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The end of all worlds approach.

The Demon King Order harvests lives from all manners of living beings.

Within this darkness full of despair, a single person escaped from space-time, returned to before the world collapsed, determined to change the fate of the past.

But as time pass, he gradually finds out that the Apocalypse isn’t quite as simple as he thinks…

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All-Heaven Armageddon Online
Chư Giới Tận Thế Online
World Apocalypse Online
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MyRAMEN rated it
November 14, 2019
Status: c172
A good interesting unique story to engage with. Some cliches and repetitiveness, but a fun interesting novel. Then around C120ish and after, the story quickly steamrolls, snowballs into an other poop fest of writing with all creativity or anything which made me read was thrown out the window. Repeats, cliches, filler, and probably also more filler ruined the whole novel. Like half of the book previously written waa all of a sudden thrown out, the logic going with it, and enemies all of a sudden became more s*upid than they... more>> already were. <<less
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GingerMessiah rated it
November 1, 2019
Status: --
I really wanted to give this a chance but seriously I have to reduce this to one star.

The author has failed in balancing the difference between the first two world. Originally it was a day in the Game World “Cultivation” would be equivalent to 1 hour in Real World. But Game World stays frozen no matter how long the Real World has passed.

Now up to the point of the apocalypse in the Real World barely a week has passed and everything has fallen into chaos.

Power level is a total mess... more>> as well. He could fight against high level demons in the Game World but cannot kill an elite virus infected superhuman in the Real World. The author try to reduce the role of technological weapons. It is like saying a nuke cannot kill a demon at the Qi Condensation level.

Apparently a 4th stage elementalist can kill that virus infected superhuman but the main character can’t. Yet our main character’s ability is enough to beat 4th Stage elementalist except against Martial Saint.

His cultivation is flawed as well. Considering in his past life he was a Sword Saint a level below a real Titled Saint. How on Earth does he need help to even reach Foundation Establishment?

The author also likes to change the story every few chapters. The first scientist who created the warp technology was cruelly killed by the aristocrats in order to steal his work. Later oh he’s still alive and they only killed his clone because he wanted to become the 10th Aristocrat in the Confederation that’s why they killed him.

A rollercoaster of a mess. <<less
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NanMoon rated it
October 24, 2019
Status: c250
This is my first time writing a review

In my opinion, this is one of the best book that I have ever read. It is about a MC who travelled to past and want to change the fate of humanity.

Although the MC is a little arrogant, he is very intelligent.

... more>> There are game element, cultivation, system, Xianxia, Apocalypse, Etc...

Read it!! You won´t regret it.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Quiero informaros que voy a intentar traducir este libro en Español para que podéis disfrutar tanto como yo disfrute leyendo en inglés. Actualmente solo he traducido 1 capítulo pero intentaré seguir actualizandolo.

Aquí el Link:

worldsapocalypseonlinees. blogspot. com/2019/10/wao-chapter-1-el-pozo-muerte. html

Muchas gracias. <<less
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Ichyru rated it
September 27, 2019
Status: c261
It is a lot better than the generic riffraff that are most Chinese novels. Those are plain and mediocre with the same ideas being constantly rehashed. This story has extremely good pacing, making you never feel bored and there are many suprising plot twists. It's hard to believe that this is the author's first novel. The translator is also releasing chapters at a faster speed than Wuxiaworld.

The only cons I can say is that the world building tends to be a little weak and that there are quite a few... more>> ranks to remember for each specification. Like reality world has 4 or so fighting classes which are further subdivided into ranks and then you have the apocalypse world where it has its own cultivation ranking. Then devils have ranks/levels to remember. Items such as armours have ranks to remember too. It can be quite confusing at times but all chinese cultivation novels have this con too so it's not major.

This novel I highly recommend though. It is one of the best apocalyptic novels based on the current English translated novels. <<less
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August 4, 2019
Status: c1330
This Novel definitely holds the top position in the Apocalypse tag. Though the first 200 chapters don't stand out must compare to many other novels since it's the author's first. But then the story only gets better and better after each arc. Let me make it clear about some element that may confuse readers:
First, there is no game world. Everything is real, so do not think that the game is unbalanced or something.

Second is that the system of the MC in his second life unique. Its origin is only... more>> explained after about 1000 chapters and it is very different from the system of his past life.

Then, about the power level, there are limitless classes in this novel such as duelist, cultivator, fighter, seer,... and it is always updated (The MC is a Sword cultivator and so far this system has 22 levels) so there is just beatable or unbeatable enemy, later is killable or unkillable.

And finally, although this has harem tag, the MC doesn't even have time to sleep much less flirting, and the time he spends with each girl can be counted with hour.

I must say that this novel brings fresh air to the Apocalypse genre and is a must read for Apocalypse genre fan. <<less
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akumetsu_F1 rated it
May 4, 2020
Status: c618
Masterpiece, my new favorite cultivation novel. Lots of worldbuilding. Any small detail brought up by the author serves to escalate into the climax of each arc. Meaning that, compared to many other Chinese webnovels, there are very few retcons or plot holes to speak of. The hype in many of the fight scenes is exhilirating. The MC is constantly using his wits to overcome seemingly more dangerous situations each and every time. Every single one of his wins feel thoroughly earned.
It has a few points where it's not as... more>> good: perhaps delving into a boring side characters story which ruins the pacing, or the constant escalation of problem after problem without letting the MC rest in one of the arcs. At times, the author is constantly setting flaws, then takes way too long to revisit them; to the point that the sheer number of problems the MC is facing is exhausting even to the reader. Many of the villains in particular are quite formidable and cunning; to the point that it seems like every bigwig is some sort of super genius. The challenges faced by the MC never drop in quality, but the author was having problems at the start of the novel with knowing when to drop the tension.

Yes, technically, the protagonist is constantly fighting against the end of the world, such an epic ordeal can only be full of constant peril, but the lack of breaks or breathing space makes it almost impossible to enjoy whatever brilliant storytelling was just told. This was my main issue with my pacing in this story at times.
Thankfully, the author seemed to be improving much more on this aspect over time. His writing improves after every arc and has learned to give the readers some breathing space.

Overall, the novel is filled with enjoyable characters, action, comedic moments and even the occasional tear jerker. It's also brimming with creativity for a cultivation novel. This story is almost impossible to put down, I just had to read all 600 available chapters in one go. I hope the translator keeps translating more.

I recommend everyone give this web novel a try. <<less
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satansorcier rated it
May 3, 2020
Status: c118
Gary stu MC. Arrogant at that.

... more>>

At some point, the disciple of one of the three strongest people on humanity's side says a mean word to MC's 8yo waifu. Our psychopatic MC decides to kill him, effectively weakening humanity as a whole and threatening his own life. Did I say anything about plot armor?


There are some CCP propaganda vibes. The MC's acts as an holier than thou, all perfect, chineese teen. He'll want, for example, to integrate an university, although he clearly doesn't need an education, and the apocalypse was garanteed to shut down his plans. But guess what? Going through university has social value. And the author wants to put the MC on a pedestal. I believe there was no more thinking into this...

The quality is the most irregular I've ever encountered, in the likes of a roller coaster.

Wasn't there an "underestimated protagonist" tag? If so, this novel should definitely get it. The number of times in which you'll see people (provocated by the MC) thinking him as a sponge, although they should know otherwise, is insane. <<less
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raioh rated it
March 24, 2020
Status: c1700
This is one of my current top 5 best readings. Its so original, sometimes it makes me wonder how the author managed to come up with such universe, where all possible worlds existed together. I give my utmost respect to the author, as I cant imagine how many works must be done to keep track of all the time-leaping things and its infinite changes.

Also, Im the type of person who get bored easily when I read sth. But with this novel, when I feel like enough of reading cultivation thing,... more>> the MC just jumped to mecha. And then, , we have Garfield here! A f*cking Garfield for mc! Upps. Sorry for the spoiler, , kkkkk. There is more. Dance battle! Imagine BTS level dance used to cope with ultimate boss, , , a must read story for kpop fans. All in all. Congratulate for the author and translator! Keep up ur good work <<less
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Daoist CtrlF Quotation Mark
Daoist CtrlF Quotation Mark rated it
March 20, 2020
Status: c511
So, the beginning is really fun. Author tosses the kitchen sink, spare tire, Grandma's walker, and everything else you can think of into the story while MC does his adventures between the first and second worlds. However, somewhere in the 200s it gets tiring. I originally wanted to give this three stars, but the last twenty or so chapters all the established characters have been so off character that I had to drop it here, and I think that's worth a knocked off star. I would love to see more... more>> of the characters (well, the ones I like) but it feels like the author avoids interacting with already established characters and instead prefers to find more kitchen sinks to toss into the story.

While I don't consider translation quality while reviewing I feel like I should mention that there is a dramatic improvement of the grammar ~150-200. Just a heads up for those who might drop it early due to early grammar.

Spoiler complaints:

  • MC and Su Xue have so little interaction in the story at this point that I'm not even sure that I have her name correct. In the introduction they're school friends and MC asks her to visit his meat cart to cover up return to the past mistakes, later she's wolfing down his food because its been so long since she last had it while the opening implied that she never ate his cooking.
  • The "date" between the two comes out of no where when you consider the miniscule amount of interaction the two have had prior.
  • Why do the demons suddenly stop causing random catastrophes on earth right when a third party wants to invade? It's not like the third party is enough for them to bat an eye at.
  • MC literally has a movement skill to get past formations/skills, conveniently forgetting it when locked down by Su is horrible writing.
  • Dude, you've spent the last 500 chapters desperately working to save your world from the apocalypse why are you suddenly more interested in paying off some guy's debts you've known for a day?
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muhammodalamin rated it
December 29, 2019
Status: --
MC is Very Dumb. Instead of going into seclusion he starts to cause trouble and makes conflicts with Young masters With his Weak strength. He wants to enter a University just because in his past life hi didn't enter any university. If Somebody were reborn then the first thing he would do is to live in seclusion for a years to increase his strength by killing monsters in the game world. Afterwall hes offending big shots with powerful clans every now and then. And within a year he could become... more>> strong enough to take his revenge. All the conflict-plots could be used in the game world. MC is dumb means Author is dumbest. <<less
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Msuuuuuu rated it
May 23, 2020
Status: c656

It was interesting but this novel like most novel is starting to get bad as it goes on.

An example would be,

1) Our seemingly a bit smarter than average MC hasn't an idea to coax Barry and Kitty to give him free kill or soul points when they return to earth and slaughter tons of space beasts. He could have easily earned a couple hundred million soul points atleast if he had just tricked them into giving him the last hit.

2) The overpowering trend of the important people around the MC in novels. We have learner that the MC's shifu had fused around 4 world's with the cultivation world, as such, she has cultivated to around 5 realms higher than the sainted realm and a level higher than the Cryptic realm. So, going by this logic and reasoning, the MC can stay on earth where he has fused 5 worlds with earth, and in less than a year (the same time frame where his shifu cultivated 5 levels), he should be able to catch up to his shifu, if not become a Lord Class combatant even without going into the tower. But the problem is that in the Suspended world, a world that has supposedly fused with dozens of world's, there is nobody that could cultivate above the Cryptic realm. As such, the Bai hua fairy should not have been able to cultivate to such a level with just 5 world's fused into one.

3) Not only that, MC's gf has gain too much power in too short of a time frame when the other person that has fused with the same system for several years hasn't gotten close her level.

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danish341 rated it
May 2, 2020
Status: c616
Important Note: This novel is not as simple as it seems from the description.

I will review it on the basis of chapters with some minor spoilers (that may not affect your reading experience in a -ve way).

(Starting 100 Chapters) : At the start of the novel, as you know the MC will start a new from traveling back to the past. There will be advanced technology like AIs along with the ancient cultivation techniques, formations, and similar things you usually see in the cultivation novels (It may look clashing... more>> somehow but you have to read a few chapters to get it clear). It will look like a wuxia novel 'where MC has a system attached to him' and has to explore something or to complete some requirements to Lvl up in terms of cultivation. But things will change as the plot goes on. The author's writing will take a huge 180 (in a positive way of course).


As there are two worlds, the Author may be introducing the MC as the strongest in the cultivation world and his original also known as 'Reality' but it is not that simple. And it will be somewhat clear in the latter part of my review's spoiler (I don't wanna ruin the read that's why I will keep it ambiguous like the author).


(101 - 400 Chapters) : In the beginning, it will look like the plot is going as it should have been. But the later part of these chapters is where some readers have to endure the repetitiveness or should I say the MC has no time for himself between the arcs but it's not like it is boring (it will just piss you off somehow). The minor reveals about the apocalypse will be in these chapters.


The most of the former strength of the MC will get revived (one part will be missing) and he is not the strongest among the characters till these chapters as the author always introduce ridiculously strong beings from time to time. You will have some ideas of some other worlds (like hell and heaven). Here is one thing I would say that 'never ever underestimate the MC's system no matter what or how may it look like' (it will be more clear in the next chapters).


(400 - 600 Chapters) : This is where the story starts to reveal it's cards. The story will become amazingly good as the story progresses from this point on. The whole idea of the 'worlds' will change and how they exist (up until 5oo chapters you will be underestimating it fully). The author has done some really hard thinking on it to make it more interesting and it is not an exaggeration (if something, then it will be something like 'underestimating' from what you can imagine). The arcs will become more meaningful with really major reveals of the apocalypse. The profoundness of the elements will get uncovered here to some extent.


There is one thing that I want to state and that is 'when you start to think you now know why this happened or you know the mystery behind it, that will be where you know nothing about it'. The story begins to take a turn to its original plot in the latter part of these chapters.



  • Action: It is quite well written indeed. The scenes created can be imagined well and the fighting will never be boring as the MC uses his whole mind (with logic of course) to win his battles (unlike the MCs where they risk to their lives and cultivation repetetively to win). The schemes he makes are pure class and the major factor to his victories and for the developmet of this novel of course. He is not only good with sword but also with formations and smithing.
  • Character Development: I can't say there is any major character development till now (as it is not especially focused on it and he is already the genius one from the very start) but his girlfriend 'Su Xuer' is some kind of cheat character and her character is what pisses off some readers from what I have read (she will look like a sweet girl in the starting chapters but it is not that simple).
  • Harem: The harem is not bad but the problem is with the time duration. They are not given much screen time (if you call it that, well whatever!).
  • Mystery and Supernatural: It is the genre which makes it more interesting. It is basically on equal terms with 'Action' genre. The elements introduced are not not much simple and not much complex but at the same time they have broader secrets.
  • Martial Arts: This genre is kind of a broad system. It is not like the martial arts you imagine when you read it. There are many disciplines hidden in this genre that readers may look forward to.
The system attached to him has many secrets but doesn't tell him for his own good (It is related to causality and the beings far stronger from one can imagine would sense him if he knows what he shouldn't at his powerlevel). But mostly, the system is a cheat (literally) when it comes to learning skills.

The translations' quality is good as well as the release frequency. The content quality gets better by the chapter although quite slow but you will enjoy this story. <<less
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AtnShadid rated it
May 2, 2020
Status: --
Extremely overrated. Why does he keep fighting those stronger than him when he can just cultivate calmly for a bit? Furthermore what is it with those females with High status falling in love with him? Like please...... Lastly, why does 99% of MC's of second chance apocalypse have such a sense of righteousness to help others on their planet?
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selfish rated it
April 15, 2020
Status: c579
awesome, blowing my mind at every turn, shattering expectation formed from reading all multitudes of cliche novels, must-read for every one, give it a try
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agniva rated it
March 20, 2020
Status: c1501
This is amazing! This is one of my top five fav Chinese online novels and I'm so happy that I found an English translated version. In my opinion, this novel is one of the best Chinese internet novels, for now, It's more 1300 chaps in Chinese and so far so good. Legends said that at about chapter 200, the Author got disliked so much then he put all his mind into this novel and it's become the best. By the way, thanks to the translator for your works.

There has been... more>> complaining of slow translation! are you serious that you think the release speed is slow? the translator is doing 2 a day and 4 on the weekends that's 18 chapters a week which is insanely good for a web novel translation that isn't done by an official website. this is the best translation speed I've ever seen on a none webnovel and wuxiaworld novel and it isn't even close.

AND There are like, 100 people who left bad reviews for this on novel updates who obviously didn't actually read it lol... you know I had been reading web novel for about 5 years right now
and this novel is one of the few new novels that got me hooked like my first time reading a novel online
so thank you for translating this translator

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Veresta rated it
March 13, 2020
Status: c484
Worth the read? Yes. Although, I feel that the novel has great potential but the author isn't able to utilize it fully. And I disagree to the one who said that this novel is worse than the garbage made by Mad Snail.

However there are glaring flaws for this novel

1. The author feels like he didn't play an MMO. There is the power in game called soul points and the MC is disregarding the limit of his soul points which looks like this 99/10. It's supposed to max like this 10/10 or it will surpass it only for a single time like 9/10 + 4 = 13/10 but it will be stuck there and can't be increased indefinitely. The author messed up with this kind of mechanics

2. The plot is divided by the 'reality' part and other world/game part. The problem with this kind of plot is in the long run, one side of this plot will become boring. And for this novel, I feel the 'reality' boring and it's just dragging the other plot. Add on that some filler arc about her side chicks and it can irritate you sometimes.

3. The first worlds that the MC interacted are just some dirt outside the last layer of universe. What happens is the MC travels to greater which makes the characters go by so fast and they aren't able to develop
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TerraEarth rated it
March 4, 2020
Status: c1
This novel is a frankenstein-esque mish-mash of just about every trope you can think of. Mecha, Sci-Fi, Cultivation, Game systems, RPG elements, Comedy, Horror, Modern-Era - the list goes on. Despite the sheer number of moving parts and the precarity of the premise, WAO is by far the most creative web-novel I've read to date.

Having read nearly 500 chapters, although the narrative falls into the occasional lull, the arcs never fail to disappoint and each continuation keeps the story fresh. The suspense, intrigue and tension builds up over time and... more>> I haven't had a single complaint regarding repetitiveness throughout the process to date - this aspect of WAO is an unprecedented feat for a cultivation CN and you'd be hard pressed to find its match.

The trials and tribulations that the main character, Gu Qing Shan, faces in this novel are mind-blowing and apocalyptic in scale (quite literally). It's impressive how this main character hasn't had a mental breakdown. If you're tired of reading novels where the main character is handed everything to him on a silver platter, look no further as this is a true story of blood, tears and wit. <<less
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phreakinsane rated it
February 19, 2020
Status: c472
The first 197 chapters were so good, I literally didn't put the book down for two days (unless I had to adult) to read it. There were a few minor contractions and plot holes but overall were really good. I dropped it for a bit shortly afterwards due to a major inconsistency that totally broke the story for me.


Once I gave it another shot I read non stop up to the current English translation. There were a few other highly annoying inconsistencies and plot holes, but with a little... more>> refinement this could easily be one of the greatest non fiction books I've ever read in my entire life.

Its almost perfect. I'm rating it 5 stars because I can't rate it 9/10, and the plot holes/ inconsistent logic aren't everywhere.

As a final comment, I don't think translation should have anything to do with a rating, but it's worth mentioning that a vast majority of this work is brilliantly translated, it does seem to be lacking a native English editor later on but not so bad that you can't understand it easily in most places. <<less
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Okuri Ookami
Okuri Ookami
January 9, 2020
Status: c1
I do not understand all the low star reviews, these are onvioobvi made by people who didn't even take the time to even digest what was actually going on.

I read a one star review saying he should immediately have gone into seclusion and he picked a fight with a young master upon returning. Wtf? That isn't even remotely what happened and makes this seem like one of those tr*sh face slapping novels that are the scourge of my reading experience.

I put off reading this because of comments like that and... more>> I feel like I should say that this is a very high quality novel. I was expecting sh*t but was met with a hidden gem.

The pacing, the plotting everything feels so well thought out and even the minor tropes aren't hard on the eyes.

In the beginning he was being set up had to bring it to light or he would have been placed in less than 0 standing when his starting point was already not the greatest.

The young master started with him. It wrapped up nicely and I have no complaints at all.

The characters are great, stand out and aren't just forgotten.

This author stays true to what a quality book should be. <<less
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Kotachua rated it
December 21, 2019
Status: c368
One of the best Chinese novel I have read thus far.
    • Above-average IQ MC
    • A wide, varied and interesting supporting cast that IS NOT THROWN AWAY (At least not yet)
    • Intriguing world-building that mishmashes top genres (Cultivation, Sci-Fi, Returner, Apocalypse)
    • A good returner plot mechanic usage, butterfly effect and whatnot. It is used well and helps to connect the two worlds together meaningfully.
    • Gripping storyline (Fast pace and not in the rinse and repeat kind of way. At least not yet)
    • Great translation quality (No obvious issues that I can notice thus far)
    • Fast translation release (2 per day)
All in all, this novel is definitely worth a read. Will update in the future if my feelings regarding this novel change.

[AS OF C368]
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