Yatarato Sasshi no Ii Ore wa, Dokuzetsu Kuudere Bishoujo no Chiisana Dere mo Minogasazu ni Guigui Iku (LN)


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Shirogane Koyuki, a girl known for her beauty and equally harsh tone, giving her the nickname ‘Venomous Snow White’, is saved by Sasahara Naoya as a man tried to hit on her.

She may try to act strong, but on the inside, she is merely a young girl. Having been saved by Naoya, Koyuki falls for him, and Naoya on his end falls for Koyuki’s innocent and cute attitude.

Both fail to be honest with each other, but eventually bring themselves closer to admit their feelings for each other.

Associated Names
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Relentlessly Approaching the Poison-Tongued and Indifferent Beauty to Tickle the Cutesy Reactions out of her
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06/11/21 Neosekai Translations c5
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11/22/20 CClaw Translations v1c3
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4 Reviews

New Faceless1
Jun 12, 2021
Status: v1c5
This will be a rather short review because I believe it's all you'll need in order to want to read this series.

This maybe one of the most fluffy, cute and heartwarming romcom series that I have ever read. It is the equivalent of taking so much sugar that you end up in a diabetic coma. Just reading the kuudere's reactions to the MC's smooth advances is just a joy to read. Just read it, it's absolutely fantastic.
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Nov 20, 2020
Status: --
I don't have a high opinion of most of these high school romance comedies, reading the synopsis doesn't give me expectations of a creative story.

But I tried this on a whim to kill time and man, the first few chapters were a breath of fresh air, cutest sh*t ever.
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Dec 04, 2020
Status: WN:c143
Seriously!!! So freakin' KAWAII man!!!

Although the translation is only up to the early chapters, I really like their interactions. I'm glad translator-san decided to pick this up and thankful the author wrote this diabetes inducing story! This is so, super sweet that I even forgot to cringe!!

I love the silver head kuudere and how ML unknowingly teases her, I mean he's kinda smooth just saying how she's cute, or maybe how he might fall for her and other sly things in front of her face, well it's not like he's... more>> a playboy... just kinda... blunt or honest and not the type to be embarrassed about what he says.

So far...I've enjoyed reading those hopeless duo... looking forward for more... seriously though this one kinda makes you say " GO EXPLODE, YOU NORMIES!!" Or something along the line

Reading the web versions' current chapters and I definitely like their fathers' character and personalities.


Mc's father is like a protagonist from a detective novel and always gets involved into trouble while fl's daddy is a foreigner, I like how overprotective he is to he's wife and daughters but doesn't mind it if MC is fl's lover, I like how he also gets into trouble because of mc's dad


Recomend for those people who wants to be reminded how lonely they are... jk <<less
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May 16, 2021
Status: v1c4
A girl who is easily embarrassed and covers this fact by shredding people with her venomous tongue.
A boy who is very good at reading other people, doesn't fully understand himself, and doesn't have a filter for what he thinks and feels.

You might think these are rather dull plot points on which to build a story, and on the surface it might seem so, however there is so much more here than meets the eye. I won't lie, there are some cliché plot points (the MC saves FL from some... more>> dirt bag), but there is a whole lot more beyond these standard tropes. It's also highly entertaining and fun to watch this odd pair as they try to understand themselves and each other, while at the same time managing to balance each other out.

Now we just need more of this series translated... <<less
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