Would You Like To Work Overtime Together, Your Highness


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A proposal from the imperial family has arrived.
And with it, a portrait of the Crown Prince she is to marry.

But at a glance, is he a primary school student? At most a middle schooler?

Interior designer Min Yoo-ae, realized after dying from overwork that she had entered the body of Lady Minuette Levaine.
In her new life as the daughter of a count, she wanted passive income and romance, not a childcare story.

Oh God.
I can forgive dying from endless overtime.
It’s okay that you sent me into the body of a pitiful child who died from an illness.

But, to marry such a little creature?

She couldn’t turn this life, which she thought of as a holiday from working overtime, into a childcare story.

So then.
Ah, whatever!

Let’s make a move on that handsome man!
What’s the worst that could happen, being labeled as a scandalous daughter and facing a broken engagement?


Day after day, articles of her rejection filled the newspaper stands.
Perhaps this lady, who refuses to marry him, yet still continues to brazenly pursue him, is truly out of her mind. Onyx was bewildered.

“I want to date you, not the Crown Prince.”

Without asking for Onyx’s consent, the woman firmly decided on her own and pulled him towards her.
After just a few glasses of whiskey, Onyx seemed to lose control, his body not obeying him. Pinned beneath the small and delicate woman, Onyx let out an inward sigh of resignation.

The country is really going well.

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Would You Like To Work Overtime Together, Crown Prince
같이 야근하실래요, 황태자님
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