You From the Sweet Teahouse


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Belinda Curtis is a training instructor for the Royal Knights that is well-known as a level-headed and blunt person.

Let alone liking someone, she feels more content when no one can beat her. Thus, she’s currently desperate to have a crush.

“Welcome to the Lion and Broomstick.”

Then she’s facing the timid owner of a teahouse who resembles the light yellow Marisa flower.

* * *

‘I need to stay calm.‘

The moment Belinda consoled herself, one face crossed her mind. His fluffy wheat-colored hair, his clear gentle green eyes, his radiant smile, and his soft voice. A person who made her feel warm and joyful just by thinking of him. Being around him, she was completely able to take a break as a Knight or the daughter of a Count and became Belinda Curtis, a guest to drink his tea.

“Ah, Rozen…”

The name she breathed out with a sigh, brought more longing.

“I miss him real bad that I feel like I want to beat someone…”

Needless to say, the expression was way too aggressive.

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달콤한 찻집의 그대
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