With One Smile, the Sword Tramples the Mushroom


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Once upon a time on Tianyan Mountain, there grew an evergreen tree next to a small dirt mound overlooking Soul Splitting Cliff. At the base of this tree was a dry, shriveled, and timid little lingzhi mushroom. Every day when people passed by, it would squeeze its eyes shut and think, ‘don’t pluck me for soup, don’t pluck me for soup…’

Until one day, a ray of white light shone down from the skies and turned her into a human. Or rather, she gave it her all so she could become human, up to the moment she met him.

As it turned out, he and she were both monsters. Though the world was so big, there wasn’t a place for either of them in it.

What are Demons, Monsters, Immortals, and Humans? Everything they did stemmed from a desire to share their warmth as fellow monsters.

For love and justice! Little mushroom! Transform!

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crimsoniv0j rated it
August 22, 2017
Status: --
A beautiful heartwrenching story. Full of struggles and loyalty. Expect a flood of tears on this one. Truly a gem. A love story of leaving and returning. A faithful love that can break a stone hard heart.

"I dont regret loving you. Without you Im dead. In my life, you're the only I will follow."
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