World-shaking First Daughter: Powerful Medical Princess


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Introduction: Su Muge, a God’s favored girl in the medical community, became an ugly girl due to time-space travel. Her father disliked her and her mother was too cowardly to protect her! Xia Houmo, a lonely wolf who was haughty and ever triumphant in battlefield, was asked by the emperor to marry a useless and ugly girl! On their wedding day, there was an assassin and he took her as a shield, as a result, she was wounded. Su Muge smiled slightly with crimson eyes, “Xia Houmo, I owed you, and I pay you now.” Seeing her red blood, his heart hurt… “Su Muge, you owed me too much and you must pay me birth after birth!” The heroine was not beautiful and not omnipotent, but she had golden light and magic hand.

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hithere rated it
March 30, 2020
Status: c31
Regardless the currently relatively slow translation speed, this is the best out of the 30+ Romance novels I've read.

I like this female lead, Su Muge, a pretty cute and clever girl. Funny plots always make me laugh out loud.

By the way, the cover of this novel is very beautiful.

I give it a 5 stars and hope it can keep updating!
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Honey B
Honey B rated it
June 7, 2020
Status: c193
At first, I enjoyed this because the MC isn't the typical arrogant OP FL. She has compassion. However, other than her medical skills, she doesn't have any self-protective instincts even after ALL the schemes against her. And that's why I'm done with this novel. Not even one scheme ends and another one begins. It's endless! And it wouldn't f*ck with my head so much if she stopped being so gullible and trusting people she just met.

... more>>

She's been accused of pushing people in the water before, yet still hangs around with a princess she barely knows and what do you know, she gets accused again!!


And that's just one example. I got tired of the same schemes and the same accusations to the point I'm now rolling my eyes. EVEN THE PRINCE TOLD YOU TO NOT GO WITHOUT GUARDS!!! 😫 And that's another thing


With all the guards she had been assigned so far THEY ARE NEVER THERE WHEN SHE NEEDS THEM. EVER! SO WHAT THE F*CK IS THE POINT OF HAVING THEM?!? 🤬


FORGET IT!! 😠 <<less
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Beccablue rated it
March 31, 2020
Status: c19
The story might get better, but at CHAPTER 19, the only things that have happened are things that made me angry. Not a single moment to make me want to keep reading. Its like eating a meal you don't like, hoping that you might get a dessert at the end. Not sure if the rest will be worth the continued annoyance.

The translation quality is good though.
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Fictionaddiction rated it
May 23, 2020
Status: c80
This review is based on the free chapters I could access on Tapread, till ch 80.

The premise is a cliche a doctor from the 21st century dies and is transmigrated into the past in the body of a girl considered ugly bec. She has a huge birthmark on her face and although born from the first wife her standing is low bec. Her mother is a country bumpkin. She goes out, saves people, Some handsome guys.. And you feel good. The characters aren't a lot so you don't remember who's... more>> who in a while. The names weren't complicated as well.

The story though is very good and enjoyable bec.

1-MC isn't a cold blooded shark who views ancient people like maids and those who harm her as a fun torture 7000 ch+face slapping objects.

She doesn't kill anyone, demands for corporal punishments and saves many people with her medical skills without demanding they give her their weight in gold even though she could use the money.

She's no saint but she is just a normal person who you can empathize with.

Despite her perceived birthmark being ugly she goes out without covering her face saying there is no shame in it.

I'll give a spoilerific summary for the 80 chapters I've read in case anyone wants it:


After the MC is reincarnated, she has to deal with an Evil step mother and sister who torment her and her real mother. Of which she deals with each situation in a non exaggerated way and doesn't try to kill them-have them gang raped etc..

Her mother just gave birth and her grandma in the country side fell and needs to be tended, so the MC goes in her place. The step mother arranges for her to be raped by her coachmen and she manages to escape, goes into a temple where she meets the 1st ML.

She discovers him hugging her while she is feverish and asleep and tries to get him off her. She discovers he is poisoned and injured. So she offers to treat him, the herbs aren't enough. But she discovers a cheat she can heal with her hands any open wounds once a day.

She cures him and manages to get some of his poison into her.

She goes to her grandma and treats her injuries.

One the way back she runs into a sick high class woman which she disguised as a young boy offers to treat. After the treatment is done she requests as a favor that the woman takes her back to her home and state that she was with her the whole time as payment for saving her life.

The woman agrees and does that, The step sister gets angry bec. The woman is the grandmother of her crush. And now she thinks badly of her and her mother.

The MC goes to treat the old lady for a couple of times in her mansion where the step sister's crush starts to feel her special despite her birth mark which everyone is freaked out about.

Her scum father disappears on his way to a natural disaster county, and she afraid of familial punishments bestowed by the emperor. Goes to the area disguised as him.

This Arc is really nice as she tends to the patients and organizes things while everyone admires her and ask wither this official was always this good?

She meets the ML where he is a prince (or king's bro) sent for disaster relief as well. He is intrigued by her and follows her around while treating patients.

Once she puts on a surgical gown and has an assistant wear one too, but before the assistant can get in the operation room, the prince holds him by the nape. Takes over his surgical gown and goes in himself.

Another nice moment was when the MC was pretty stressed about the natural disaster and the presence of the ML and told him they needed to discuss plans. So they go into his office where he leisurely sits and sips tea with a nonchalant attitude, Until she starts talking important business. Of which he abruptly puts down the tea cup and is all ears. After she finishes she grabs his entire tea cup to drain. And leaves!

When her father does come back there is no revenge or whatever, he gets credit for the flood relief while gives her credit for treating patients bec. He's afraid anyone is gonna ask him about it.

She communicates with her step sister's crush to tell him when to sell certain medicines and he is grateful and thinks about her more often.


Overall I enjoyed this kind of story with a sane, and nice MC and a likable ML for a change. <<less
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