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The end of all worlds approaches.

The Demon King Order harvests lives from all manners of living beings.

Within this darkness full of despair,
A single person escaped from space-time, returned to before the world collapsed, determined to change the fate of the past.

But as time pass, he gradually finds out that the Apocalypse isn’t quite as simple as he thinks…

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All-Heaven Armageddon Online
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New expertsource10 rated it
September 7, 2019
Status: c85
It's mediocre.

It has lots of fillers, in which there's illogical and out of character behaviors and reactions, a princess illogically popping up anywhere the MC is, meaningless and pointsless lots of texts astrayed from the main plot, some nobles who are too adamant about to pick up with and kill the MC, a forced felt like love story, and the element of mecha in a cultivation novel is a turn off to me.

The main plot seems good, but these fillers above turns me off every time I start to enjoy... more>> the story, what a pity. <<less
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New introparadox rated it
September 5, 2019
Status: c100
By far one of the best novels I ever read, especially the pace its flowing like a river, you won't ever find yourself entangled with boredom, interesting things keep happening in both worlds with little necessary info dumping, if I have something to complain about, I gotta say the author's imagination is wild, get out of control. I got this feeling because the author didn't clear the limits of power of his original world, as of the cultivation world, super superpowers aren't my cup of tea, but that's obviously... more>> not a problem for the majority. <<less
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la0o9 rated it
August 14, 2019
Status: c1411
Hi, I'm the current translator for the novel. As the time of writing this, the novel's raws are at chapter 1411, and that's what I've read. This is my overall opinion on the novel, so please take it with a grain of salt, but know that it's good enough that I'm surprised no one has translated it before I did.

The positives:

+Overall, the real genre of the novel are Action and Comedy, while there are many more genres mixed in, the essence of it are Action and Comedy. There's going to... more>> be an abundant of comic relief, coming from every single character, even the most serious ones that you don't really expect to know how to crack a joke.

+Comedy is used as a sort of tool to break up the level of tension that's built up through the constant high-stakes action. And it's used in all the correct places, since I've not felt bored throughout the whole novel, no matter if it's the jaw-biting cliff hangers, or the occasional mini-filler arcs that lasts for 1-4 chapters at a time, mostly acting as world building (and trust me, with 1k4 worth of chapters, there's a LOT of filler arcs).

+Different from the normal brainless power-doping of the MC, this MC actually uses his head, a lot, like, 90% of the problems he solve he uses his head, 9% that he solved with violence, but actually couldn't be solved unless he used his head first, and a measly 1% where he just goes ham.

+There are many lovable and memorable side characters, many of which are actually just as clever if not more clever than our MC, and our MC is plenty clever, many of which manage to pull the rug under our MC without him knowing soon enough.

The negatives:

+The first 200-300 chapters are widely believed to be the worst part of the novel, as this is the author's first novel. It's filled with misinformation, details that would later be retcon-ed and typical Chinese novel troupes, which discourage many readers. This is the reason why I'm currently releasing 18 chapters a week, to try and leave the boring parts behind while quickly getting to the good parts.

+Our MC is almost always the weakest person in his environment, despite the fact that the resources he has makes him seem the like strong OP MC. So people who likes OP MCs that would steamroll through everything wouldn't find what they want here.

+Fast pace: there's almost always something happening. The author have used techniques to stop the pace from being too overwhelming, but if you're a reader that likes a slice-of-life plot, you won't find it here.

+The amount of fillers, despite the fact that this novel is so fast-paced you almost never see the MC take a rest, ever, the author still manage to sneak in plenty of filler arcs. Of course they're resolved quite quickly (1-4 chapters) and are written in such a way that people can enjoy, and not all of them are useless filler, but the readers don't quite know that until at least a dozen chapters later (sometimes hundreds). So some might be tempted to just skip fillers altogether, and miss details that would later become a crucial plot point.

tl;dr: I consider the novel to be one of the best in the Apocalypse genre, and a masterpiece in its own right, but it have its flaws and will not fit everybody. At the least, it'll be an enjoyable read to binge through once there's like 400-500 chapters (I'll try my best XD). <<less
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novaes rated it
August 12, 2019
Status: c48
EDIT, c48*: OK, the repeated arrogance and face slapping in this is super obnoxious. People are just throwing themselves at MC for the slightest reason. -1 star.

Judging by the reviews I thought this would be amazing, but it's really the same old chinese style novel, complete with arrogant young masters, "toad lusting after swan meat" quotes and all the other stuff you expect, often in a really contrived manner. Only the skin covering it is a mishmash of multiple genres. We currently have:

    • high-tech sci-fi
    • fantasy with demons and whatnot
    • cultivation
    • a system
    • devastating beauties getting involved with the MC
    • nobles and their noble bullsh*t you see in all these novels
    • lots more stuff that's spoiler territory so I can't mention it
It really is a giant soup made out of a whole load of genres. There's enough novelty to keep you reading, but it's nothing amazing so far (chapter 23). It does, however, lay it on thick at times, so don't go expecting some genre busting work of art that will blow your mind; It's just a fun story. As for whether or not it turns to crap in 100-200 chapters like 99% of all the other stories? Can't say. But you should expect CN/LN tropes, so don't get disappointed when the same old, tired tropes rear their ugly heads. Just roll with the punches.
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kkgoh rated it
August 30, 2019
Status: c110
Decent speed read if you have nothing better to do.
Basically a poorer xianxia version of "Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World" (2010) . With all the identical faults that other novel had and more. World building is pretty confusing and illogical. Chapters and chapters of pointless face-smacking.

MC Gu Qing Shan gets a second chance to time-travel to the past and save humanity against the invasion of dimensional traveling demonic races. He has to use his newfound god-level cheat skills to help a parallel xianxia world... more>> as the last dimensional bastion against the demonic race, while simultaneously defending his own dimension.


(1) Odd / poor world building
MC's current dimension is a technologically advanced civilization of humanity. Humans experience a constant dimensional shift (author's attempt to replicate the effect of an VRMMORPG) that allows them to access a parallel xianxia world where they have to work with the xianxia cultivators and fight against a demonic race... else once the xianxia world falls, the flood gates will open to MC's own dimension. Note that demons are already able to make "minor" raids into MC's current dimension.

The shift between the sci-fi and xianxia dimensions is really odd. No use of a "NerveGear", nada, just a random system prompt that happens. All system mechanics in the xianxia world follow gaming conventions.

The time dilation doesn't make any sense, the xianxia world is much faster where 1 day xianxia = 1 hr sci-fi.... going one way. Because you can only enter xianxia world after 1 day in sci-fi world, and no time dilation happens. i.e. 1 day sci-fi = 0 hr xianxia. Yup, I bet I just broke your mind there.

And yet somehow humanity just accepts all of this as a "game" until the government tells them later that it isn't a game. All humans can bring back inventory/skills/powers from the xianxia world to their current dimension and strengthen against demonic incursions. But nobody ever mentions about bringing technology from their current dimension to the xianxia world. Supposedly because modern tech is virtually useless against demons, and only xianxia powers work. WEIRD. So what's the point of writing about modern tech, spaceships, mecha, or random sci-fi jargon thrown around in the first 30 chapters??!
Did nobody think that modern tech has at least several supportive functions that might help? Communication tools? Satellites to detect maps and troop movements? A giant demon could smack down a flying communication talisman, but I'm pretty sure it can't block radiowaves? Heck they were even talking about how easy it was to stop enemy communication by SHOOTING DOWN A MESSENGER BIRD!

This incongruence, coupled with the fact that a random system interface with level up capabilities was suddenly applied across 2 different dimensions (one scientific one xianxia) makes absolutely no sense. No discussion about who the higher powers that gave these powers to humanity were either (as of Chap 110). People just accept it.

There are 4 basic classes with normal skills and growth skills, generally from levels 1-5, with growth skills supposedly being super amazing because they can break that limit. There is one class called "God's Chosen" that has random powers... makes no sense. That's not even a class anymore, that's a CLASSLESS category.

There are also cultivation levels that follow typical xianxia conventions (Qi Training - Formation - Golden Dan - Ascension.... you know the drill). And there are sublevels 1-7 or whatever for each level. But somehow it's easy to leap across entire realms and kill someone higher leveled. MC just straight up goes Rambo OP at the beginning, and starts killing monsters way past his level (Qi Training killing Golden Dan). Huh??

MC's cheat skill is also confusing and weird. He gains the abilities of the previous user of whatever weapon he pick up. Huh? He was already OP and a super skilled swordsman in his previous life. What's the point of becoming Legolas (bow) or a weapon master now? How does being an all-round expert fit into the greater narrative of saving humanity? This selfish power just makes ALL side characters completely irrelevant since MC can do anything/everything.
There's no I in TEAM. There's just Gu Qing Shan. Utterly stupid setup.

That said, I'm not sure why it took so long for someone to write a novel about a VMMORPG that's xianxia based, especially since "Rebirth of the Thief" was written way back in 2010. You would've thought Chinese authors would have done that by now, rather than keeping to a western-style RPG. Or maybe I haven't read enough chinese VMMORPG novels...

(2) Weak harem / cast of characters

Not sure what's the point of building a harem of beautiful women around the MC when he hardly pursues any love interest. That's just a pointless tease and distraction. Which is unfortunate because several of these female leads (the princess, his master, etc) actually have decent origin stories and personalities.

And as mentioned above, the entire cast is weakened because of MC's pointless superpower.

(3) Pointless battles

We have battles where MC is given strong weapons (a suped up bow), uses his cheat skill to learn suped up skills from the previous owner, and then kill demons in entirely different realms ALL THE TIME (Qi Training sniping Golden Dan). That's... 10-20 level difference?

In one chapter we have mechs and spaceships flying around with pointless infighting amongst humans in MC's dimension, and the difference comes down to minute technological superiority.
In the next chapter we have Saint level human completely destroying half a dozen other Saint level demons with a wave of her hand. The dichotomy between science and xianxia is just ridiculous and poorly balanced. If they can't be reconciled well enough, what's the point of even having a difference?

There are tons of other novels out there that have written about different dimensions co-existing (sci-fi vs mystical) and powers/levels that balanced. Best example is "The Ultimate Evolution", where different movie worlds had completely different systems (scifi, magic, mystic, etc) but the character stats worked out well.
There are also popular strategy games with this kind of background (Starcraft's Terrans/Zerg/Protoss, Endless Legend's 14 different factions with their own unique powers, etc). And yet the author can't handle 3 different factions (2 humans 1 demonic).

Other reviewers have noted that the novel supposedly gets better after a couple of hundred chapters, but I doubt any reader is willing to wait that long if it started out that bad in the beginning. I'm not sure how the world building and structural problems mentioned before can actually be retconned/fixed. If I'm mistaken, please send me a message. I'll edit my review if needed. I'm guessing the pointless face-smacking and snobby Chinese nobility will disappear at least. <<less
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easygoing rated it
August 14, 2019
Status: C990
Of all the going back in time to pre-apocalypse novels I've seen, this one has the most solid start with the most coherent plot

Solid 4.5/5

The only problem I have with the story so far is the earth sequences tend to be really over the top, not nonsensical but pretty unbelievable

... more>>

Edit ch 990

3/5 for me at this point, if I have time I'll come back to it later but I don't feel like sinking more time into the story when it still feels like the author has no idea of what he wants to do with it.

The good

- characters have some funny moments

-side characters aren't all one dimensional accessories to the protagonist

-MC usually wins major victories in interesting ways

The bad

-the world building, everything about it is random, MC goes to try to repair his sword? Better make it a 300 chapter arc where I introduce and invalidate 2 major groups of enemies and rewrite the world structure

MC needs to build an entire world inside of himself for some reason? Two incredibly vague chapters

Enemies are introduced as unbeatable God level threats and quietly swept aside to make room for new metavillians seemingly on a whim, why build up actual tangible villains with their own established factions when you just randomly expand the universe on a whim to create new enemies and then rewrite the old enemies as joke level fights.
- The power structure

The author points out constantly how power in the world is more rock paper scissors then it is one size fits all, not everyone cultivates etc etc, but offers 0 explanations for how everyone else gets stronger if they don't cultivate, or any type of power divisions beyond mentioning the cultivation realms once, it's impossible to have any tangible grasp of how strong the MC is 99% of the time and when we do know you better believe the author is about to expand the world and make him an ant that runs around avoiding all the invincible new guys

- The MC is always right, plot armor isn't always super heavy but you notice after awhile that seemingly every random decision really gets squeezed to the extreme to praise and benefit the mc

Kill some random on the way to the land of the dead?
Oh you freed my spirit have a reward

Refuse to give up the armor?
Oh I would have betrayed you anyways if you had

Repair the random sword instead of doing the easier smarter task of getting another one first?
Oh it's the secret super god tier sword despite no prior indication

Choose to upgrade your stun every single time you get a chance at a new random magical power for no overt reason?
Okay we'll give you a secret sword technique to actually make that stun useful and now you're a God if you get near anyone

- romance, 950 chapters in the author points out the MC has spent less than a day with two of the "main girls" and yet they seem to be willing to chase and throw themselves at him despite not seeing him for years at a time, honestly it's more like a Japanese harem protagonist than anything at this point with the only woman who is consistently around him being his anthropomorphic swords

-cultivation, this ties into power systems but seriously bugs me unto itself, everyone constantly jumps in power for seemingly no reason, there's a point where the MC trains for years and years in an alternate past universe, comes out and is barely stronger than his friends/the girls

Why? For that matter why can the MC jump major level to level to level at times then go hundreds of chapters at one level and never even considers cultivating, theres seemingly no thought put into it at all half the time

Overall the story feels like the author didn't plan anything out past 50 chapters and he let's his imagination run away from him regardless of how well it fits in the established plot, and instead of trying to tie anything up, he's more interested in constantly adding in higher civilizations and power systems to throw the MC in, which is fun for awhile but gets tedious fast.


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IronValkyrie10126 rated it
July 28, 2019
Status: c8
From what I have read so far, this seems to be extremely good and leave you wanting more. Instead of it being a game MC travels to another world that's real. He can travel to both his reality and the other world bringing skills and equipment into his "reality". I can't wait to see how this novel plays out.
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kukurisempai rated it
July 28, 2019
Status: c86
For what I could read, it sounds interesting. Not the classical troupe of 'I lost everything and now I will stack resources and save all my close people'. The concept that the apocalypse begins in a game and spreads to reality sounds good, as he can't directly affect humanity and will be probably thought of as a NPC. As there are so little chapters there is no guarantee how it will end this novel, but for now I give four stars.

EDIT: So I was wrong. He can travel between reality... more>> and the "game".

The only turndown is that it seems to be a harem, but it's a personal issue and honestly I wouldnt be so surprised, after all like 99% of chinese novels are harem, and this seems good enough to gloss over the matter.

I keep the four stars, as he seems to become overpowered way too fast, but I have no other qualms (*cough*harem*cough*). Truthly hope he won't become an a***ole who keeps collecting women like pokemons. <<less
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BumChikiBum rated it
August 8, 2019
Status: c1084
Somehow the description is different with the one I read. But, whatever. It summed up everything about this novel. Now, let me make a much longer description for you to really understand what's this novel about.

You have an MC, he was one of last survivors of apocalypse in his world which directed by an extraordinary game-like system. Against all odds, he powered up to the peak of his world, but sadly, it was still not enough for him to survive. His enemy were demons, much powerful demons. Their power were... more>> out of his world. No one could stop them from invading his world. Finally, he - along with other survivor- had no other choice but to sacrifice themselves to kill one of the most powerful demon. In the end, he died.

Suddenly, he got reincarnated just months before apocalypse began. Somehow, he could came to another world to level up. Somehow, he got one of the most powerful system to help him sped up his cultivation progress and helped him directing the plots based on his memory of the past.

But, after he directed plots differently from the past. MC realized that, this was not normal game-like apocalypse thing. It was not only his world that faced apocalypse and, his enemy was not as simple as demons.

Now, the + and - of this novel:

(+) Things:

    • The battles are superbly written. You can easily imagine whatever the author wrote in the battle scenes.
    • The plots are so unusual compared to other novels. It's all about apocalypse, but it's not that simple as other apocalypse novel.
    • Rather than powerful, you can feel how weak the MC is whenever he levels up, why? Because his enemies are always much powerful than him.
    • Then, how does MC beat his enemies? He uses tricks and calculations, sometimes system helping him calculate things.
    • There are more than cultivation things here. Magic, Mecha, Modern World, Ancient World, System, Wizard, all of them are included in here.

(-) Things:

    • I just don't like how Author always spent almost 1 - 2 chapters on harem-related things. (I know it was important as to show the readers harem member's feeling on MC and their struggled to accept reality that MC had more than 1 lover) Still, It's just waste of time for me. Often, I skipped this.
    • His companion even after reincarnated are so weak.

Finally, I really recommend this novel as it has different vibe than other chinese novel out there. A really underrated novel. Deserve more recognition. Should be top 10 in NU all-time ranking in terms of quality.

P.S: I'd rather call this novel "All-heaven Armageddon Online". Why? Because it sounds cool, isn't it? <<less
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Ner0 rated it
August 4, 2019
Status: c28
Good novel to read for entertainment.

It's fun to read and the story pace is fast so you don't have time to get bored.

MC got the knowledge of 10 years into the future so he's a genius, doing shocking, impressing things under people eyes but it's not extreme so it's pleasant to read.

Definitely a novel I would recommend (which I did) and eager to read the next chapters.

Thank you translation team for the hard work!
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August 4, 2019
Status: c1330
This Novel definitely holds the top position in the Apocalypse tag. Though the first 200 chapters don't stand out must compare to many other novels since it's the author's first. But then the story only gets better and better after each arc. Let me make it clear about some element that may confuse readers:
First, there is no game world. Everything is real, so do not think that the game is unbalanced or something.

Second is that the system of the MC in his second life unique. Its origin is only... more>> explained after about 1000 chapters and it is very different from the system of his past life.

Then, about the power level, there are limitless classes in this novel such as duelist, cultivator, fighter, seer,... and it is always updated (The MC is a Sword cultivator and so far this system has 22 levels) so there is just beatable or unbeatable enemy, later is killable or unkillable.

And finally, although this has harem tag, the MC doesn't even have time to sleep much less flirting, and the time he spends with each girl can be counted with hour.

I must say that this novel brings fresh air to the Apocalypse genre and is a must read for Apocalypse genre fan. <<less
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Blood-Lust rated it
August 19, 2019
Status: C505
Wow just wow, the tler is doing some good work picking this beauty up, caught up and decided to read lmntl and it doesn't make sense (good way. Kept checking chapters after a while cause each chp feels like 2. The world building etc is on point and I don't even think I noticed a filler till like 200+ cause the way the story is built just flows so well. It's definitely a good contender with the world online, lords empire, rssg etc

Edit: first 200-300 were really good but then... more>> has boring mini arc and a good one but the next arc 400ish to 500 was like ur typical wuxia novel, a massive pain to read and continue after and the arc after u couldn't get into <<less
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nguoibiansit rated it
August 3, 2019
Status: c1392
This review maybe have mayne fails about grammar and words, sorry people.

It has a other ver of other language. I dont know the spd story of this ver. But in my ver, u should read about 200/1392 chapters (the day I write this review) to know that this book is a very very very good book.

Main character (mc) doesnt have his harem in this ver of him (?). Oh, he is busy with the end of world, so he doesnt have time to interested with girls, although he still have... more>> relationship with this girls. <<less
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