Yes, I’m Straight. But What Have I Done Wrong?


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A weak little straight boy goes to the same college and lives in the same dorm with his two roommates from high school. Seeing his two brothers getting more intimate every day, this little straight boy tries to blend in, offering many times to help. And, guess what? His two roommates fall in love with each other since the very beginning!

“Gosh! How stupid I am to not even notice that?”

“How many times have I made fool of myself for trying to be a kind roommate?”

“Alas! Being a great and straight roommate is indeed difficult.”

“But, what have I done wrong?”

“Oh! Great! I’m a gay now.”

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Why Treat Me, a Straight Boy, Like This?
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04/16/19 Flying-Lines c7
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New YaoiMom22 rated it
April 8, 2019
Status: c7
Very cute so far! MC is absolutely oblivious. It's pretty hilarious! Looking forward to more.

Edited to add now that there's more:

Oh ho... "Glasses Guy" huh? interesting... hehehe Also little Straight Guy is learning more and more about the Way of the Gay. Or so he thinks at least lolol


You guys should be reading this! It's SO adorable and unique!
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