Yasashī Shinjitsu to Seiryaku Kekkon


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The Princess of Icecoreta, Matilda is betrothed to the Emperor Leandroth of Barenshiaga Empire, by his request.

She can’t understand the true intentions of a man who would choose a twenty-six-year-old woman – who even had a habit of tilting her head – as his wife. She makes her way to Barenshiaga two months before her wedding.

Although it is a political marriage, the husband is gentle and loving like a big affectionate dog but the wife is stubborn with no self-confidence.

This is a story of how their love grew.

Associated Names
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Kindness, Truth and our Political Marriage
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Pray Alpha
Pray Alpha rated it
June 16, 2017
Status: --

So... Umm... Well

I was expecting a mofu-mofu cute story, but... (0///0)

well... it wasnt that bad

The story is kinda decent, but the story background can be quite cofusing. it was cute...

(-///-) I kinda skip the 18+ part though...

The translator is really doing a good job (i've seen worst), and I like the constant tsukkomi he made for every inconsistent/weird part of the story~

Keep up the good work~~
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FattyTabby rated it
August 25, 2017
Status: Completed
While the story itself is cliche and full of hole, but that's just what you can get with this meek type of heroin. Now, the one that makes me sort-of frustrated was the 'opinion' of the translator. I mean, come on. You can like or hate it, but just make an author note instead of inserting your comment in the paragraph.
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Kuran rated it
September 3, 2017
Status: v2c24
I take pride in being able to find good points in most of the stories and enjoy them (be it one you need to shut your brain up or not) but this one is just.... UGH.

Pessimist and or naive heroine is good in their own way, at least they give some drama to read on. The author doesn't know true pessimists. Being one (whether you want to change or not) doesn't mean they're idiots, even with the added element of naivety.

The first few chapters is rather good. You have that... more>> kind of heroine coupled with a love-struck emperor and their drama begin. She got depressed and he healed her emotionally. But the reason to make her depressed became more and more ridiculous. A little tick and she fell into depression. It's really tiring to read her. But that's actually still bearable, considering that this is just a short story.


The most irritating factor here is her (f***ing s*upid) misunderstanding. The emperor sulked because how attractive she is, because she seduced him and pulled away from him in the morning, because she [forgot] his words of love and praises because of her pessimistic mindset....... And she wanted to break up?! And the reason is because she thought he wanted to do so (break up) with her, then it suddenly changed as herself wanting to break up. Where's the love you just spoke oooof...?! Moreover, just after he explained why he's angry (it's not a real anger, believe me), the next line is her asking, "Why are you angry?" It frustrating! Just read it in chapter 24 and you'll react the same.




Despite her being [capable], her idea regarding the prime minister is just one only a naive princess could come up. Hello? I thought she's only naive in romance? Okay, the man is already too old anyway, so his retirement is actually good, but she said that without knowing or asking about what to do with the post. After just talking about many [snakes] wanting to exploit the seat, she asked the emperor to release the current capable prime minister in their side without any follow up..? Worse, this happen as pillow talk. Really??? She wanted his to teach at her country, why not the current country? Are you planning to steal a human resource? She wanted him to teach their children later too? How old will he be? Him being so old and you wanted him to go for a long trips between countries? Can't you give the poor gramps a true retirement? And are you looking down on teaching?


She has no principle as well.

After saying that she wanted to separate private and work matter, she seduced him at work hour just a few days later.

Really, Matilda?

A minor dissatisfaction


There are many useless information.


All in all, this is a disappointment. The translation is a little confusing but I think the original writing has at least half the fault. Well, I take comfort in the translator's confusion in her attics anyway. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one being confused and frustrated.

Now, with only 6 chapters left to read (in which the 20th and up chapters being skimmed through), I'm STRUGGLING to finish it. <<less
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adrea3311 rated it
April 30, 2018
Status: v2c31
OMG that was so painful to finish. The heroine was asinine and obnoxious. The story was completely disjointed and frustrating, especially towards the latter half. The translator obviously did what they could, but the story made no sense whatsoever. Like Zuben said (the translator), it would just go from Q to A with no order in between and the author made the heroine s*upidly, ridiculously, obnoxiously melodramatic and dumb just to drive contrived story points, especially towards the end. It's like the story took itself as being super dramatic and... more>> important and had all these so-called, wannabe subtleties and nuances, but in reality, you're just left scratching your head going WTF are they even talking about?!?!?! The best part of the whole story were Zuben's tsukkomis. <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
December 16, 2017
Status: v2c31
Hard to review this.... ordinary beyond words. In fact, below ordinary on on many occasions.

First off, the plot is really amateurish and so is the writing. The translation is edited MTL so I may have lost a lot in translation but still.. for a novel of just 31 chapters, I am severely disappointed by the way the plot progressed. Amateurish, to say the least.

The erot*c elements are decent, but they get boring very quickly. Vanilla to the extreme, with some rather terrible dialogues and plot in the sweet talk.

Why am... more>> I still giving it 3/5? The ero is still acceptable. The very very hard to find genuine moments of comedy or fluffiness are still present and the translation is rather decent for an MTL. <<less
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AC253 rated it
April 27, 2018
Status: v1c17
There are many mixed reviews so if someone sees this and wants to form their own opinions first, as they may be influenced by my own thoughts, they should read the story themselves beforehand. There may be a few minor spoilers in my review as well.

I'm not gonna call the MC Matilda because the only Matilda I know is an enjoyable heroine from one of the many book series of my childhood. Instead, I'm going to call her Mary (Sue.) Mary acts like a dumb thirteen year old, and that's... more>> an insult to my thirteen year old self. So does her love interest. Add some high-school level hormones and a ton of character inconsistencies into that and you get this story. Story? Plot? Lol, what plot? As mean as I may sound, the writing is a very inaccurate description of someone with depression and self-hatred, and while there's a lot of focus on her negativity, there's really no depth to her emotions and mental health. Sure, it was fine for the first ten chapters or so, but after that it got redundant.

There are a few grammatical errors and the translation feels a bit stilted sometimes, but the translator's notes and comments are worth it. I kind of wish they were placed at the end because of the amount, but they're funnier than the story itself, so... ヽ(´ー`)Tbh, I think that's 50% of the reason why I didn't drop it yet.

If you really, really like shoujo, like the type of naive, innocent, and kind-of-dumb protagonists, and aren't looking for an in-depth story, you're free to try it. But there are plenty of other decent novels with a similar premise and characters. For now, I'm going to try to forget this... I might get around to reading the rest of the story. One day. Maybe. I likely won't update my review, but I'll change the chapters to align to my progress. <<less
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hikaoru rated it
April 25, 2018
Status: c31
Here is my analysis on the MC so far:

MC is in the point of her life in which she doesn't know where to place herself. She had already expected that she's no longer needed in her own family since a princess is unable to be queen so she was ignored and neglected after her brother is born. Also, the emperor whom she is betrothed to is always seen to be with women despite spending time with her. She is a hopeless romantic and wanted to be wedded because of love.... more>> Unfortunately, since she is a princess, she has to do her duties even if it feels like she is sold to the other country. This MC is suffering from depression with having no one to talk to about her problems and sentiments.

MC is the type that has high IQ with low EQ. The tilting of her head which could be related to her lack of self confidence and insecurity. Her behavior is more of an introvert and since she's highly observant, she tends to overthink and that makes her depress or pessemistic. Also her low self esteem came from her early days without a woman (real mother) as a role model. That's why her perception of beauty might be according to her father or everyone around her (since she was going with the army during wars).

There are some chapters too with a lot of her mood swings. Fortunately, ML has a lot of patience with her.

The ML on the other hand is very understanding and "needy" (just a glimpse of "it" makes him wanna do her which explains the smut tag). He also tried to give MC the assurance and security she always seek.

The ending though is sort of bland?

Anyway it has been a good read. But not that remarkable for me. <<less
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Thaloe rated it
July 18, 2017
Status: --
I was drawn to this series because of the smut tag but I gotta say, despite NSFW scenes everywhere, I am not that impressed due to the constant repetition afterwards :/

Furthermore, like my fellow comrades I too have tried to like this series, however the inconsistency of the characters' behaviors just can't buy me. Also, that fact already being a turn-off, the MC and the male lead act like little h**ny adolescents, I mean they're 25+ for goodness sake~ use your brains and not just your nether regions!

One thing I... more>> like though is the translator's effort and side notes, always making me giggle.

If you're into smut, you can find smut here. But I've read better :p Why not try reading "Lucia"? It's soo good guys~ <<less
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Skilvh rated it
July 12, 2017
Status: c25
The first few chapters or so, was alright but along the rest of the chapters onwards... It's getting stagnant, so, well...I'm too lazy to read the rest of the chapter (Read 1/3 of ch.25 before I closed the tab) :

1. The Female Lead (FL), all I see so far--> She's too pessimistic to an overly done way, I can't see any character build up at all. Always misunderstanding anything and anyone. In a not funny way.

2. The Male Lead (ML) -> I can only see him as h**ny man... more>> with no defining characteristic. He has good points but unfortunately, all I can remember from this story is only how the FL is so naively pessimistic, and the male lead can only think with his **ck when he's near/with her.

3. Translation -> ok, I've seen worse. Too bad that there're too many TL notes at the end of almost each paragraph as the chapters progress so far, that makes me distracted and I'm just too lazy to read anymore. What with the not so interesting storyline.

4. Story -> If you look at it from a wider perspective...I can see that in many chapters, some things got repeated too many times, that makes me wonder if the author can't find/write another expression or at least find a way to make the story more interesting. Too many plot holes. Overly repeated gestures/situations/acts just to fill in the chapters word count/quota.

5. So far, I only roughly know that at the end of the story is where the FL will marry the ML and help him manage his country, kick out/clean up the corrupt officials/nobles with emotional instability (mostly negative) till the end of the story, where she'll finally be happily married with no trust issues left... hopefully.

So,... sorry, I'm just gonna drop this. <<less
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shinsenryuu rated it
July 25, 2019
Status: v2c31
I thought it was going to be interesting but I was wrong. I've read novels with half the chapters but with more character development and better plotline than this.

... more>>

The author was adding unnecesary information, creating problems out of nowhere, wasn't even giving names to recurring characters, and lets not even mention how the FMC couldn't keep an ounce of confidence even right after the ML said again and again what he felt and thought of her. I get that she had self-esteem issues, but seriously, you don't wait until the last chapter for her to START to feel more confidence, or have some during a chapter, only for it to disappear in the next paragraph.


Some have complained about the translator's comments, but in my case it actually helped me get through the novel. In the end, I just skimmed through the last 3 chapters cause it was just going nowhere and wanted to finished it out of obligation.

If you want to read some smut with a good plotline, Marietta would be better and quicker. <<less
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Fathom rated it
November 11, 2018
Status: v2c31
Thankfully, it was short. I kind of wish that the story revolved more around smut like most short smut JP stories. Because what plot this one had, really dragged so much more then the typical smutty type of story. The heroine was beyond annoying. She tries to su*cide because she loves her dad too much. She wants to break up with the ML because she starts having feelings for him. It's really annoying the amount of time spent on how much low esteem and lack of confidence she has. To... more>> be honest, she doesn't appeal too much. Too much inner monologue about her low confidence. As for the male lead, his stereotype got to be a bit annoying. Instead of the demanding s*x driven ML, he was way too p0lite which kind of added to the dull atmosphere with his constant reassurance of the FL's confidence. Overall, if not it being too short while I was waiting for a filler story, I probably wouldn't have picked this one up. <<less
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Waterylime rated it
September 8, 2017
Status: c22
Ok so the smut scenes were decent for the light fluffy smut that they were. But I lost faith that the author actually had a plot for this story round about chapter 10. The only reason I kept reading it was the translators hilarious commentary. I am now just skimming to fishin it.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SunsetChaos rated it
August 6, 2017
Status: c27
I gave this more than enough of a chance, should've dropped this sooner.

If you're here for the story/plot, it's generic and cliche. Typical corrupt backstabbing nobles. Slow, boring. It's bland. If you're here for the "plot" (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), it's alright, too much boring stuff in between though.

The MC is slow-minded dense naive, too often like the author is trying to forcefully shove that down your throat. Her mind constantly wanders to other stuff even when having s*x. All sorts of s*upid monologue.

The male lead is a h**ny rapist... more>> who r*ped her the moment they met, and then she just falls in love almost immediately. <<less
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ghost_kun rated it
July 11, 2017
Status: c6
I reeaaaally wanted to like this because the translator did a great job, but I can't. There's a "naive protagonist" tag, but this level of naivete is practically s*upidity, which is really frustrating because Matilda is actually described as pretty competent. There's not enough interactions between Matilda and Leandroth, there's just a lot of Matilda's monologue-ing in her head and then BAM, r18 times. And Matilda is naive there too. Which doesn't really make sense for me, seeing as she's 26, not say 13. Gah, I'm so disappointed!
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pansikoser rated it
February 7, 2021
Status: Completed
The only sad thing about the ending is all the open ended or lack of seeing a resolution for all the presented political mess around them. But, over all, its a somewhat cute and sweet read. Smut was good, standard vanilla, but always a welcome taste.

The improvements needed were more on the personality of Mattie and Leann. They have at least a considerable foundation, but theyre so 1 dimensional most of the time its kind of sad. Good thing its only a love story of how Mattie fell for Leann,... more>> and not the saga of the Empress and Emperor of Barenshiaga or else it wouldve been annoying having to see them all the time act like saps at one side of the coin and be confusingly competent despite how loop hole ish they do the politics. <<less
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chande rated it
October 7, 2020
Status: Completed
I agree with other comments that say this story is way too dragging. This story will be much better if author-sama made it shorter and took out unnecessary conflicts and characters (like many other sm*t novels). It's also hard for me to like FL and ML character. One thing that make me through reading it till the end is Zuben's comment. But the ending is quite beautiful though.
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aosune rated it
January 12, 2020
Status: v2c31
The FL is beyond naive and just outright s*upid in most places and the ML is a r*pey as*hole looking for every opportunity to take advantage of said s*upidity. If you're familiar with this variety of romance, then it's nothing new but when there are so many other stories that do it better, it doesn't mean that we (the readers) have to settle for this.

With that being said, the translator's commentary does make the read an enjoyable experience, so if you're interested, I would recommend picking this one up.
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