Yamato Nadeshiko, Koibana no Gotoku


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“…..Would you love me even if you must make the entire world your enemy?”

Those words were whispered to him.

The boy, Yamato Takeru, felt irrepresible emotion hearing that.

Slowly he looked straight at the girl’s eyes.

The girl, his own younger sister, met his gaze with moist eyes.

The answer he gave to her was…

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Yamato Nadeshiko, like a lovely flower
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May 23, 2016
Status: c11
Yamato Nadeshiko's main theme consist of three things: in*est, obsession, and spineless MC. I don't exactly have problem with in*est (fictionally), nor with yandere (generally). However, I question very much how a man whose skill seemingly only lies on sweet-talking could be so popular. As well, I am unsatisfied with the way the 11 chapters so far gone without any significant development, just going back-and-forth between the MC and his sister.

Still, the two main acts' interactions are pretty interesting, and it's early days yet. I'll see for some more chapters... more>> if there will be some trigger that change the status quo... or if the plot is just that. For the time being, I refrain from rating anything. Please consider this review as initial impression only. <<less
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Upheaval rated it
January 19, 2016
Status: --
The story is told with 2 POV. The brother’s and the sister’s.

The brother is in a phase where he is trying to deny is love towards the sister, because he can’t escape the idea that in*est is wrong.

The sister however is trying to seduce him in any way she can and she also make rumors about them having a forbidden relationship to make the female population less interested in her brother. The family knows they have a bound too strong and while their elder sister approves, the mother gave a... more>> warning to the brother, saying that if they continue on that road she will take action.

I like the genre so I rated it pretty high, but you should note that the sister is manipulative and kinda blackmail him to stay to her side, saying she would spread rumors about what he did to her when they were younger. She has also some yandere tendencies like: betray my trust = your social life will end. <<less
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