World of Warcraft: Foreign Realm Domination


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Xiao Yu, who was a student from modern Earth, accidentally transports to another world and becomes the lord of a territory. Facing an unfavorable situation, he vows to take back his family business, build his new territory, kill all of those who covet his wealth, and dominate the world!

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mechafanboy rated it
July 29, 2017
Status: c49
This is a pretty subpar quality novel in general.

First up, the MC generally isn't likeable or arguably consistent in his actions. He firstly berates his past body's owner for being a fool and squandering what he had, a lot of which was due to doing useless things and perversion. Well... he stopped doing useless things for the most part but kept all the perversion.... Arguably even moreso than before. I don't mind raunchy, I mind the MC saying he's more saintlike than the former owner and then just doing the... more>> exact same thing.

Secondly, I'd like to talk about the characters, except there's been none. Just 5 beautiful ladies, a handful of Warcraft puppets and..... that's about it really, none of them have any character at all since they do exactly what you'd expect from them, the ladies get angry and are used for pe*verted matters, the Warcraft puppets basically fight.

Which goes onto the next problem, don't read the novel due to liking warcraft lore, there's basically none here, in fact everything is only loosely based off the warcraft lore and there's very arbitrary changes such as changing the gender (or rather making new units) from the Elven faction, random abilities being swapped around for heroes. Even upgrades for weaponry seem to work differently from the game. It's best to treat the novel as "based on" Warcraft lore moreso than having anything to do with it. Perhaps even more annoyingly as a former WC3 fan, the novel tries to highlight that MC is a former WC elite player but none of the tactics he employs during the fights thus far would even remotely work in WC3! It's frustrating for him not to try and harass units using hunters (male huntresses....), or know that Archmagi's most basic starting spell is Water Elemental for tanking damage since mana regens faster than free troops. All of the tactics proposed so far have a high element of risk and mostly work due to the author, moreso than being an actual strategy. Annoys the heck out of me since several points during the storyline, the MC is said to have good insight into what to do because "he came from the future"... Sorry no, he's wayyy too childish for that to even work out.

The logic of the world is also incredibly questionable, bandits having an absolutely ridiculous amount of wealth and troops. The combined wealth of a noble family which it's assets mostly drained is 41, 000. Randomly pillaging robbers in his territory magically nets him several dozen times that amount of cash. In fact, the first small camp he raided gave him 100, 000. That doesn't make sense to me that he's allowed to hold land with so little money. The setting makes even LESS sense when the primary antagonist (thus far) also mentions that he wants to take over a neighbouring prefecture in the same dynasty.... I'm sorry what? What country allows it's nobles to control enough army to actually take over neighbouring prefectures. That's basically ASKING for a civil war to happen. It. Doesn't. Make. Sense.

Sigh... all this aside, there's a reasonably good setting in play, mixing up all of the WC races together is always fun to see.... That's... basically about it though.... a giant promise of "it might be good, if the author doesn't mess things up"... except from what I've been reading, author's been messing up pretty badly. <<less
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skyleven7 rated it
August 27, 2017
Status: c200
In all honesty this novel had an interesting plot but there's so many reasons which makes it not enjoyable leaving only sour taste....

  • MCs personality is totally inconsistent. He acts like your general Chinese who goes by saying if you respect me I respect you twice and if you bully I bully you twice.... Well this MC is just an hypocrite. The undead hero he summoned gave his true loyalty have all his support to him and yet only got seclusion in retrospect. Really pitiful guy! Even to the end it will be same according to spoilers.
  • All characters don't have any depth to them no background no story no emotions just respect of love for MC for no reason at all.
  • Author don't know what romance is at all, talking about giving freedom to choose to his women is his so called love. Pretty dumb because all of his girls don't seem to be shackled or bothered at all, no matter what and he's still selling giving them their fate to decide to them... Like what?
  • Harem.... Only character (female) that author managed to give some depth to was the female hero sadly she's not even harem member and leaves behind MC in the end. This novel thoroughly disappoints reader in harem section. Also he can't even touch his main wife since she's possessed and gets attacked by her... Seriously?
  • MC is shown to be a complete pe*vert in beginning but later on acts gentlemanly in front of girls. Peeping your sister in law's isn't something I would say is good. More so if you do it even after getting a wife.
  • Wars, all wars get a plot Armor MC basically don't face any problem in wars author tries to cover it up by naming and using few strategies from modern world. But well strategies from modern world are plot Armor too, right? He gets just the right troop he would need to deal with his enemy even in unexpected situations leaving it really dull and point of using strategies if used at all becoming a waste.
overall - if you can ignore all these things this novel would be pretty enjoyable to you. If you can't then it's waste of time.
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Kurumekun rated it
September 24, 2017
Status: --
UGHH!! I have fun on reading this from the start but now....

... more>>

The way author writes about romance is too bad. Especially in terms of the MC and his own fiancee. BECAUSE the MC just take care of her a little she's already falling in love, WHAT THE FREAK!!.. BECAUSE GIRLS DOESN'T FALL IN LOVE THAT EASILY, I've been doing that for many years but STILLL *heart ache*


Well even though the author sucks in romance but the way MC behave in battlefield is well-played. I wonder if he could level up if he personally kill a monster? or could he only level up by winning a war? <<less
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Salokin rated it
November 10, 2017
Status: c172
"Junk Food for the soul"

The MC is so inconsistent and doesn't seem to follow any kind of character development that some one should diagnose him as either a hypocrite or a schizo. I am not one to turn away from a 'harem-seeking pe*vert MC' as a nice change from the socially inept MCs of other stories, yet this guy is just... all over the place. Depending on who he is talking to he can be a raving psychopath, peeping h**ny 13year old, someone who absolutely respects women, or someone who... more>> thinks nothing of threatening women with r*pe.

While the "romance" isn't supposed to be the main plot of the story, the "Empire Building" is little more than a one chapter blerb of something happening 'off screen'.

Some of the 'young masters' (Who exist to get their come-upance) are actually more relatable than the MC through shear consistency alone.

TLDR: Yet another story where the MC is an unlikable, inconsistant, bastard, but everyone else around him is so much worse you'll give him a pass.

I want to say there was a good story here, but the fact that it was a serialized "X-ammount of characters a week" webnovel format kills it. If this author had given a rewrite or a good editor (the whole paper-back novel treatment) this could have been an awesome story. <<less
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Sorata rated it
August 16, 2017
Status: c61
This is a splendid novel but it deserves 1 star, why? 'Cuz of MC, he's the worst MC I ever see, he's too full of himself he hasn't achieved anything yet he goes around call himself a king. He is pe*verted but he's even worse than pe*verted MC from Japanese novel. They don't drool just by looking at women, they don't force themselves on women nor force women to do sth she don't want either, but this guy drools just by looking at women. When an innocent girl saw a... more>> cute animal and tried to play with it but found him looked at her with indecent eyes while drooling so she gave him a slap but this guy went mad and used bodyguards to beat the crap out of her threatened her to become his maid and forced himself on her... oi is that sth u do to an innocent young girl just bcuz she wants to play with cute animals ? This guy has no potential to be a MC at all. Author deserves a beaing for writing such a good novel with a MC with shitty personality <<less
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serguis rated it
October 26, 2017
Status: c61
Probably one of the most disappointing novels I have ever read.

At first the WOW element make it interesting however, this is actually a trap since there are no real links to WOW excepts the puppets names.

The MC act always like to say that his "reincarnation" made him smarter, more mature, etc. Than others but he actually is just like your usual pe*verted, slow and slightly s*upid teenager.

... more>> This novel is literally a waste of time.

I finally found a novel which can really kill my brain. Stay away from it if you want to stay as smart as you currently are. <<less
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Bearcat rated it
September 8, 2017
Status: c125
Man, I'm pissed. We finally get a fanfic from the WC universe and the Chinese author utterly wastes his opportunity by writing like a 4th grader.

Translator, just so you know, you're a boss. Nothing against you at all but this story is a lump of potential that never gets released, if you know what I mean. The writing style is overly simplistic and really lacks any sort of descriptive finesse. The main protag is a deplorable wretch whose similarities to a beta JP MC had me double-checking the origin of... more>> this story multiple times. The author makes some nonsensical changes to the game system, like that's going to cover him from Blizzards legal team after he straight plagiarizes the names of Grom Hellscream and Tyrande.

Okay, that's enough ranting. Honestly, it did do one thing great, and that's the reason I made it to 125. It makes your imagination grind into gear. Like a nasty ass spawning pool, it allows you to birth something wonderful on the imagination side from what is otherwise a slimy, oozing cesspool. Now, all we have to do is sit around and wait until a bored Chinese George RR Martin clone comes out of the woodwork and decides to write a WC3 litrpg fanfic. Cheers mates. <<less
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July 17, 2017
Status: --
First Impression Chapter 6

Mc's personality:



Character of the invocations:

Without personality

Bad points

-MC pe*vert and I think s*upid


When you play warcraft and move the heroes or npc, you realize that they have a personality an example:

Gromm: every time he moves he feels in the sentences that he releases, that he does this because he's going to fight and in the campaign it's where you feel him the most.

When I compare them with the novel, I feel that something is lost, where the rebellious attitude is.

for example:
When gromm comes out the first thing that came to mind was:

- because a dirty human I invoke, that stops me to kill you, give me a reason to follow your orders.

And I thought several ways in which MC could solve the situation.

I really felt disappointed that they are only s*aves who follow orders. Until it would be interesting that they follow their orders as in warcraft but showing their personalities, being reluctant to do it but they can not refuse, and then MC realizes that this was not the form.

I agree with the comment that expects to be taken from the pe*verted to the protagonist. I feel that the forced harem would ruin this.

I will continue the novel and read it in the raws because I really like warcraft, I hope it gets better.

I will not qualify this novel until I finish it or the author ruin the way and be a pain, I only give the first impressions I had so far
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Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba rated it
September 6, 2017
Status: c106
Has potential, but perversity has ruined it completely, and utterly. The story begins decently, even though the protagonist was already displaying worryingly weak traits. His submissiveness was already beginning to show early on, yet there was hope, for the external enemy meant the protagonist didn't have enough time to dilly, dally about.

And when there's a temporary reprieve, around chapter 60, that's when things begin to get downhill. Even the translator goes as far as to recommend to the readers that it's better to 'binge read the next fifteen chapters'. And... more>> so I did, but the utter pointless of the next few dozen chapters didn't stop, the idiocy in the end would continue all the way until chapter 106. During these 46 chapters, there was nothing interesting to note at all, Just the protagonist being abused by his Elf archer, by the women he accidentally ens*aved, be led around like a lamb by his sister in law, prove his worth, over, and over again in front of the nobles. Really, it was so far distanced from any sense of grounded reality that it almost seemed like the author was high on a couple of illegal substances whilst he was writing this. Immensely disappointing, as the story began quite decently.

Not recommended unless you like Japanese protagonists. <<less
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lordofthebooty rated it
July 23, 2017
Status: c36
MC might be a little pe*verted at times but it isn't that bad like you'd read in a JP harem novel.

The M/C is transported into a new world with the power to create armies. He can summon elves, dwarves, orcs... etc, ancient powerful beings thought to be extinct on this planet. He summoned the Goddess of the Elves, Tyrande. He has a strong orc warrior Grom, but he wants to summon their God, Thrall soon. He also has a human archmage as well. He has orc soldiers called "grunts, "... more>> and elf archers and elf warriors (hunters).

Right now, he is solely defending his small territory and purging all of the evil bandits/taking their wealth to build up his land. With the new addition of siege weapons, skill upgrades, and such, he is becoming very strong. M/C and the archmage are only at level 6 while Grom and Tyrande are level 10 with brand new T1 armor.

The M/C is able to use skills from the heroes he summons, so he gets stronger with them as well. He doesn't have to fight directly, he can gain XP just from his heroes killing others. It started off very good and the pace is great. You learn a lot about the world they live in, as well as other kingdoms.

M/C can summon almost everything as long as he has enough money and merit points (you gain from battles). He just spend about 10k merit on upgrading his army and repairs, and 400k gold coins on upgrades, so he constantly has to stay in battle just to get it going. very good <<less
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Jaehaerys rated it
July 13, 2017
Status: --
A little disappointed so far, the main character is basically a huge pe*vert and thinks very selfishly. Really after a huge crisis is about to occur the reason you learn a skill is to peek on your sister in laws, who after the MC's heroic rescue will probably all join his harem. I can already tell that without trying too hard he can already become a op bastard.

This is a genre that I like, so I have high hopes but so far I'm skeptical of its quality. It is similar... more>> to Hail the King, but didn't have the appeal that HtK had in the beginning. <<less
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xxnicolas975 rated it
July 15, 2017
Status: v9c1
Clear masterpiece if you put it in the aspect of a warcraft player and word of warcraft the possibilities in azerot are infinite depends on what time of the story this MC could even prevent the plague whip lordaeron is a world full of possibilities but clear The MC is a pe*vert and does not take into account the characteristics of his troops for example the orcs are honorable and do not go back in battle but the MC takes away those characteristics to the force... I have much hope... more>> in this novel is that the author Improve the MC with time and know to take advantage of the characteristics of the heroes of warcraft for example the power of the paladin! the light !!! Greetings to the Author and the translator !!! For this magnificent novel full of possibilities !! In a world at war against the fiery legion the Horde Alliance the ancient gods and the plague !! <<less
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TH34TH1 rated it
July 14, 2017
Status: --
Honestly, it's kinda like hail the king in which the MC gets some power which allows him to use certain aspects of Diablo, or WOW in this case, and then after fixing the immediate crisis, I imagine he goes on to fortify his land before expanding. But the book is still good and unique in that sense at the same time.
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2Girls1Cupcake rated it
March 3, 2018
Status: c345
I was discouraged from reading this novel for a long time because of the synopsis and the bad reviews, but it once again showed me how I shouldn't trust anything but my own opinion.

This novel is based on the Warcraft series and World of Warcraft, I've played plenty of both back in the day so I know about the bases, some of the buildings, the heroes, the races and some of the skills, but not enough to know how closely the novel sticks to the Warcraft lore and honestly I... more>> don't care, if you focus on only then content of the novel it's very good.

The system isn't that overpowered, he keeps getting limited so he has to battle through with his own skills and knowledge. He is clearly seen as a duke in name only by other people, but he uses his wits and political knowledge to overcome things just as much as he uses the art of war and political reforms developed on earth through thousands of years to his advantage. The world has clearly declined compared to ancient times for some reason and has stagnated because of a long period of peace, so it doesn't seem outrageous either.

The perversion of the MC can be annoying in the beginning but it's toned down later on and it's also clear that although he's pe*verted he's not despicable, he treats his women right and would never forcing himself on women. There are also a lot of bullsh*t statements about what women want, while there is a single romantic development so far (there are a lot of other potential ones, but they haven't played out yet so I'll refrain from mentioning these) and it truly is simple, but when considering the medieval theme both of these make a lot of sense.

What really shines in this novel is the shit-talking of the MC and the large scale wars, totally makes it worth reading this novel, I'm usually biased to novels where you have adventure but a lot of downtime in between with fluffy and sweet slice of life moments, there really isn't a lot of that in this novel, but with how well everything else is done while considering the length of the chapters it makes a lot of sense, it's a 559 chapter novel and while I obviously don't know the ending it's clear that the author knew what kind of novel he wanted while not extending it with a lot of fillers to milk the cow, that always makes for a better story.

The translation is good, there are of course errors and it's not top quality, but it seems clear that it could be if the translator spend more time and effort on editing, but let's be honest, who doesn't prefer it the way it is? At least I do, I'd rather have fast releases and considering the release speed it's a job very well done by the translator, while not having rants about the comments people make all the time like we see others do, it's clear that they're always the minority, this guy is awesome. <<less
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13th Echelon
13th Echelon rated it
March 9, 2018
Status: c4
One-dimensional characters and antagonists. The story is extremely lacking, there are a few clever things regarding strategies in war but in the long run, it became boring. The premise is really good but the story is like written by a high schooler who knows the basics to write but does not have the ability to make the story interesting. Now I know the reason why it only has 500+ chapters.
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ththth12 rated it
August 2, 2017
Status: --
Very fun to read. The story has not deep plot or any great romance. Yet it's very entertaining to follow MC as he builds bases and troops of orcs and elves, and leads them to war. He is not any genius, but makes reasonably smart choices.

This is very light reading, don't expect any great depht, and you will be entertained.
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Dragon rated it
September 16, 2017
Status: c120
The perversion of the MC is annoying, but that did not ruin the novel for me. It's not really a big problem: he does not even do anything le*d except peek at girls showering. He is very protective of his sisters-in-law, however.

I really enjoy the way the author describes the large scale battles that occur during the novel. Imagine it as a first person narrative of a Warcraft III game: with leveling heroes, base upgrades, and large scale skirmishes. The author really excels in describing the battles between two large... more>> armies: it kind of reminds me like a rougher version of LMS battles.

Great read if you like army/war description novels, like Altina, LMS, and Madan no Ou to Vanadis. This feels like a cross between Japanese, Korean, and Chinese LNs. Not the best novel out there, but fun to read. <<less
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hehek rated it
July 30, 2018
Status: c333
really really s*upid story, I just skimmed through it but its just your generic chinese reincarnation (not that there is anything wrong with it but it doesn't EVER fit into the World of Warcraft universe). The romance is crap, the characters are sh*t and I dont give a sh*t about any of them (not even the MC..). Only stayed with it because I was expecting some WoW content at any point but there really isn't, the WoW heroes are mostly just kept as guards in his base and city.

Honestly just... more>> make the guy a pe*verted bastard from the start if that's what you want, dont do a 180 on his personality for no reason? Jeez.

Also in NO WAY or NO HOW will the humans ever gain supremacy over azeroth on their own so the fact that all the other races have disapeared (although there is probably some really s*upid reason in the end) is ret*rded, just ret*rded like the humans are strong dont get me wrong but they alone dont match up to Night elves, orcs, dwarfs, blood elves, tauren etc no way no how. <<less
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The_Most_Generic_Name rated it
July 9, 2018
Status: c370
This novel is nothing great like people make it out to be.

1) The main character's personality is all over the place and other characters are bland, boring and don't get any character development. The only character that did get some kind of development ended up not impacting the story in any way.

2) The main character disgusted me a lot at the start. I quite frankly hated him which is a rarity. Because he does a lot of shameless things that no sane or even an insane person would ever do.... more>> But in the later chapters he somehow respects women out of nowhere? It's like the author couldn't find a reason to make the MC likable to the girls, so he gave his character a total 180 and changed him. Which was obviously very forced and surprised me.

3) The romance is utter garbage, nothing more and nothing less. And this garbage became even more tr*shy, after I realised how bland and uninteresting each and every one of the girls are in this novel.

4) Although the war thing was very appealing from the start, it just got boring. The main character faced 0 difficulties with the way he did things. He always won, which I found boring and repetitive. He didn't fail, hence he didn't develop one bit.

There are a few other flaws, minor but they are there. I just listed a few main ones that came to my mind. If you don't mind the flaws I listed or actually like them, this novel is exactly for you. But I can't like it even if you put a gun to my head. This just looks like it is written by a high schooler who knows how to write but has no comprehensive ability as to how to make the thing he writes interesting. <<less
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Dennamen rated it
May 20, 2018
Status: c278
If Blizzard wants to twist Warcraft lore futher, they can easily use this novel as a guide.

But seriously, this is likely the only novel that exploits game elements of Strategy and personality of Player Commander as MC in a somewhat right way, unlike all that stuff with MMO and RPG.

Being Chinese novel is only a plus, as typical Chinese MC is always better than typical Japanese MC.
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