Yan Yan


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Su Yan adored Xie Yu for many years and finally got what she wanted, but Xie Yu ran away on the wedding day, making her a laughing stock. At that time, Bai Xingfan appeared in front of her. He held a black umbrella in his skeletal hand to shield her from the heavy rain, and the other hand stretched out in front of her with a gentle and determined voice: “Don’t be afraid, still With me.” Su Yan was stunned with tears in her eyes for a long time, and finally, she reached out to Bai Xingfan.

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nasdhadg rated it
November 19, 2022
Status: Completed
thank God for ML's growth and the extras, otherwise I would rate this story 2 stars lol

for real, ML is really a manipulative and possessive person. and FL is...... kind of wishy-washy person

not to forget, her grandma's patriarchal attitude towards her and his father:) oh gosh I even wonder did I read a 70's novel or modern novel????

... more>> i understand FL's unwillingness to accept ML and her decision to break up afterwars. I meant, it really is scary when you see how possesive someone can be

i think ML's obssessive personality might be caused by his environment during his growth, and also his mother's behavior and attitude toward him. that's why he really cannot tolerate anything that is out of his control. and thankfully he allows FL to let go

also, once ML realized his fault and tried to change, the story becomes much more relaxing and fluffy as the love between ML and FL is mutual with no coercion (tho initially there was not, but it is not as relax as it should be as ML has his dirty secret that acts as a time-bomb) <<less
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ani ianna
ani ianna rated it
May 13, 2023
Status: Completed
It was a good read I was not bored but the last few chapters were a little bit depressive and confusing to read ML is too much yandere but still gets better and improves himself overtime in the late chapters

... more>>

FL gets heartbroken when she learns her ex left her bez of her ML and she tries to leave him after suffering miscarriage miscarriagewas really an accident ML didn't knew she was pregnant but still things get better ML accepts his mistakes and FL forgives him after he nearly broke his ribs to protect her from snow storming incident


Read this if you love a yandere ML who improves himself later in the story <<less
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