, it made me a little sad, he said several sweet words like a young man in love, but then he recovered his memories and became a serious adult, still speaking sweet words, but less gallant. Come on ~! Give me back my butterflies! I want the gallant and flirtatious ML


now I am in the fourth world waiting for updates, when I finish I will come back here. <<less
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Shimozuki Yue
Shimozuki Yue rated it
April 28, 2021
Status: c177
Killing with Meng? Dmn it this story killed me with sadness!!!

The first two arc made me cry ugly tears. Don't get me wrong, this is not tragedy and it is full of warmhearted caring for each other.

Maybe it's the perspective that made me sad. ML as an animal, don't have any concept of complex emotions. But rather than not feeling those emotions, it's more like he doesn't have understanding what those feelings are. At that point, I somehow understand how animals could die of extreme sadness. They don't know, they... more>> merely rely on instinct.

Afterwards, from the 3rd arc going forward, ML gain some intelligence due to his kind of animal and then retain it from then on and kept on improving. Since then, it wasn't so sad seeing them die because ML have some understanding and have been dying together.

From the 2nd and 3rd arc, ML find MC by instinct and then gain his memories after some stimulation. Unlike MC with logical thinking therefore have the concept of doubt, ML have easier time finding MC. Also, since gaining intelligence, ML also kept getting reborn with memories from then on.

The author did a great job at portraying animals, how they don't have anything resembling logical thoughts yet they're incredibly smart. Wherein, they are mostly confused when encountering things that aren't craved into their instincts but don't bother with it, as if the picture never registered in their brain, simply because those things don't help on their survival. This book can honestly advocate for animals. The amount of sadness I had for the side characters at some point makes me uncomfortable.

Tbh, the information about homosexuality the animal kingdom is so shocking yet amusing. Especially when knowing most are bisexuals! And you know, it's part of their instincts and survivability that drives these.

Also, ML, most of the time, gets reborn as an albino/white. Maybe because originally, he's a polar bear. It's also funny when MC kept making datas and researches so dmn chaotic. Oh, and of course ML also added to that chaos. The first arc where he raised MC got upgraded to literally hatching MC in the latest arc and researchers where just like...????

  1. Edit: also note that the animal they reincarnated so far are somehow titled as king or emperor of their species. I have bold guest that they might be reborn as humans by the end of this.
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April 6, 2021
Status: c19 part1
Very cute but slightly slow story. I adore both main characters, and I'm really excited to read future arcs. I'll edit this comment once I finish this book.

However, I really have to say that the website that this translation is hosted on is really awful. You get a pop-up every time you go to a new chapter, and occasionally clicking on the "X" sign will open about a thousand inescapable virus websites. The translation has clearly been machine translated and not edited, and there are countless words or phrases that... more>> make no sense in English and have clearly been directly translated from Chinese. Given that it's all been machine translated, I don't understand why the translator has to split chapters up into many parts. Just put the whole chapter into the machine so readers don't have to wait just to read a third of a chapter. If you want to read this novel, just machine translate it yourself, don't bother giving this website any clicks. You won't miss anything, I promise. <<less
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babybb rated it
March 16, 2021
Status: c162
I've never reviewed something before finishing it before, so do take this with a grain of salt, but here are my thoughts so far.

First of all, I really like the MC and ML's interactions up to this point. The ML doesn't seem to fall in love at first sight, which I appreciate a lot. Overall, it's a good read. Not super dramatic or stress-inducing like some other plot heavy BLs tend to be (nothing wrong with that, it's just nice to take a break sometimes).

And now, the main reason I'm... more>> writing this review before finishing. I really like the translation! I really like the story! But! There's something going on with the website with a bizarre amount of pop-ups that make it impossible to actually read the lovely translation. I'm currently unable to read past c5p3 (I'm now on 162 through MTL) because the site redirects to a virus scam after probably about four seconds of loading. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the translator themselves, I'm only bringing this up in hopes that this problem might be able to be solved, and letting future readers know in advance.

Regardless, I do recommend this. It's fluffy and sweet, with just the right amount of doting. I'm hoping to be able to read more in the future! Thank you to the translator and author for your hard work~

Edit: To anyone else having this problem, I was able to get past it by using a VPN, so give that a shot.

Another note, now that someone else brought it up— the 'next chapter' button on the translation website doesn't actually direct you to the next chapter. The website layout is very confusing. Again, I don't blame the translator. It seems like the work was posted on a website that hosts other translations, so I'm pretty sure the problem is the website itself. <<less
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May 14, 2021
Status: --
Story is new, never read anything like it before. Characters are cute and the romance is a slow burn.

Website: Awful. It is clearly machine translated, half the time it's like the translator pasted a string of nonsensical words together and called it a day.

"In case one day and Odis broke up, with his handsome and clean white look, as well as a hard skills." -- one of the paragraphs in the chapter I am currently on.

Many times the MC Alexander is called a she/her, and sometimes he's even called Alexandria.... more>> The translator obviously doesn't check these before posting. <<less
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March 22, 2021
Status: c9 part3
This novel is pretty easy to read via a website translator. Tbh I'd rather deal with minor grammatical issues than those annoying pop up ads (virus, scams, etc.). I am even using an ad blocker, so I don't understand how and why they show up so frequently.

The story itself is kinda slow-burn (at least from what I remember) but really cute. Definitely for someone who is into fluffy stories.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Isabelle rated it
March 17, 2021
Status: c7 part1
Super super cute!!! Just that read the translation is almost impossible, the pop ups really make it a war..... Hopefully that problem can be fixed soon to new readers be able to enjoy the novel :)
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Dragon_Reader rated it
March 15, 2021
Status: c119
This is an awesome, heart warming book. I cannot say how accurate the author's knowledge on animal behaviour (polar bear, African lion, Antarctic whale, wolf) but I absolutely loved this.

Full of fluff and fur and love that never ends <3
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SnowyRAWR rated it
April 21, 2021
Status: c23 part4
Story is interesting with animals as main characters. Sending dog food to all those humans watching and polar bears.

Website: The website is tr*sh and so much ads redirecting me to random apps or websites. I can’t even read or go on the website for longer than 2 seconds before it redirects me elsewhere.
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Birdy rated it
April 20, 2021
Status: c100
People might not like this because this is a leisurely-slice of life- type of plot, except as animals and also the translation is not that good, but its readable and easily understood. I personally liked it so much QwQ.

Its very wholesome in nature and quite educational. Its not much of a 'human like' animal and would 'show an abnormality" like an animal writing human alphabets... no. The MC may still have his rationality as a human, ex. he can't bear to eat a seal since its so cute, but ultimately... more>> eat it when ML brought it.

I suggest reading this in whole arc, then stopping to stock chapters. Otherwise, you will always keep wanting more.

For me its a 10/10 slice of life plot type~ <<less
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lourdes rated it
May 5, 2021
Status: c148
So very good. Damn it's only the second arc it makes me cry. It so sweet fluppy and adorable. It's the first time The happy ending makes me cry. I'm so happy yet so sad. So contradictory but I'm still happy.

I didn't expect animal story will hook me so much. I so love this story...

05-05-21 will update later after reading the next arc. So emetional I feel like writing a review to preserve the feeling.

... more>> Love love 100x this story. 😍

May 8, 2021. Chapter 148

😭 I'm left with a clip hanger... Apparently this novel is still on going... 😢

Want more I'm dying... 😅

Well wait for a while to come back. Wait for stockfile of chapter before reading again. 😁

Love love this. 😍💯❤️

Every story is unique and fun.

No spoiler here. Lol

Read it yourself it's fun and interesting. 🥰 <<less
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Hungry sis wanna eat more bl
Hungry sis wanna eat more bl rated it
April 28, 2021
Status: c195
This whole novel is national geographic channel, with slice of life and a touch of bl. I've already read the new chapters and I love both ML and MC. It may get a little boring in the middle of arc but it's very fluffly and entertaining (educational???). At some point I'm here searching body parts of every animal where the ML and MC is reincarnated into.

There were also development of other side couples (different side couples from different arcs). Not gonna lie MC is a bit of a salted fish... more>> at the time but ML is here to pamper him. I like the ML cause he aint being a yandere but he does get possessive and drink vinegar (gets jealous) at some parts.


Don't know how many arcs but this is how many for now:

Arc 1: Polar Bear

Arc 2: Lion (MC taking care of cubs)

Arc 3: Killer Whales (can't remember if if this is there kind but they live in the sea)

Arc 4: Wolf/Dog (they become cop dogs here)

Arc 5: Peac*ck (ML already an adult/2 years old took MC when his still in the egg and raised him)

Arc 6: Dinosaur (the author really dig deep research to do this, and as of now I don't know what will happen with MC and ml.)

Ml's and mc's development:

Arc 1:

So at the first arc they met in a kind of hospital for animals where the 2 were staying at for recovery (MC just didn't want to be in the wild cause he just transmigrated here and don't know how to survive). MC already stayed there for a while then ML came to treat his injury and the two became close even tho it's unusual cause both male polar bears don't do, and because MC didn't care about that they became close until they were sent to the wild. ML and MC most of the time have there 2 people world (while people videoing there life) and us reading how polar bears survive in the wild. At some MC wanted to adopt a cub but ML don't want to disturb the 2 of them and MC changed his mind cause it's hard to raise a cub. They died in a retirement home that the humans made to old polar bears to live.

Arc 2:

MC reincarnated here as a young lion like he doesn't have a full haired main yet. And MC had his dream come true to take care of cubs and took care of 5 orphaned cub lions and ML is the youngest and albino but he still doesn't have his past memories yet. And the reason why they become orphans because their family was killed or died from injury or starvation. MC raised them well until become independent and skilled in their hunting. There was also an independent group of lionesses wanted to be with MC and the 5 brothers, they didn't agree at first but they soon did and adopted the other cubs that the lionesses had, and they also accepted 2 male lions that are the fathers of the cubs they adopted. They have very equal work and life here, like love the young and respect the old, and they respect and cherish each other and work is done equally. The older 4 brothers except for ML already had cubs and ML already recovered his memories and the two are already together. After that the older loins and lionesses fought with the lions killed the family of the 5 lion brothers, they killed them except for the lionesses and cubs. After this they came back home and decided to split the group, the adopted cubs need to leave because there already old enough to live on their own, the 1st and 2nd brother are the leaders of there group, while the other group in the 3rd and 4th brother. While that's happening the ML and MC basically in a vacation/honeymoon going around the world. They returned 1 or 2 times (can't remember clearly) to their brothers to visit and when their old age hits the 1st to 4th brother are already left there group because they're are already old and got together with the ML and MC and lived together until all of them died. I'm not sure what are the arrangement of who died but the 1st to die was MC and the last one was ml.

Arc 3:

So MC basically is born a killer whale (not sure if that's the type of species but they do eat meat and whales) and he live with his loving family for 5 years until he meets ml. ML is in his own group, like there his friend (kind of but they treat each other like bros) and he's 7 when he met MC and MC was planning to leave when his a bit older but he had 2 younger cousin that were just born. Then of the older people of his family are taking care of the two and didn't pay attention much to MC and MC doesn't mind his not being taking cared or given that much attention cause he can things by himself. MC decided to with ML and his group, but MC still kept in touch with his family. Most of the things they did were the usual like hunting, hanging out with the ml's group, and ml's and mc's love has gone deeper than before. They also take care of a younger killer whale (not sure) that was taken care of people because he was injured and it time for him to be released in the wilderness. They accepted him to the group and reunite him with his family. But he returned to the group and became a couple with one of the member of the group. At the middle of the ML and mc's life they separated from their group and lived their lives until they died.

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Prying Fan
Prying Fan rated it
April 14, 2021
Status: --
Great novel, this is the first BL novel I've read where both the MC and ML are purely animals and it was soo worth it, a really fluffy story of the protagonists daily lives as animals with challenges here and there but nothing really heavy or angsty. I read most of it using MTL and its fairly easy to understand.

I don't know how to write a review and I've only done it a handful of times, but I really like this novel and highly recommend it if you're looking for... more>> a fluffy and wholesome read.

P.S The ending of every arch made me cry... I don't know about you but as someone who's been reading novels for a few years now this is one of the few novels that touched my heart that deeply. <<less
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lilly2805 rated it
April 9, 2021
Status: c3 part2
It's an awesome novel so far, I also suggest reading this from Rimei Translations as the translations from Novelhunters seem like edited MTL.
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@Slopeehhh rated it
March 17, 2021
Status: c70
I am currently reading 2nd arc and I am loving it so far. It really is a breath of fresh air for me from all those novels with lots of dramas. There is not much scheaming and shows a simple animal world I can finally enjoy all those fluffs😍😍😍
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May 3, 2021
Status: c47
Meng? What meng? What I got was a bucket full of onion.

The love between MC and ML is just too beautiful, the purest, and let me tell you something just to be prepared, always put a tissue right next to you because bruh I cried a lot like I CAN'T STOP CRYING.

I've never write a review but for this story? Please, it's an actual goldmine.

The downside is the site, like it has a lot of virus and I choose to MTL than the translation, barely readable but still made me... more>> cry like a fool. <<less
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