World-shaking First Daughter: Powerful Medical Princess


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Introduction: Su Muge, a God’s favored girl in the medical community, became an ugly girl due to time-space travel. Her father disliked her and her mother was too cowardly to protect her! Xia Houmo, a lonely wolf who was haughty and ever triumphant in battlefield, was asked by the emperor to marry a useless and ugly girl! On their wedding day, there was an assassin and he took her as a shield, as a result, she was wounded. Su Muge smiled slightly with crimson eyes, “Xia Houmo, I owed you, and I pay you now.” Seeing her red blood, his heart hurt… “Su Muge, you owed me too much and you must pay me birth after birth!” The heroine was not beautiful and not omnipotent, but she had golden light and magic hand.

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New Beccablue rated it
March 31, 2020
Status: c19
The story might get better, but at CHAPTER 19, the only things that have happened are things that made me angry. Not a single moment to make me want to keep reading. Its like eating a meal you don't like, hoping that you might get a dessert at the end. Not sure if the rest will be worth the continued annoyance.

The translation quality is good though.
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New hithere rated it
March 30, 2020
Status: c31
Regardless the currently relatively slow translation speed, this is the best out of the 30+ Romance novels I've read.

I like this female lead, Su Muge, a pretty cute and clever girl. Funny plots always make me laugh out loud.

By the way, the cover of this novel is very beautiful.

I give it a 5 stars and hope it can keep updating!
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