Yesterday was like Death


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Five years ago, Xi Zonghe had a car accident, and I witnessed the whole process of his lovelorn and eventually getting dumped.

Five years later, Xi Zonghe was in a car accident again, he not only forgot that he had been dumped but also went to find his former lover to reconcile.

Me: “…”

I, his current partner, have a pissed heart.

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Forgotten Days
Gone with Yesterday
Hôm Qua Như Chết Rồi
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Temples rated it
October 22, 2022
Status: Completed
Warning: There is plenty of dogblood and tearjerking moments so if you are not into such novels, this might not be the novel for you.

This is the third novel I have read from this author, and I liked the fact that the Dogblood created was not just for the sake of Dogblood. I understood both ML and MC's motivations for their actions. This is a beautiful story of rekindling the right love and missing connection due to miscommunication.

The MC does have a pitiful life, with debts inherited from his family... more>> along with unreliable parents. So he learned since childhood to fend for himself. He is very realistic and knows that to survive he needs to humble himself, entertain others, and hold some high thighs. He is a character who buries everything deep in his heart, so even when things go south, he tightens his pants and fights. There is also a slight dark comedic undertone which contrasts against the unfair things happening to MC. But on closer look, you can see how much he is getting affected by things, but to survive he brushes things aside and self-deprecates. MC is very cheeky and funny at the same time which was very refreshing to read.

We are introduced to an ML who has lost his past 5 years of memory. When he wakes up he is met with the fact that 5 years have gone by and the love of his love has broken up with him. In addition to this, there is a stranger (MC) who is telling him that he is his current companion. ML is unable to accept all of this and lashes out as a 22-year-old from the body of 27 years old.

ML tries his best to be indifferent to MC and avoids him in the hopes that MC will leave him alone. On the other hand, MC is hell-bent on sticking close to ML no matter what like a fly. There are some light moments because of this, at the same time, some of ML's actions do end up unknowingly hurting MC. The fact that MC doesn't sit and mop around when things become adverse itself was a breath of fresh air. Things move past pretty quickly and the only portions I skimmed over were the portions of the movie scripts and dialogues when MC or ML was acting. Upon my multiple re-reads as well as since I am translating this novel, I did not skim over any parts and beautifully enjoyed the stories and the lessons MC came to for each of the drama or movie scripts he did throughout the novel. <<less
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jiang ying yue
jiang ying yue rated it
November 21, 2022
Status: Completed
My favorite hui nanque novel!!

It's not an exaggeration when I say I have read this story 6 times. While it is the author's first work and not as fleshed out as her other novels, the story is very charming and for some reason always pulls me back.

The MC is an unreliable narrator, and not everything is what meets the eye. The story is angsty and you can't help but feel helpless with the situation that the MC is faced with. As we read through their past, it is pretty clear... more>> that both of the main characters were hiding their true feelings, and it only enhances all the angst that happens when the MC finds out what the ML felt towards him.

The ML can be quite an a**hole, but he's not a scum. He starts growing on you throughout the story and although there are times where you want to smack his head, you grow fond of him. While as angsty as everything is, watching the ML fall once again is heart swooning.

I love their relationship a lot. It was unhealthy and unfair when it started, but it gets a lot healthier. The ML's love is overbearing and possessive, but you can tell he cares a lot about MC and also helps him grow as an actor.

This story is not perfect, but to me it is! Forever my number 1 novel. <<less
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rimirinrin rated it
November 20, 2022
Status: Completed
I guess due to this being one of the earlier books it has tons of smut. Almost like every other chapter. Beware of a non-con scene in the middle for those who are wary of it.

Gu Tang (MC) was in a 5 years contractual relationship with Xi Zonghe (ML) after ML ended his relationship with his ex who left him when he got into a car accident. The novel started off near the point of finishing the 5 years of contract where ML unfortunately got into a second car accident... more>> that left him with an amnesia. He forgot everything that happened in this 5 years. So he happily went to chase after his ex again. It really made me want to beat him up badly during his amnesia period.

MC and his sister had a bad childhood with their mother dying when they were still young and his dad owing lots of debt. He had to bring up his sister and return the debt so he had to drop out of school to work. However, this made him a really sassy person. I love his character and his snide remarks towards a**holes around him including some of the bastardly things ML did to him. He's also quite seductive towards ML even though he kept thinking that the ML didn't really love him and his actions towards ML was out of contractual obligation. In my eyes he's just a really kind, gentle and responsible person. Even with a bad background, he still manage to shine.

The plot was the usual dogblood plot with some of it (especially his dad) that deserves a place in Haitang. Still, I enjoy the angst in the midst and the gradual discovery of each other's deep love. <<less
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FrostyDragon rated it
November 20, 2022
Status: Completed
4.5-5 stars (bring tissues)

TWs: Dogblood, dubcon (CP), noncon and drug r*pe (not CP), very angsty (but HE).

Spoiler but might be a turnoff for some (related to how having children is possible in a danmei) :

... more>>

It's sci-fi with an invention where men can have children together through an artificial womb - not mpreg, but kind of weird and honestly I felt iffy about it. It's a minor thing though, but important for the plot.


Another TW which relates to the noncon:


One of the side characters drug and r*pe a scum side character as revenge - it's very weird and while not described, there's a kind of graphic part. Personally I thought it was kind of weird and unnecessary, and not a fan of 'r*pe as punishment/revenge' for obvious reasons - especially because the rapist is not technically one of the bad guys. It's dogblood for the sake of dogblood, but a small scene in the overall novel and quickly over.


This is Hui Nan Que's first novel, and very typical of the stories she writes. Angsty with dogblood, the ML has problems expressing his feelings, but is not a bad guy (although I did want to slap him several times for his idiocy and lack of communication and consideration of the MC).

The angst is low-key, but there are lots of small heartbreak moments - I've found that this author excels at making me both cry and obsessively binge-read her work. This novel I first read as a manhua (can really recommend the manhua version on Bilibili, it's very faithful to the original novel) and I was up at 3 AM and crying my eyes out because of how many times the MC had to pick up his shattered heart from the floor.

The plot: The MC is a young, upcoming C-list actor from a poor background. From an early age he's worked desperately to make money to take care of himself and his younger sister and clear out his scum father's gambling death (it got so bad that the siblings were targeted by gangsters and the good-for-nothing-dad leeching off them). He gets into a contract relationship with a rich idol actor, the ML, who just got dumped by his opportunistic lover after being injured in a car crash.

The contract runs for 5 years, and just as it's about to expire (or get re-negotiated), the ML has another car accident and gets amnesia. This makes him forget everything that happened between him and the MC, and he thinks he's still in love with (and together with) his scum ex-lover.

The MC is in a pickle - he still needs money and wants to keep his contract relationship with the ML - or so he claims.

Yet as the story progresses and he has to deal with his amnesiac lover/sugar daddy who now tries to pursue his scum ex, while managing his own acting career as well, we see how the MC goes out of his way again and again to protect and care for the ML. It becomes clear that their contract relationship wasn't as simple as the MC claims, and that both seem to have kept their real feelings hidden. But now the ML has forgotten everything related to the MC.

The novel starts with the second car accident and ML's amnesia, and then we see the past relationship gradually unfold through the MC's flashbacks. The novel uses 1st person narrator, and the MC is a very unreliable narrator who both keeps important details hidden from the reader and misinterprets the ML's actions. This is very typical of Hui Nan Que's novels, and the author is very skilled at writing this type of story.

Worth reading if you like angst and good writing, and sassy MCs who aren't innocent little virg*ns, but a bit selfish and devious.

Also has quite a bit of smut, more than in the author's other novels. <<less
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Evesneon rated it
September 18, 2023
Status: c60
Xi Zonghe does not deserve Gu Tang.

I feel like Gu Tang is too starved for love that when he slowly falls in love with Xi Zonghe, he gives his all to him. BUT when memory is lost, and Xi Zonghe treats him badly, I just... Where is the grovelling when Xi Zonghe gains his memory back? Where is the tortured angst our ML has to face?

I might be spoiled by other crematorium novels so I don’t think this is very angst. Slightly disappointed because I think it can go further,... more>> but I’m happy that Gu Tang is happy. <<less
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wasthequeen rated it
February 7, 2023
Status: Completed
After a long time, this was the novel that made me impatient and go for MTL and finish it within a day.

The characters were quite dynamic and had character development in various ways. The MC had a knack for manipulating himself into thinking everything was going well even things were going down. He only ever realised that things were south when his sister or his assistant mentioned He was one of the rare morally grey characters done right. I was genuinely happy when his streak of bad luck finally ended.

The... more>> ML was also one of the character that was unique in its own way. He was the only ML who ever wanted to be father so badly. I could imagine all of the other MLs I read, who would be nonchalant when


their first child died premature and subsequently getting depressed about it.


He was also a tsundere. And a tsundere done right. Because


i could recognise his two distinct characters before and after amnesia reversal.


I also like the fact both characters get vocal about their feelings. The flow of the story was also great. Even though the premise was an ordinary entertainment novel with the amnesia trope, the flow and characters of the story is what sets it apart from the rest. <<less
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yukicchi rated it
January 3, 2024
Status: Completed
The author really wants to torment her readers huhu. This is my 3rd novel from her and out of the 3, 2 of the MLs have the same personality. But what I like most is that her characters have flaws. MCs aren't too perfect and goody two shoes. The misunderstandings really add to the drama. Now I want to binger her novels.
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Ppkk85 rated it
June 18, 2023
Status: c53
It started out good but then it just got wayyy too dramatic. Plus MC went from crazy loving his ex to suddenly accepting ML too fast, it didn’t give us any incite to how he was persuaded. I much prefer the author’s other novel better.
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