Yandere Megami No Hakoniwa


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I had known for most of my life that I would be killed by a Yandere and now, that day has finally come — or that should have been what happened. Instead, I was reincarnated by a Goddess in a game-like world.

I jumped at the opportunity to live a normal, peaceful life with ordinary girls… Now I have a skill that awakens Yanderes!? The world the Goddess created specializes in Yanderes!?

On top of that, in order to gain a certain cheat ability, I was born with a body that can’t harm women no matter what they do to me… I wanted a peaceful life in this world, but it seems even in a different world I will be loved to death by Yanderes.

Associated Names
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Even in a different world, I’m being loved to death by Yanderes
Kono Isekai demo, Yandere ni Shinu hodo Aisareru
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New MysticN rated it
July 29, 2020
Status: v3
Everything is good if I am to be honest. Only problem is that the MC may sometimes act like a mindless existence and it is not an exaggeration. The setting is towards specific individuals so preferences maybe biased thus I would recommend if you like 'Yandere' personality than it may provide you with some food for thought. Don't expect much in terms of story development which basically remains stagnant through but the only positive point are the characters which maybe to your liking.
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Okoron rated it
August 14, 2017
Status: v3 prologue
Just for the simple fact he cannot harm a woman regardless of the situation, this gets a three star. Beta MC's are the worst but now we have an MC that is literally a punching bag. Sorry, I ain't into that masochist shit. Hopefully, this has a loophole of some sort. It basically means he cannot defend himself and the aggressor is a crazy yandere. Talk about a rock and a hard place.

Other than that, it's off to a weird but different? Start. All I know is, this is going... more>> to be either horrific, a cute but crazy love story, or just downright anger-inducing. Time will tell.

Update: Well, it seems this novel is more anger-inducing than anything. The guy might as well sign away ownership of his body to these women and stop trying to run away because he is literally retarded. No, seriously. He has to want to be caught and tortured by these insane women at this point. If you want insane women and situations with a less then mildly-intelligent MC where the author always puts him in unfavorable positions, give it a try. As for me, I regret reading it as far as I did. I wouldn't rate this higher than a two-star. <<less
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jjkyxr rated it
May 22, 2018
Status: v2c9
I can't recommend this story unless you can enjoy the fact that the MC is basically a regenerating piñata.

Yes, I can get over the fact that God can trick the MC once or twice, but the MC makes no steps to rectify his situation at all. Okay, fine, you can't fight back against possessive stabby self-centered women because of 'Feminism', so what's the next best thing? Evasion skills. Teleportation, phasing (like Kitty Pryde from X-Men), invisibility, camouflage, illusions, hypnotism. Freaking anything to avoid becoming a ragdoll whenever a girl grabs... more>> your arm. Does he do this at all (in the first 2 volumes) ? Nope. You may think I'm nitpicking about the main character's lack of common sense or intelligence but these ideas are not even hinted at by the author either.

This story could be so much more interesting if the cat and mouse play here was even a thing. But it's nonexistent when the mouse has a brain tumor. Like theoretically you can have the MC start being more evasive, but then our Yandere God not wanting any of that puts more hurdles in his way which he must figure out how to overcome them, in an endless cycle of interesting dilemmas. Wouldn't that make for a much better story, no? Am I asking for too much from a R-18 web novel?

What makes this story even harder to recommend is that our dear translator decided to stop translating the R-18 scenes after volume 1. People don't really pick up Yandere novels for the plot. They are here for the 'plot' (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and it was neutered completely from the story. Completely understandable if the translator is exhausted by constantly translating H scenes where the MC's limbs are bound or cut off.

The only interesting thing that came out of this story was the setting. The author makes Yandere into a common occurrence in this new world, creating a weird faux matriarchal society. Men in it value women who are resistant in becoming Yandere since otherwise it's impossible to maintain anything like a mistress/harem. <<less
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Suzzie rated it
August 15, 2017
Status: v2 prologue
Pretty interesting if ur not nitpicky about the main character's common sense or intelligence. Main character dies, gets reincarnated, and tries to find a normal girl for once. Yandere story with a yandere goddess and the world she created just for the main character

... more>>

So basically main character gets killed by some yandere chick and visits the goddess (yandere alert/sexual content). She basically gives him immortality (can die but will be reborn shortly after and won't age) but the side effect is that he can't harm any girls. Turns out his special rank SSS ability is bringing out the yandere of any female so that just made the goddess's gift useless. So anyways as soon as he gets reincarnated, he meets some young blonde nobility chick and saves her. He than starts to convince himself that she's not a yandere even though she clearly shows signs of being a yandere...O well guess we now know who will cause his first death in this world. Must be his intellegence stat being only E rank. I will truly pity his short lived life in this world.



ok I'm tolerable with many many novels but this has to be one of the worst things I have ever read. This garbage can't even be considered a novel. Brain dead main character and so many forced and dry comedic moments. Some authors can pull off the comedy, this one clearly can't. I want to cry in agony when reading this. What infuriates the most is how s*upid the main character is and how he just goes along with everything. He's a beta male with no redeeming qualities. Side characters are one dimensional and turn into mindless s*x s*aves, literally. No clue how I even managed to reach prologue 2. Finally dropping this garbage. <<less
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Redmi rated it
September 22, 2017
Status: v1c5
  1. This novel has a MC that, after being reincarnated into an adult form in planet Yandere, has:
    1. Immortality.
    1. Attracts yandere within certain radius to him.
    1. No yandere around? MC can also turn any morally-upright female humanoids into one just by sneezing near her.
    1. MC, while quite OP, cannot raise his hands against any females to put them to their proper place.
With this combination, expect a lot of materials for male:rape, male:gore et. Al. Tags in sadpanda parlance. Stimulating

scenes are depicted quite well too. Yandere characters in this novel does their role jobs properly, no beating around the bushes here.

Need to wait for about 50 chapters to see if there is any plots; that's how slow the pacing is.

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Aho555 rated it
January 24, 2018
Status: v2c1 part2
Reading the title, I thought it was a gag ero story. I was surprised to find I really liked it. It has a joke setting of a protagonist sent to a yandere world created by a yandere goddess, but beyond that, the strangeness in that world and other mechanics is properly explained, heroines are well developed and there's proper tension when the MC gets into sticky/dangerous situations.

Some yandere events were properly scary and tense that it felt more like a horror story, lol.

I also really liked how MC's relationship with... more>> the heroine/ (s) (?) ended up by the end of volume 1. There's probably more development there than a lot of the usual isekai stories.

Such a shame there's so few chapters written. <<less
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Kerlark Dgrayman
Kerlark Dgrayman rated it
January 5, 2018
Status: v1c3 part4a
Basically this what happen after Makoto was dead after Sekai killed him for good, and while I'm at it, Yandere--the one thing that spice up the story and ignite the people's wish for a Yandere girls in real life but this is the reality; deal with it.

Well... Jokes aside..... the premise looks interesting it starts the story with the MC being killed by one of his Yandere girls in his previous life then pick up by a Goddess with a Yandere attribute and starts doing lewd things on him. Then... more>> put him to another world with obviously-- A full course of Yandere yearning for him. well for me this is an interesting start

But as the author (I think she/he's a feminist) likes us to torture with an MC weak towards girls while the other girls killing him (or doing lewd things on him), he still pretty OP to me but.. yeah it looks like it has a horrible settin <<less
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BakaBlue rated it
March 3, 2018
Status: --
The Main character does not feel human or have any personalities traits one would have in his backstory. For example he says every girl he has known is a yandere, from there you would expect him to distrust women or at least assume that all women had this as their default personality, and yet he still willing chooses a skill that should have rung alarm bells in his head.

That he keeps on doing things that get him into situations in the story multiple times despite warning signs, the only possible... more>> explanation for this if it was intentional and he is a depraved masochist. <<less
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hiiampal rated it
November 6, 2017
Status: --
To sum it up, it is pretty good. For a borderline ero novel.

As you would expect, it has a lot of sexual scenes, so beware. Reverse-r*pe is also common in this novel. (Trigger Warning)

The plot is good for a novel of this caliber, MC doesn't really have incredible plot armor. So I would not consider this fully wish-fulfillment because the MC gets toyed a lot by the other heroines in the novels. This means that the actually gives MC some difficulty since he can't fight back against women. So... more>> prepared to get frustrated alot if you are into the alpha and macho type MCs in CNs like BTTNH, ATG, MGA etc.

However, this novel also has its flaws. It has a common starting, instead of truck-san we get Yandere-chan killing him. Typical isekai plot with ero in it... and the MC is a so f*ckin beta... so beware. It suffers from the common JP tropes but most veterans are probably immune to it by now.

TL;DR: Read this if you are into ero and want decent (?) plot, or have nothing else to do. <<less
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YayaBunWa rated it
June 22, 2019
Status: v3 epilogue
For the most part, I enjoyed this story. Looking over a few other reviews, I do have to agree that there’s some obvious flaws in this story. Yes, the main cast of characters have a bit of trouble differentiating themselves (though it didn’t start that way at all), and the reactions from the MC towards the pure insanity of some of the acts carried out unto him, are a bit lukewarm and often favour a tone of comedy and/or eroticism than anything remotely serious or realistic—which leads into the biggest... more>> complaint I’ve seen, being that it’s ‘hard to take seriously’ and/or ‘lacks the appropriate immersion and sensibilities necessary to deliver the subject to any decent degree’.

Having said what is ‘wrong’ with the story, I’d like to highlight what is ‘right’ as well:

-that I was very eager to continue following the main story up to the end of volume 3 (and most likely will revisit this if it continues to be translated in the future) as the world-building, political-discourse, and the ‘tension’ from arch to arch is extremely well-crafted.

-the erot*c scenes get a decent grade as I didn’t find myself disappointed between the even dispersion of familiar characters “interacting” along with their kinks, as well as new or “guest” characters spicing things up (often sadistically unto the MC) with their own brand of erotic-imposing.

-the plot holds itself together very well despite the seemingly average cast of characters. Whether it’s also because one or two characters happen to be rather enjoyable, or simply because the writing is just consistently well-formulated, I never found myself bored with the events occurring, nor found the pacing to be wonky, and most of all, never found any of the “side-antics” (such as the erot*c scenes, insignificant slice of life side-fluff, or comedy sketches) to slow down, faulter, or outright ruin the atmosphere, pacing, or progression of the story.

So, despite the issues this novel has, I feel like it makes up for it adequately. I think that its problems do ruin its chances of being an all-time classic of the genre, but I certainly don’t regret reading it. It was quite a bit of fun for something new to me, and it never made me feel like it wasn’t worth reading.

Characters: 5/10

Story: 7/10

World Building: 6.5/10

Fun: 7/10

Overall: 6/10 (close enough)

... If you like ecchi tales that aren’t quite ‘porn’ but also don’t just “suggest” stuff, and you are also a fan of ‘yandere’ and ‘masochism’, then you’ll very-much find this polygamous-yandere isekai-comedy quite enjoyable. <<less
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MarutaDean rated it
April 27, 2018
Status: --
i have a dream to be loved by yandere and this novel always made my day.
comedic shyness that jpMC always have (despite their country is the leading in p*rn industry) and the yandere that he must encounter make the plot somehow not pissed me off.

and I think this MC has Masochist trait but he dont know it yet
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AwronZizao rated it
January 29, 2019
Status: --
Frankly, the basis of this story would have been 10 times better if the main character wasn't an absolute dumb ass. I thought it'd be interesting and he might evolve in some way but, what do you know, he gets put to sleep by magic, have his limbs cut off whilst he's asleep and then placed in a dungeon only to wake up. Panic about not having limbs and then f*ck the yandere girl who did it all to him, obviously it was rape.. For 5 seconds until he starts... more>> to somehow forget the fact he had his goddamn limbs cut off her by her and then start enjoying the s*x rather than thinking about how to escape. The very fact he even got sexually aroused in that situation was a huge warning sign for him being a complete psychopath masochist. I don't enjoy useless main characters at all, I knew he'd probably get into a lot of predicaments since the title of the story is tailored that way.

What I cannot stand however is that he simply doesn't seem to have the capability of even thinking for himself or doing anything remotely intelligent in his situation. There is no "chase" he's just moronic and masochistic, clearly. So masochistic he seems to enjoy the scenario of a girl cutting his limbs off and raping him. 10/10 useless degenerate. 0/10 main character material. A regular normal person, which I'm assuming he is from the story would've been pissed or freaking out in that situation. So that killed it all for me, to be honest.

Anyhow, any of you who like being on the complete bottom end of a ridiculously abusive relationship should give this a try. Maybe stuff a gag in your mouth and choke to death to, since I think you're completely insane if you're not at least questioning that situation. I know it's a story and I understand they do it to make the story work, however he's still portrayed as a regular kid yet he's just completely pathetic even for that. I don't even know what to say anymore. I'll end it there, as I said. I won't judge you if you like the story, but I will hella judge you if you think having your limbs cut off is attractive.

Plot 7/10 It's an interesting plot but ruined by other things

Characters 2/10 The 2 is literally all to the Yanderes, the Yanderes have many different types generally, the ones in this are all psychopathic selfish whores though, the Main Character deducted an entire 8 points all by himself, new record. He's a pathetic moron and a complete beta male who doesn't have the capability of learning from his mistakes.

Story 5/10 the "Plot" was decent considering it's text, the PLOT however was disappointing in a way I can't seem to explain.

Overall a very interesting plot which was ruined by it's own main character. 4/10. <<less
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Thanse rated it
June 23, 2020
Status: --
This would be better if the MC was not such a dumbass. He does not even try to think of ways to prevent girls from being Yandere and what to do if that does happen. For example, he could’ve tried wearing a mask and switch them so the girls never find him.
... more>>

He got 17 hours of waiting in the 5th dungeon floor’s boss’ stomach and all he did was read skill descriptions, like... did your Yandere mom drop you on your head a few times or did your Yandere stalkers wack some brain cells out of you?

It’s rather entertaining otherwise. <<less
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SmerchOleg rated it
May 4, 2020
Status: v3 epilogue
There was some fun in reading this, can't deny that. But I would neither recommend nor say this shouldn't be read.
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November 6, 2018
Status: v3c3
I know many will love this. I just got bored with it. Good world building. But every chapter is about sex.. Every paragraph is about sex.

It got to the point where it was more kink than story.

It had a lot of elements I liked.

It turned me off well before v3c3 when bit*h play was introduced. I was just slogging through hoping the author started his story again.

I mean it is unusual to have a Japanese MC who can be a man. Unfortantly.. This went to far the other way.
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Somara rated it
May 13, 2018
Status: v1 extra
Well, on first glance it looks like a bad hentai, if you read prologue and the first chapter, but as I continued to read it, I grew fond to it for some reason. The protagonist hates yanderes, they are selfish and don't care for the people around them, so his dream in this new world is, to meet and ordinary girl and live in peace. Sadly, the goddess of the world is a yandere goddess and thus the protagonist meets several problems, its really funny to see how he struggles... more>> with those, the R-18 tag comes to shine here. <<less
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