With the [Alchemy Box], Create, Enchant and Dominate! With a Box That Can Create Anything, Begin Building a New Life on a Deserted Island


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An Isekai World reincarnation. With the [Alchemy BOX], CREATE and BUILD! With a Beast Girl and other fluffy friends, live the Slow Life on a deserted Island! The 2nd Dragon Novels New Generation Fantasy Novel Contest Special Awards Winner!

Associated Names
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"Renkin BOX" de Seisan & Fuyo Musou! Nandemo Rensei Dekiru Hako de Mujintou Kaitaku Hajimemasu
『錬金BOX』で生産&付与無双! なんでも錬成できる箱で無人島開拓はじめます
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ErikHarrison rated it
October 13, 2021
Status: c108
This is your Animal Crossings: New Horizons the novel

The same SoL, OP skill novel, but on an island. The MC feels uncreative with such a OP skill. The story moves quickly but nothing happens. Good time waster but doesn't stand out.
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boNehead rated it
December 3, 2021
Status: c34
Oh yeah, nice novel I believe.

But the problems is the sentence coherent words and exaggerated sentence made it so cringe.

I don't know if it is the translator fault or maybe it was the author himself.

... more>> But just by reading the few chapter, I can agree that this, this novel is good.

Interaction are fun

No boring Eps

But the world building is quite lacking, MC are like that 2d character that stuck to it till the very end

And as the MC said himself

"The reason why I don't want to reveal my power is not to become a s*ave, working my life for the sake of others."

Now. That the prince suddenly arrived at the island.


The sheep smells the prince a "good person" just because of that the MC reveal his POWER. And furthermore a method to revive the dungeon.


Don't he know that it was dangerous that it can ultimately end his life?

But bruh the MC decided to reveal all of his power just because he smell like a good person?

I hope this novel don't become a usual cringe troupe novel. <<less
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ilLUMIAnated rated it
October 5, 2021
Status: c252
If I had to summarise this novel, I'd be inclined to call it a "Treasure trove of cliches". Now, is that a bad thing, necessarily? No. While I have continued to look at cliches in novels, especially light novels and web novels with some degree of criticality; I didn't want to do that here. The reason for that being how the MC's backstory is structured. Without spoiling too much, the environment he grew up in in his former life had effectively deprived him of any sort of familial love and... more>> the MC was constantly looking out for himself with (at least this is how it feels to me) a very handful of people to turn to. When he gets his second chance, his shot at tasting familial love is literally squandered because of shitty parents. Due to these circumstances the MC regularly is at conflict with his own emotions when trying to start his own family and often fails to realise the favour of some characters.

In short- the MC is somewhat dense, but has just the right amount of brain power to understand the romantic interest of female characters and respond to them as he sees fit (well, so far that's only held true for one of the two potential love interests, let's see how the other one turns out). The charcters besides the MC are a mixed bag, some quite literally a can of worms (or would that be a can of cliches?) while others that are very well written and reasonable in their actions, even when you don't agree with them.

Even though this novel isn't action packed, for the sake of progressing the story without much friction, the author has opted the OP protagonist and Co. Route. (Edit- there is action, don't get me wrong, it just doesn't feel like action due to all of it being a straight up breeze). There's quite literally a dragon and a kraken that consider this MC their friend. So when anything comes knocking at their door, "negotiations" usually go very smoothly. The fight scenes do, however make me wish that there was a bit more oomph to them.

With that said, is this novel worth the read? Personally, yes. Primarily because the novel doesn't take itself seriously. The chapters are on the shorter side, the raws are fairly easy to read and overall it allowed me to kill time and learn new Kanji (although I doubt that I remember any). If you're looking for a very light read, give this a shot. <<less
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Pikachu123 rated it
September 28, 2021
Status: c5
Honestly it is to early to do a good review but this story has a good plot and doesn't drag out the beginning too long like some stories do. It got right to the points it needed to hit and had smooth transitions when it had to do some time skips (They were done to prevent the background part of the story from dragging out). After all the main plot starts after the MC becomes an adult in this world and the background was only to show what environment he... more>> grew up in and how they treated him and his plans for the future. They did a good job on showing us the MC planned route in life and what he wants to do but it does kinda go sideways but if you want to find out how it does go read chapter 3 or 4. <<less
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