With a Strong-willed Marchioness, Prince Yandere’s Love Offensive


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Lady Agnès, the daughter of a marquess, has been deeply in love with and engaged to Crown Prince Lucilleur for many long years. But her world shatters when she receives the devastating news that he has called off their engagement, while her love rival stood by his side. Feeling unloved and abandoned, facing a future filled with oppression, Agnès decides to take a drastic action in order to protect her family, freedom, and pride.

However, unexpectedly, Lucilleur becomes obsessively drawn to Agnès. Thus begins a complicated love story between two stubborn individuals who struggle to be honest with each other. What will unfold in the midst of their tangled romance? Only time will tell the outcome.

This is a strong-willed marchioness × a stubborn yandere Crown Prince. It’s a love story filled with misunderstandings between these two headstrong individuals.

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Luukia rated it
October 18, 2022
Status: --
I hate the crown prince. Here's why.

... more>>

the CP hates his father's infidelity and swore to never become like his father. Then when it was time for his engagement with MC, MC's father made CP do another oath because MC's father was afraid MC would end up in the same state as CP's mother (being cheated on by your husband). CP felt insulted, slighted by the accusation that he will become a cheater just like his father. So, the CP did the most reasonable thing. He did the oath thingy but then, he promised to himself to never fall in love with MC because MC's father had insulted him. He acted cold, closed off his heart but then well, he fell in love with MC BUTTTTT.... Still being stubborn about it so he kept on acting cold and all. Then, there's the thing with Lillie. Lillie's family and MC's family are arch nemesis. For some political reason blablabla, CP pretends to be in love with Lilie. Acting all sweet and lovely with Lilie. Even though CP is so cold to MC. I hate this. CP said he won't become a cheater like his father but he ended up becoming a cheater too. Yeah, sure, for political reason but CP himself said he felt this satisfying feeling in his heart when he saw how his action hurts MC. CP never physically go to bed with Lilie but man, idk about you guys but for me, it's already borderline emotional cheating. He acts so nice to Lilie but so cruel to MC? Because he's stubborn?

Also CP has the audacity to say he feels bad for Lilie (because in the end Lilie's family got their due for conspiracy and trying to harm MC which ends up in injuring CP too. MC jumped off from the balcony because of Lilie.) When Lilie have been bullying MC! Lilie bullies MC on whenever they meet and even tried to drug MC and ordered a man to r*pe MC but nooo, CP feels bad for Lilie. Like for real, when CP came to scene of carnage, CP rushed over to Lilie first even though CP knew Lilie and her family plotted this. CP saw the room is in chaos, knew it was because MC's magic ran wild, he still rushed over to Lilie first. CP insisted the one he actually loves is MC but his action proves otherwise.

Like what kind of a HUMAN are you? You act cold with your beloved, even feels satisfied when your beloved is hurt BECAUSE OF YOU. But you act sweet to your pretend lover and actually feels bad for Lilie even after all she has done to MC? CP said he loves Lilie as a sister but can we even believe him? MC sure as hell doesn't believe in him and for a damn good reason. Everything CP did has instilled the bud of distrust between them. He knew Lilie bullied MC but he did nothing to help MC.

CP basically blamed MC's father for the bitterness and the gap between him and MC but who are you kidding? MC's father is doing the right thing by not trusting CP since in the end, CP actually treated MC like shit. So really, jokes on you CP. MC's father was right to be suspicious of you.

Also CP said he felt comfortable with Lilie and can actually act sweets with Lilie where with MC he only feels this strong, negative feeling. But nooo, CP insisted what he feels for Lilie is brotherly love. HA! CHEATER ALWAYS FIND EXCUSES

What I really hate about the CP is that he always find excuses. He blames the king for making him have to pretend to be Lilie's lover, blame the king for making him have to let Lilie go on with her plan (attempting to make MC get r*ped and then collaborating with some country to take revenge on MC), blame MC's father for not trusting him and ends up making him act cold and cruel to MC. Iirc he also blames MC for not making him being able to act sweet like he did with Lilie. He said the act just comes naturally to him ans he can easily treat Lilie sweet like "a sister". It's always someone else's fault.


Anyway, the political side of the story is good tho.

Also spoiler for main part. I didn't read until the end, I only read the main part because I hate that....


In the end MC still end up with CP cuz she actually loves CP too. Despite the shortcoming, despite the cruel act, despite the communication problem. Man, I love yandere but I like yandere when my yandere show their love. Not like this. I even forgot the CP is supposed to be yandere because he keeps acting cold to MC. For me this is not the yandere I expected. Usually yandere will shower their target of obsession with so so so much love. But in here MC gets showered with cold shoulder. Okay CP insisted that it has to bc MC, he cant be with anyone else but his action to MC is so cold???

MC also pardoned Lilie's death sentence because she doesn't want Lilie to be in CP's mind even for a bit. So they exiled Lilie without a penny to her name which is basically death sentence too since she's a pampered noble lady. Her family lost all of their power too. MC knows ML will still feel guilty if lilie got death sentence. Funny how theres no guilt in him when it comes to MC. ARGHHHH.

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someoneisangry rated it
November 26, 2022
Status: --
this story is soo shitty and for sure

the MC is an idiot

how do you end up with someone bastard who treated you like sh*t and r_ped you (tho you tried doing it at first) and locked you up in a room to only come r_pe you and go, knew you were being bullied, cruel to you hate you, a cheater, this MC is just like that girl from "abandoned empress" but worse

both of the mains are disgusting and ugly, there is no story just two a**holes assualting eachother, its like... more>> a shitty romance there is truly no story just some weirdo wanted to show off their imagination <<less
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keenreader23 rated it
February 10, 2023
Status: --
I don't know whether the author is forced to write this kind of novel or just lazy. The romance is too bad.

... more>>

_ MC is braindead for being in love with such an incompetent excuse of a male lead. She is described as a smart girl but falls for such an as*hole who tramples all over her feeling. And then in the end she still ends up with him because the author said so I guess.

_ ML is another braindead that says he loves MC but also defends that Lilie bit*h who keeps bullying MC. I still don't know why the author chooses such a toxic male lead yandere who is not even close to the cool yandere aspect of a real yandere, but this is too painful to read. The ML keeps defending the bit*h who goes out of her way to torment MC and the MC STILL LOVES this tr*sh of a ML??? I'm sorry I can't even comprehend what was going on in the head of this author anymore. I'm out.

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October 25, 2022
Status: c2 part4
I give no rating to this because I don't think I can, based on my normal standards. So far it's not bad, personally I think the plot is quite interesting (as a fiction) but for people who take moral issues seriously in fictions.. This is probably not for you (especially if you can't take yandere, this is one of the bad side.) ... more>>

he literally locked her up and chained her. It's to the point I'm also confused but since he's the ML I'm sure he love her or something at some point lol


The ML is the type most people would not accept. He will make you boil if you take him seriously. MC is also not the best either.

she basically r*ped the ML first before ML turn full on yandere on her


Basically, if you're bored and tired of the normal clichés, this story is not bad so far. Do read with a light heart and very, very open mind though haha <<less
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Shana94 rated it
January 26, 2023
Status: --
I love the MC, but sort of hates the CP. I even looked up the dere terms in order to precisely describe the CP. He's a sadodere btw.

... more>>

MC loves CP from their first meeting. She tried to be sweet and caring with CP, but met cold shoulder instead. She's even bullied by Lillie, who's the CP claimed he loves.

When the CP broke the engagement, MC tricks CP and reverse r*pe him. After that, she escapes to neighboring country. CP found her later and kidnap and locked her up. He r*ped CP everyday. Although MC slightly like it since she's still in love with CP. She still denied CP during the act, thus still r*pe.

After it is reveal that everything is an act by CP, it doesn't change that he hurts MC. CP r*ped her everyday, told her he hated her and he always sided and protect Lillie. Even in the end, he still pity Lillie and thought of her as a sister. He was never honest with CP, and tend to humiliated MC

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