Yomei Ichinen no Kimi ga Boku ni Nokoshite Kureta Mono


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Mizuki loses hope due to his mother’s death. One day, Misaki, an off-season transfer student, arrives. After school, Misaki will help Mizuki work as a member of the library committee. As the distance between the two becomes shorter, Misaki suddenly admits that her life expectancy is short.

“Until I die, I want you to go accompany me in the things I want to do.”

Mizuki made every effort to for her sake. But Misaki still has a hidden secret. The shy Mizuki and the innocent Misaki. A pure love story with a time limit of two opposite things.

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randomfish rated it
October 30, 2022
Status: epilogue
The translation is decent, but by no means the best I've seen.

The story feels long, even though it is a short story. It could probably have been shortened and still kept its essence.

The story made me cry a bit though, that alone gave it a 4 star rating from me, I'm usually not moved by what I read, but this kind of hit close to home and dragged up quite a bit of emotions. So, my rating should probably be taken with a grain of salt, I'm not entirely sure... more>> that I'm objective... <<less
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