Xianggong, Please Divorce Me!


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This appears to be this type of story:

Soon after knowing that she was going to marry Song Shi An, Su Tang made a firm resolution to barter to get a bill of divorce within one month!

The reasons are many with one being crucial, that pan of cold noodles has been an eyesore for a very long time!

Actually, it is this type of story:

Has lightning, dog blood, even more it has big meat. Love steamed buns, love beautiful meals, as well as love household tussles.

Go out to build the family fortune, enter the house to steadily accompany the lady of the house! Who dares to interfere? Stiff penalties being served!

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November 29, 2017
Status: c8
There is too little for me to be able to decide whether I like this story... so I'll continue reading for now. Kudos for a headstrong FL though.

Regarding the 'rape' tag...

... more>>

FL and ML both agreed to get divorced and that the whole marriage was just a pretend thing. However ML got drugged by the emperor during the wedding night and ended up doing the mattress mambo with the FL. The part that made this a bit different was that ML recognised it for what it was - rape - and felt guilty about it, resolving to take responsibility by _not_ divorcing FL. FL, on the other hand, seemed to not give a sh*t about what just happened and still wanted to get a divorce, which was an interestingly different reaction from what I expected. It looked like she's so determined to make it out there as her own person (instead of a general's wife) that the loss of her chastity made no difference as she never planned to be married again, ever.

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darkclouds rated it
January 3, 2018
Status: c10
It’s too early for a rating and a review, but I’m hoping leaving this here will encourage more people to read it and also increase the frequency of the releases.

It’s another typical arranged marriage in the historical times. But what’s striking is the flowery and poetic prose, the analogies that will have you in stictches with all the laughter.

We have here a strong MC, not constrained by the rules and impositions of her time. She is clever and makes the best of her circumstances. Her forthright behaviour might partly... more>> have stemmed from the repeated tragedies in love she has been struck with since childhood. She is a star, and her unique way of thinking makes this all the more enjoyable. <<less
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seawaterwitch rated it
March 26, 2018
Status: c18
The wife is hilarious but I love her character. So blunt, a very kind Lady and a justice Boss. The husband is a perfect gentleman and love his son so much.

So... the bride come into the groom's "wrecked" household. She will manage everything and keep it on the right track.

Story of a tough and strong will "Cinderella" in ancient china.

Well, rape is not rape if both are concent though. The Bride is realistic woman, she use logic and not emotion (I admire her for that). Of course she accept the... more>> husband and their wedding night, it was inevitable scene, they both were married, so the wedding night was unescapable. (She can hit his head if she didn't want to, she capable on doing that. She already love the handsome General (her husband of course) and rather die than has to admit that). The General fall to her wit and her cleverness.

I love these novel 😉.

Read these if you like Unruly Xiao Yao, dark comedy and Adam Sandlers's movies 😄 <<less
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kisa-chan rated it
February 8, 2018
Status: c83
-I would've given this a 5 but... it ended too abruptly... Well, it was a fun read and I DID laugh most of the time even tho I MTLed it

-it doesn't have any complicated plots and is really just for light reading... don't expect them being involved at court...

-i feel that things didn't drag on too much.. which is great

-they DID each other a lot despite having just 1 month time frame....... more>>

at first, it was because they were drugged more than once... but the next one's were because it was voluntary LOL



-they realized that they weren't as hostile as before compared to when they got married.. they had a child.. it wasn't really specified if they had a son or daughter...

If I understood it right based on MTL, Xuanzi is SSAs sister's son and the father is his friend... I'm not quite sure tho if she's a blood related sister (she died during the war).... oh well... he has Su Tang now and he's smitten and that's that


-i hope this gets translated as fast as it can bc imma read that in english... <<less
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Eclat123 rated it
September 25, 2018
Status: c27
The story is interesting, but the translation is very rough that makes it hard to read.


"she realized—she really wanted to get married."

... more>> When it was supposed to be

"she realized—she's really about to get married."

And Chinese structure just doesn't work when it's translated directly to English, so it takes an effort for me to just understand one sentence. I don't know if it's unedited or the team really want to keep the translation rough without any paraphrasing.

There are also some details that borther me a lot, such as how a lot of people from MC's family with higher position called her "third miss" instead of nicknames.

Don't forget the weirdly illogical plot details, such as the fact that a prince of the neighboring country brough a whole troop to kidnap the wife just to trap a military general. I mean.... even ignoring the stupid intention, it's practically impossible bringing a whole troop, with royal, accross the border, which the travel alone can take up months, investing so much money and time, while being very discreet, fighting the country's guards on the way, all just to destroy a person who does not even have any political / military control (not the emperor)........

Well, there are too many things that doesn't make sense, but just read it for the gag I guess, like Doraemon... <<less
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Aaliya3321 rated it
July 13, 2018
Status: c25
Alright, guys, I have no idea why this has high ratings. I'm only giving this a review because it has high ratings.

I'm gonna start with what it did right.

The female lead (and the main character) is f**kin fantastic. She's strong and would be better off without a man. She realizes her faults and makes mistakes and idk if you're reading you're really reading for her. I'd say that her only fault is that it seems like she's falling for the trashy male lead.

So if I was rating this story based... more>> just on the female lead this would be a 5* story no doubt. Now you get to hear how 3~4 stars just disappear. THE MALE LEAD!

So the male lead is like a piece of trash. The more I read the more I want him to get mauled by dogs. No joke if this guy existed in real life I'd be sure to give him a punch to the face and a kick to the nuts.

You know how in other kinds of stories the male lead is like spending wildly right? They don't give a crap about money. That's perfectly fine unless you have no money to spend. Then he tosses HIS money problems to her to deal with. A perfect analogy would be a gambling bastard who gambles his fortune away while his wife works hard at a part-time job.

Then he thinks he has the right to essentially override her (the female lead's) opinion to get a divorce (not a spoiler look at the title) because HE feels guilty. It's all about himself for this male lead huh?

He doesn't defend her (the female lead) and thinks he has the right to blame her for an incident while he has COMPLETELY NO FAULT


I'm talking about the losing the child thing and then blaming her for losing a child that is HIS not hers. Also blaming her for essentially not taking care of the child but where were YOU when the child went missing. BUSY WITH YOUR DAMN WORK?


The male lead also thinks that she should just put up with all his sh*t because she's female. She has to be demure. (Blegh) He thinks that she shouldn't be proud of her independence (?). There's just too much to complain about. I rate this guy -50* but yeah he directly drives my good impression of this story (from the female lead) to a 1*.

I give an extra star as props to the translator. The work has grammatical mistakes but it's still fairly well translated and some of the puns and funny poetic things that are EXTREMELY hard to translate are either somehow still displayed in the text or explained thoroughly by the translator. Props to you! (You have terrible taste in male leads though XD)

Oh I totally forgot.


The male lead has a little kid and the kid is hella cute once you get past like the first 10 chapters. Adorable as f**k.

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Cyberlina rated it
October 18, 2018
Status: c28
i want to say first DO NOT, do not be deterred by the rape tag. ... more>>

it occurs only once during the wedding night, ML drugged by a dose of aphrodisiac so strong it was tested on Horses lol


so the premises are quite hilarious and it's a very enjoyable read. there's no transmigration or rebirth just a very feisty FL and our usual block of ice ML

FL calls nicknamed him 'pan of cold noodles' and even calls him 'cold noodles' to his face lol'

but really their interactions is what makes the story lively. there's an adorable little bun there's mention of food (FL family holds a pastry shop) and there's detailed s*xy time so I am going to add the smut tag.

this is pretty well written and the translation flows quite nicely. Ignore the mean comments of ungrateful brats below as the translator is not doing machine translation nor is living off sponsors. so enjoy a free web novel and advise if you recommend to read it or not and don't complain about quality if you didn't pay for it...

The story is barely starting (translation at 28/83chapters) and there's so much room for character development yet some immature reviews already bashing characters and plot. <<less
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wapulos rated it
February 8, 2019
Status: c33
I was about to write a review after reading around 12 chapters, but I'm glad I waited until the recent update. At least, I will be able to give a fair review.

What to like about the novel:

  1. The Female Lead - she is basically a headstrong, level headed and smart woman. Also, she is independent and unique among the women in her generation. From being a girl who dreamt of romance, she became a woman who wanted to stand on her own feet. Though she became too extreme on the other end for my liking, I still rooted for her desires and goals in life. I just hope that the novel will be consistent in her goals.. or at least will be able to properly write a resolution on her character development.
  2. Style of writing - not too much details, not too less. I often read light novels (either Chinese/Korean/Japanese) that don’t have details. Though having not too many details will make the story move faster, but having less details will make it less imaginative for me. Although I cannot say that this style of writing is my favourite, I can still appreciate it nevertheless.
Now, on to the reasons to dislike:

  1. the situation - I can’t help but dislike plots wherein the leads cannot make a choice on their own. Such as the time wherein the in-law pushed the work for the manor to the female lead.. and about the emperor towards the male lead.. it makes me frustrated. The leads are being manipulated... both of them too! Yes, the author may be doing this to have reasons as to why the couple will develop feelings for each other and to have more reason not to divorce, but I still disapprove these reasons. I mean, they are being manipulated over and over again. Such manipulation makes me think that their feelings for each other are cheaply developed. I mean, think about it. They get to develop feelings for each other basically because they were pushed by their circumstances and because of the people around them. I can’t help but think that they are victims and that their ‘love’ was born out of being victims from the ploy of other people. As such, I can’t appreciate such development of their relationship.
  2. The aphrodisiac - I dislike the fact that the author had to use such things in order to push their relationship. Yes, s*x pushes physical intimacy, but I totally disagree that it will influence people to love their partner. As a matter of fact, many do it out of pleasure and not out of love. Hence, I totally disaprove the author’s frequent use of aphrodisiac to push the couple to have a reason to be inseparable. The author could have thought of other ways for them to develop feelings for each other.
Concerning the male lead, I can’t say I dislike him, nor can I say that I like him. So, he is a character... more>> I would shrug off about. There isn’t a trait of his that attracts me so I guess he is just an ordinary character for me.

The reason I continued on reading is because of the female lead. I am curious as to what would happen to her goal of becoming successful with the situation she is in and with the setting of the story. I just hope that the author was able to smoothly write the Female Lead’s transformation of her desire to divorce. But I’m not too hopeful, seeing how the plot was written with the dislikes I just wrote above.

Overall, three stars from me. Translation is not perfect, but it is better than other translated novels. <<less
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KillerGinger rated it
October 13, 2018
Status: c83
Lost stars because; *male lead too rigid in jerk habits. *yawn aphrodisiac for dog/cat couples...

Still worth a read Cute & Quirky buffet of dogfood! With a dash of NSF moments to season. Would make a nice Romcom in liveaction

An era and status appropriate male lead (-without being a psychotic stalker or fly wing puller or manipulative user that somehow gets the gurl after causing many near-death episodes...), meh, can eat that flavor as long as next bowl is premium cuts
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