Xiebing Defies The Heavens


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Xiezun——Jun Xiebing, a girl from the 21st Century, was transported to the Aucas continent by a jade ring on her 18th birthday. In this completely different world, she was reborn as a baby!

In her previous life, Xiezun didn’t have any family members, but since God gave me, Jun Xiebing, a family in my new life, no one will bring harm them… Even those who speak rudely to them will have to die! Those who dare to rub me the wrong way or betray me should be also prepared to die! By the end of their punishment, they would rather be dead than face my wrath.

Previous life, too tiring! This life, I’ll be more unrestrained!

Enjoy family love! Build up power and influence! Collect more spirit pets! It was as if her life was renewed so that she may have a second chance to live- not restrained as she was as Xiezun but free as Xiebing.

The female main character is two-faced and very powerful in this original story, she is not the strongest, only getting stronger!

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Xie Bing Ao Tian
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