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Year 2140, the world is full of superpowers.
Those who can create fire.
Those who can create water.
Those who use supernatural power.
Those who use sorcery.
And the only one without powers
Originally, he should be weak.
But somehow, he is—-considerably strong.

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Cellan rated it
September 4, 2017
Status: c20
Like another reviewer said, I found this story very reminiscent of One-Punch Man. However, saying it has more emotion and story is a euphemistic statement at best. One-Punch Man itself is a parody, and thats what made it funny and great to read. Novels like this and its ilk really are just pale imitations of parodies, and it becomes easy to realize when you see the harem, the rom-com, the MC wanking worship... they try to play off the comedic factor of the MC being able to destroy the most... more>> powerful foes in the world in the middle of their introduction or while yawning and humorously disregarding their opponent and couple it with the rom-com high school harem factor, and it just doesn't work, instead just becoming a cringe-fest that I can't stand to read. I forced myself to read up to chapter 26 because of the respect I had for the TL for translating Kumo Desu ga a while back, but couldn't bear to read anymore. This novel is the epitome of 'MC wanking', maybe around the level of Magi's Grandson. It's clear this novel was written for people who just want to fulfill some wish fulfillment fantasies but lack the imagination to do it themselves. I'm very sensitive to how much 'MC wank' is enough and how much is over the top, and this novel overdoes it to the point where it just becomes painful to read. It basically takes all the cliches from all the harem and OP MC novels and smashes them together. I will elaborate specifically what I don't like about this novel.


In an era, where practically everybody has a superpower and non-black colored hair being an indication of that, our MC is nicknamed 'The black king' because despite his apparent lack of a power coupled with his black hair, he can easily beat up over 100 people who possess powers. Despite being recorded on his status screen as having the lowest status values (I think, not too sure about this part, but I'll be damned if it isn't true), he is actually "Black Pandora", the strongest of the four strongest power wielders in the world known as the 'Absolutes.' His little sister is actually rank 4 and exists, like the rest of his harem and friends, as a jobber, only existing to highlight how godly the MC is. Now I know many novels are like this, but for some reason, this novel seems to obnoxiously remind us every chapter how great our MC is and how the little sister is like, "compared to you I'm nothing... ", and "being told how strong I am from someone as godly like you doesn't make me happy... " She also needs to remind every beautiful girl how great the MC is and how hard it is to see the MC's greatness and if you can even see how great the MC is, that makes you qualified to get f**ked by him. Meanwhile the MC is like "meh... duhhh... I like shampoo... I have to collect every shampoo bottle and love them like my girlfriends!" The author was obviously desperate to give the MC some redeeming trait or feature that would entertain readers like Saitama's baldness from OPM, and ended up making him a shampoo obsessed fanatic. In my opinion, this was such superficial and contrived way of giving characterization and shows how the author was trying too hard to be innovative. Enough about the insipid MC for now, first up is 1st harem girl. She's an exchange student with a B rank in taijutsu, which is enough to make her a prodigy (MC is above S), and she can see 'souls' (the bigger the soul is, the stronger the person is). She is staying at the MC's house for lodging during her exchange stay and when she sees a training room underground the MC's house and sees MC is more athletic than her despite being powerless, she decides to call him 'Master.' I'm sure you can see the cliche coming, on her first day of class:

"[Nice to meet you! I'm Komauchi Karen, 16 years old, and I came from Sendai! I'm now staying in Master's house!]


And everyone is looking at MC with jealousy blah blah blah the usual cringe sh*t. She then falls in love with MC a couple of chapters later, but it wasn't as excruciating to read as everything else so I'll disregard it for now. Remember how I said she can see souls? When she met the MC's sister, who is the known as the 4th strongest power user in the world, she was shocked because she thought sis was a monster. When she saw MC, she didn't see any soul, so she thought he was a ghost. Guess what? Turns out, as the end of her exchange stay came and she was on the airplane back home, she saw a soul the size of the entire town in the shape of a cross and remembered when little sis was like "[Un! Nii-san... stronger than me! I can't win no matter what!]" and shocked because Master so strong. By the way that sentence what the sister said is interchangeable with everything she says in the novel, it's seriously disgusting how the author makes her exist to to glorify the MC. It's kind of like how Miyuki never wastes a chance to praise Tatsuya for those of you who have read MKNR, except much more over the top, like fifty times worse. The point where I had to drop this novel was when the second girl showed up. Second girl is a member of the special forces who admires the "King of Black Coffin" like her idol, which is another name of Black Pandora's. Black Pandora apparently has pure white hair, and cheat-like powers, which is completely unlike our MC who has black hair and no powers, so when second girl sees MC file, she gets pissed and wants to kill him because, I dunno he's kind of like a fake or mockery of her idol or something? So when she tells her boss she wants the visit him, he's like okay, "but don't anger the black-haired boy." This is basically where I dropped the novel because I knew what was gonna come next. She is gonna confront MC, try to kill him, get overpowered by MC with one finger and reading manga at the same time, find out MC is her idol via sister, cry, apologize, and instantly fall in love because of how MC could beat her up with one finger while farting and reading manga, take off her clothes and try to wash MC's back with her breasts in the bath, and wake up naked in the same bed in front of people who are gonna remark how jealous they are and MC is gonna say "This is a misunderstanding!" and girl is gonna say "You were so rough last night!", conveniently omitting how they were actually training together in the underground gym and not f**king.


Seriously, this novel is cliche to the point of one dimensional predictability and honestly, I'm shocked the novel has a 4.2 star review. I don't intend to sound like I have superior taste in novels, nor do I mean my words in a condescending manner of people's tastes. But compared to some of the other novels of this genre, I find this novel sorely lacking, and to be honest, kind of an insult considering a few of my top novels have a rating comparable or even lower than this one. Maybe some people will say that I haven't read enough chapters to make such a determinate review, but I disagree. Although I can't say for sure how the plot will go, the basic essence stays the same: Introduce girl, look down on MC, MC shows strength, girl falls in love. While many novels follow this template, it's the execution of this cliche that makes or breaks the novel's success or appeal and in my mind, this novels has one of the worst executions of this standard template that I have ever seen.

Story - (2/5) Nothing original, but it's not terrible, which isn't saying a lot.

Characters - (1/5) Every character either exists to glorify the MC or to fall in love with him, development is minimal, superficial at best, only used to widen characters eyes at how great the MC is.

Overall - (2/5) While this novel is terrible in the way it just makes me cringe even worse every chapter and remind me how I would dress in all black and pose in front of a mirror with a BB gun or foam Katana in middle school, it's not bad to the degree where I can call it complete garbage. Objectively, this is the highest score I can give and if I was being subjective, I would just give this a 1/5 without question. I can imagine what kind of people would give this a 5/5 and to be honest, I can sort of sympathize, in that many of us turn to novels to escape our powerlessness and lack of whatever it is that makes us feel deprived or empty in real life, but this novel is just not for me. <<less
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Sketchman rated it
June 8, 2017
Status: c10
For now, the plot is the generic "special snowflake unique MC with an OP and somewhat secret power lives in a world where everyone has powers".

Although the premise is not very creative, the novel has a slight "one-punch man goes to high-school and is not underestimated" kinda vibe. So, it might be worth to at least read the first few chapters.

The translation quality is medium-good (no systematic errors and the text is easy to understand), and the chapters are short, so it won't take more than 1 hour even to... more>> a slow reader to see if they like the novel. I don't particularly have many expectations, but I'll lurk around to see how the novel goes.

Just one thing, it would be nice if someone who has read ahead (translator?) could add a few more tags and genres. Another (better) summary would also do wonders to make more people interested. <<less
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Ignus rated it
October 8, 2017
Status: c5
Really wanted to get into this story. Sadly it suffers like many, where it would be better as a manga/webtoon.

You can sense the author thinking up the next drawn panel in the story, then turning it into words. Meaning that the story is kind of bare-bone.

It has some of the same overused and tired troupes, with loli sister joking about MC being a pervert, and spending more time describing about a meal than the game elements/action/world.

... more>> This story is not the worst in this case, but it is still there.

Note: You can see the opposite in some of the manga's made from light novels, where the manga can't fit in all the story found in the light novel. This is the opposite. <<less
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falcon010 rated it
June 25, 2017
Status: c14
This is kind of amusing. More like, One Punch Man with more emotion and story.

the lore of the world is depicted a lot more than in One Punch Man.

Altho the plot is kind of bland, just the usual "OP MC in world full of super-power". The character developement is not the worst.

If you are serious about Novel, then this is not for you. This novel suits better for those who have nothing to do and want to just read something with pure curiosity and no hard-thinking bout the lore and... more>> important events.

5/10 from me. <<less
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Setra rated it
September 4, 2017
Status: c34
It was good for the first few chapters and then romcom harem story start kicking in. The actions is still enjoyable though.

The premise is kinda formulaic, something that's fairly popular pre-isekai booming. Main character is someone powerful in the past, due to some reasons he has his power sealed, there's battle academy and harem.

The story itself, well, aside from harem, is actually enjoyable, no scene that stupid enough to make me banging my head against the wall. If anything, the side characters not that fleshed out. Also, I'm still figuring... more>> how's the ranking works, there's alphabetical rank for taijutsu and ability, and people's rank in government (?). There's also level-like battle rank, in numbers, it's confusing tbh. <<less
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