X- Epoch of the Dragon


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A normal person, Xin Yun, received a second chance by transmigrating to an unknown world. But because he chose to indulge in women, he lost his chance to become the most powerful. When he gets caught by the force a struggle between the nine most powerful experts, something unbelievable happened, or it could be said that a miracle occurred. Xin Yun was reborn and sent back to the place he had transmigrated over to. Having been reborn, Xin Yun decided he wanted to become the strongest being together with the three top experts from his previous life: the most beautiful dragon- Sparkling Butterfly, Yi Luo Xiang, the cruel dragon- Evil Empress, Yan Qing Ying, and the most dazzling dragon- Peac*ck King, Ming Xuan! Furthermore, he wanted to pursue love with the most beloved person from his previous life- Yi Luo Xiang! Xin Yun, making use of his good fortune, used his memories from his previous life to prioritized becoming friends with Yi Luo Xiang, Yan Qing Ying and Ming Xuan. He even received a godly artifact from his previous life- the Heaven Splitting Axe!

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Thời Đại X Long
X- Long Shi Dai
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
December 15, 2017
Status: c401
This is just a quick review of mine.. From what I've read this has a lot of potential yet it also gives me a feeling that it will have a rushed ending or an open-ended ending..

First of all the the world is too big there are a lot of chapters mentioning MC travelling to some places which takes months of flying just to get there.

Also the author likes mentioning info dumps some are useful some are just plain annoying which sometimes takes a whole chapter just describing one thing. Which... more>> the author also likes comparing by mentioning from MC's past life or Earth culture.

Character developments are ok for me. Don't expect the original personalities from MC's second life as since the beginning the MC already change a lot of things at the start like for Yi Luo Xiang

It is mentioned that YLX is like a cold-beauty which hates men, well with MC being a hero-saves the day, though I can't blame it as her being too easy to fall in love (?) with MC, YLX's personality turned to be more like your regular uneasy wife character with all the mushy things they do.


Power rankings are explained kinda late so just think of it based on metals, ordinary person>bronze>silver>gold>crystal, amethyst, diamond, king, with 10 stages for each rank. IMO this is not really important at the beginning since it's hard to imagine the power difference for each rank due to the miniscule amount of action in the first 100 chapter.

The dragons here are not really dragons, I forgot which chapter it was but it was explained that most dragons are just like animals with dragon parts

there was a mention like pig-dragon, horse-dragon, insect-dragon, fish-dragon, snake-dragon, you can tell just from the name that you can just ignore the dragon part and based it entirely on what animal it is.


A downside of the story in the first 100 chapters is the MC's money making ability. Although it was acceptable until MC got his dragon after that is just plain over exaggeration IMO.

An eight year old kid, making profit ten times earning a hundred million, during the auction made from a 10K gold to a priceless treasure just by trading. With a lot of people seeing the transaction happen nobody even dares try to steal from an eight year old kid.


What I like about for now is how the MC with his 3rd chance makes most of best opportunities yet keeping all his base talents from before, so MC even though he got the best 9.9 dragon stone (?) with his mediocre cultivation talents his genius party members will keep up with him in power rankings or maybe they will get stronger than MC at the beginning.

So for now I'd give it a 4/5, I'll update after another 100 or more chapters. I just hope there will be less info dumps or useless comparison in MC's previous life, with the translation speed now a lot maybe frustrated as the chapters are short and for each chapter mostly a few things happening

It took 10 chapters just to get out of the well while the manhua took like 1 or 2?, you can see how slow the story is.



from ch401 P.S. I will be using terms shown as mtled.

went downhill fast at around 190-200. MC keeps getting OP treasure and finally began cross-rank killing at late 300s.


school arc might have been too much for author since the MC started going to school the author keeps on finding excuses for MC to take leave of absence or find a way to make MC not attend school, yet at the beginning MC keeps telling how it is important to go to school. Also at the beginning the MC forbids using shortcuts in cultivation yet when they arrived at gold rank MC & co. Keeps using elixirs, etc. To increase their rank..


For me it was actually pretty good until around 190 but with the sudden 1 1/2 year time skip it was actually more like reading a report. I know it is to advance the age of the MC but IMO it wasn't done in a good way.

Also for the gang war

after the MC beat the 2nd year Chief it went further downhill, MC & co. Ultimately stopped going to school without much explanation just because they killed a diamond expert. Then during this arc MC found a way to revive people so fights are no longer as intense as even though anyone can die including MC they can always revive & hide at their base which could defend against 10000 diamond experts. Also MC finally began to exceed the 3 future Nine Masters in Cultivation which further made me lose interest as those 3 began to lose their personalities as they worship MC too much.


If author actually tried this 400 chapters can be compressed to 100-150 chapters, that is how much info dumps & useless comparisons are used just to make everything seem more amazing when it is actually just annoying. And the format of other chapters are more like history reports of what is happening which further becomes boring.

I will probably drop this until proper translation caught upto ch401 since IMO it would be a waste of time to actually read the rest of the novel in mtl since it is not worth it.

I'd give it a 2.5/5 or just 3 to round it up. <<less
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sanushilshad rated it
January 23, 2018
Status: Completed
The story itself had prospect. It's begining was great and all the side characters had cast time, is flushed out, and is as smart as the MC. The story itself has unique cultivation method which vastly differs from others.

But the mid part of the story is a wreck. The side characters are just dolls. The story deviates from cultivation to artifacts and weapons. The MC has ton loads of artifacts that he can oneshot people of five rank difference with him. And to make it worse he got a artifact... more>> to be eternal and immortal. It can even make his army in to immortal.

And as for the last part, the author just started to get annoyed with the novel.

No detail about what happened to the side characters after thousand years. <<less
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metazoxan rated it
December 4, 2017
Status: c2
I'm partly basing this review off the Manhua as the Web Novel only has 2 chapters translated. But from what I can tell this is an insteresting story with a lot of potential.

First of all this world seems to be centered around dragon summoning with said dragon being tied heavily into how these people cultivate like in every Chinese novel. While the cultivation itself seems relatively standard the integration of personal dragons adds an interesting twist.

The MC himself seems a bit s*upid and careless but not to an unforgivable degree.... more>> His mistakes and careless moments at least feel human and aren't just him magically becoming s*upid when the plot needs him to be.

Overall if I had to compare this series to something it would be Tales of Demons and Gods. The way the MC goes back in time and uses his past knowledge to not only strengthen himself but gather other's around him as well as how he attempts to correct the tragedies of his first time, all feels reminiscent of TDG. However this series also has the chance to be better as it's set up it's main couple a lot earlier rather than pointlessly dragging it out. Additionally unlike TDG which is slowly dying as the author all but abandons it this series is complete. <<less
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Seregosa rated it
August 29, 2020
Status: c36
Can't say I found this story to be too bad. It was actually quite fun reading these 36 chapters, but things were JUST getting started so I'm left kind of disappointed by not having more to read. Would things turn for the better or worse? I don't really know.

I found that the start was quite dull, it, along with the dubious setting of this story, made me very pessimistic as to if this story would even be readable. But I felt that things turned for the better after several chapters,... more>> the initial inner monologue and almost cringeworthy part with the children in the well ended. It was even somewhat touching to see him caring so much for the girl and as he had admired her almost his entire previous life, it wasn't too jarring and felt quite acceptable.

As we moved on, I find their development to be quite good for a chinese type romance, this MC isn't spoiling her TOO much nor is he treating her as a mere docile doll. This might be subject to change but for now it was good.

Actually, at 36 chapters, not much at all happened, the MC had only just begun cultivating slightly and was soon going to help the heroine start cultivating as well.

It might not be a masterpiece but if it continued in this track, I wouldn't mind reading it all. Honestly, with the chapter size and amount, it wouldn't take too long to read it all, but I remain very pessimistic about the middle-late story because it truly feels like this will be cut in the middle or hastily ended because the chapter length and amount are too short/little for a novel of this kind. For now, the 36 chapters was a fun read, just endure the first several chapters until he starts interacting with the heroine for real. <<less
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easygoing rated it
August 12, 2019
Status: c8
I usually try not to rate anything really early on but right from the start this novel feels extremely lazy, just a ton of tropes thrown together with no rhyme or reason, willing suspense of disbelief is important but there is a limit, just in the first 8 chapters.

... more>>

1. If absence is required to break through how would that not be common knowledge? Just a really dumb lazy direction to explain a wall and why the MC doesn't act like someone with sexual experience

2. The Mc's "army" story makes no sense, if the 100 people who wiped out all his subordinates were weaker than him, why didn't he kill them? If they were stronger, why is he still alive. Guerilla tactics isn't some magic catchall explanation

3. This is, bar none, the dumbest death I've ever read in a reincarnation novel, and not in a funny way like konosuba, instead "MC was at a place watching them use an attack he knew they were going to use so he died"

4. Children apparently have value if you believe the backstories, why do the raiders ignore the 8 kids in the well?

5. If the kids can't cultivate how do they survive for a month with no food? For that matter, how does the girl survive with no food and blood loss?

6. Why do the boys attack the girls if he's by himself and they're in a group? Having a rock doesn't help if you're asleep when they attack, which he was

7. MC claims to be super in love with main girl but at 7 years old they don't know each other well enough to stick together in the well and supposedly afterwards she shuns all men forever while he goes off to be with thousands of women, their relationship makes no sense

8. How does the MC forget the girls are going to be attacked? He knew at the start but over the course of what, 8 days? He supposedly forgets the 4 boys go cannibal and decides its fine to just sleep by himself around them?

Just some of the things that stuck out to me in the first 8 chapters, if explanations weren't so barebones and generic these things wouldn't bother me so much, but when it's all added together this novel just feels really lazy.

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Dracius rated it
June 5, 2018
Status: --
Love the novel, all about dragons, just up my alley!

All the different types of dragons is just too cool, especially when the MC's circumstances are more realistic. When you're lazy and get transported into another world, and you suddenly becomes a god of death kind of character makes no sense. In this MC's case, he was just the same, but learned his lesson and given another chance.

Plus the MC is kinda funny, providing some comic relief.

~ But the rate of release is just too slow, otherwise I'd give it 5... more>> stars... <<less
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