Yandere Male God‘s Sweetness Exploded


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“Ran Ran, you can’t see, I will carry you down.” The gentle and affectionate president picked up his princess.

Ran Muxun: Hehe, you were the one who blinded my eyes…

“Baby, go to bed early after eating.” The powerful leader of the apocalyptic base pampered, flattering her with exquisite food.

Ran Muxun: Are you planning to fatten me up, or are you planning to bite me and also turn me into a zombie? ?

“Miss Ran, rehearse the scenes with me?” The cold, indifferent acting emperor took the initiative to knock on her door in the middle of the night.

Ran Muxun: I’m sorry, I don’t think there is anything good about the perverted killer’s scene of a corpse dismemberment! !

“Student Ran, please come to my office.” The elegant and humble professor pulled down his refined and scholarly dignified glasses.

Ran Muxun: Professor, the “Human Anatomy” textbook on your desk is a little too conspicuous…

In order to earn points to exchange for resurrecting her body, Ran Muxun has no choice but to use her wits and courage to fight against all the blackened, yandere male gods, prevent the world from falling apart, and finally return to the real world…

Eh? How could this big boss, who makes her shudder when he laughs, be so familiar?

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快穿黑化: 病嬌男神, 甜炸了
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