Yellow Springs Inn (Zhang Xiao Qi)


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Because Yellow Springs Inn became popular on the road to the Yellow Springs, it receives ghosts as visitors, but never receives live people.

Because the underworld is the very final destination for ghosts, but has been called by people as earth’s prison.

I am Yellow Springs Inn’s shopkeeper, for a thousand years I have always been in my inn living a carefree life.

But ever since I met Thousand Jade Hall’s Hall Master Luo Qian Qi, that demonic deity, I feel like my life has been a complete mess……

T/N: a lot of the questions you have will be left unanswered at the end of the novel.

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Huang Quan Ke Zhan
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06/27/20 Meng Po’s Soup Shop c24
05/27/20 Meng Po’s Soup Shop c23
02/02/20 Meng Po’s Soup Shop c22
06/11/19 Meng Po’s Soup Shop c21
03/31/19 Meng Po’s Soup Shop c20
02/16/19 Meng Po’s Soup Shop c19
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06/28/18 Meng Po’s Soup Shop c12
05/19/18 Meng Po’s Soup Shop c11
04/20/18 Meng Po’s Soup Shop c10
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Euphoriella rated it
December 26, 2018
Status: c75
This novel was pretty interesting so went ahead and read the raw. I really like the novel. I read it with google translate so I can’t say much about character developement and such. But this is a very interesting novel. I really enjoyed reading about the MC. However this is somewhat of a love triangle kind of story. There are also some plots that haven’t been resolved. I was quite dissatisfied with the ending. It felt like the ending was really abrupt. Once I hit chapter 75 I thought there... more>> would be more but I realized that the novel is labeled complete at 75. Hopefully once the correct translation for the novel finishes, the ending will be more fulfilling. If not then hopefully the author writes a second book for it. Overall the book is a pretty great read. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Recca201 rated it
August 15, 2018
Status: c5
I just started reading the novel, but I can say that this holds much promise. The translation is pretty good for me, but I think the translator is stilk looking for proofreaders or sumthing, or maybe she got one already. I'm looking forward to the development of the story.
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