Will the Re-Summoned Hero Live as an Ordinary Person


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A Hero who was summoned to a different world and led the world to peace “Souta Konoe” at that time was a third year junior high school student.

However, at the moment of subjugation of the demon king, he was subjected to repatriation magic, he was returned to the earth without knowing anything.
He lost his memories when he was repatriated, and the memory of the fight with the demon king was also ambiguous.

I will not forget the promise of training with my comrades who taught me how to fight, I will train martial arts.
He was a senior high school student, and his head was troubled by his career.

However, he will be caught up in his classmate hero summon and summoned to another world again … but it was a thousand years later

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Sai Shoukan Sareta Yuusha Wa Ippanjin Toshite Ikite Iku?
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New bigstew
December 2, 2021
Status: Completed
while the story from the wn has many cliches, overall the pace isnt bad for the era of writers, the author is good, but it does drag on and trys to bring the hero/anti hero combo with many insert side stories and tie ins, its still very detailed focusing on (victimization cercainstances from 3rd partys and making human impowerment supreme like most hero summoning long term stories) but if u dont mtl ahead and rely on the current group to translate which they do good at, u will never see... more>> and end to this series, overall its more frustration with current group (which isnt really trans ing for the money? It seems) but groups slash no other group will pick up paces with releases trans chpts

in the end some other random/rival/summoned that looked up to him? Was the cause for human supremacy moving forward that caused all the problems

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Cryarc rated it
January 22, 2017
Status: --
I've read the raws back then, my impression of it is "ordinary, forgetable". The author played it way too safe, he reused plots that have been used by other isekai series without adding any original flavour whatsoever. The ordinaryness is extraordinary, it's like leaves blending with it's surroundings in a forest. Once you stopped reading you will forget its existence, and even if you managed to find it again chances are you can't even remember a thing about it. I'm not saying the story is bad in a repulsive way,... more>> instead it got nothing particulary annoying which is in a way disadvantageous since there's nothing good stands out from this series. At least annoying series is memorable for it's bad points, but this series didn't have one. <<less
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CurimaAlan rated it
March 22, 2017
Status: c30
Its... Super generic, nothing more nothing less.

You have your re-summoned hero, with take the chance to live a leisure life this time. He is super OP, so much that you dont know if there some thing that he cant do, and that is a bye-bye to possible power-up (i dont know if this is better than permanent powerup MC)

He goes with the flow, and do whatever he want. I dont know its because beta MC or because dont care. He has no goal. The writing, how to say...

"Souta walk... more>> in the city, he takes some SSS rank mission and go to the forest. Souta encounter some legendary dragon god, he atack with some godlike magic. Most people cant use magic, but Souta can master all existent magic with 1 year. He defeat the dragon, save some chick and back to the adventurer guild. The chick fall in love with Souta, he says some badass lines, and then we dont know whats happens to her after that. In the end Souta go back and sleep"

Really no suspense, because he can solve anithing with a handmove, and nothing special in the plot that manage to catch you. Is more wish fulfillment.

To short, easy to forget isekai novel, if you like generic MC with side character with no presence than elevate the opness of him, maybe and only maybe, this is for you <<less
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Eisensturm rated it
March 26, 2017
Status: c30
Bland, dull, boring. The MC is a bog-standard second-time isekai character with OP powers, with a terribly boring attitude at that; alternating between acting high and mighty and Laissez-faire. Probably the author's idea of a "cool solo operator", but it just comes off as s*upid and smug. Moreso with how polite/ashamed he becomes when it comes to rewards, attempting to downplay everything despite the fact that several already know of his capabilities. And that's on top of the fact that he is actually trying to keep a low profile because... more>> doing actual work is too much effort. So despite the title, he's doing things that are at odds with it the whole time. The only reason I'm not giving this 1-star is because there were hints of potential in the writing, such as the mystery from the chapter 8 intermission (which hasn't yet been touched upon despite the MC wanting to learn the truth of his past in the other world). But otherwise, it's very slice-of-life, very safe, and very, very boring. <<less
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Ryugami rated it
June 9, 2017
Status: c37
One thing I can say about this story is: rigid. The plot is really flat, there is no up neither down.

A story with an overpowered protagonist tends to draw attention from how the author shows how the MC uses his power and what goes through his mind. It feels like watching a robot that follows a set of instruction/program. His personality is even more questionable. Being rude here and there despite being a newbie, he shows bossy act eventhough he wants to stay low profile. It's even more strange how... more>> the people in city come to like him. Whether the fault is at the translation or not, I don't know. But above is my impression over this story. <<less
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Drake888 rated it
May 30, 2017
Status: c11
Another "transported to a fantasy world" story, is the best way to describe this. The author takes a very bland cookie-cutter approach, so there's nothing about the intro that you haven't seen before.

OP MC gets caught in the summoning of a hero and that hero's love interests, decides to hide his OPness, and opts out of demon subjugation. After leaving the castle he is targeted by the half-assed scheme of somebody from the castle but isn't troubled because OP. Goes to town, becomes adventurer, blah blah blah. They even have... more>> cliches like "cute receptionist girl" and "targeted by mean mid-rank adventurers".

I had to actively skip through the bland monologues about his dimensional storage, his OP items, and what his self-explanatory skills and titles do (does anybody really need a paragraph explaining that swordsmanship makes you better with swords and blacksmithing makes you better at creating weapons?).

If you're really desperate to read this kind of story, then this novel is worth a look, as even the least imaginative author will manage to create something unique after thirty or forty chapters and the opening isn't obnoxiously bad or anything. For everyone else, you can find the same thing but better, somewhere else.

Also, I noticed some complaints about grammar but that can be ignored. There are some noticable errors but the quality is actually above average in most parts. Anybody bothered by this level of grammar has obviously not been reading unlicensed translations for very long. <<less
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IMM rated it
January 22, 2017
Status: --
So far its pretty good. It's like your normal slice of life novels but there is a bit here and there that makes it a little different. MC is a little bit more mature and doesn't kill people just for the sake of it. It might change in the future, then I'll have to reevaluate it, but for now it's all good. Try it
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Dino Translation
Dino Translation rated it
September 2, 2017
Status: c190
Putting it simply: repetitive, predictable, bland.

Good points:

  • Initial premise is good.
Bad points:

  • The characters are one-dimensional, there's no further development after introducing them.
  • Predictable plot.
  • Slice-of-life aspect is bland. It's not funny, not fluffy (cute), not touching, not interesting, not shocking, not sarcastic, just extraordinarily ordinary and repetitive.
Well, the initial idea is good so I gave reading the RAW a little try, but it was disappointing, I was pretty patient but all that ran out after reading close to 200 chapters. Here's some spoilers that I can remember:

... more>>

Yeah, it's very predictable, the ending is always known even before you read it.

  • MC went to the Elf country to find the Elf Princess => He found her and brought her back home.
  • MC went to the Beast-kin country, heard the story about a tournament on the way => He joined the tournament and won.
  • MC went to the Dwarf country => He met a descendant of his Dwarven Hero friend and made a powerful weapon.
  • MC found out that the Gnome scattered into small villages in fear of being attacked, then he went to find the Gnome Elder => He saved the Gnome's village from an attack.

Well, in any case, the story could have been better, I feel that it gets worse and worse as you read it. The reason is probably because the author overuses the same/cliche ideas over and over again. <<less
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ichibaka rated it
October 3, 2017
Status: c56
Elves are pretty, pretty much sums up my whole feeling about this novel. Too bland, too safe, not enough OPness.

And translator please just drop it. You're too random and unmotivated, leading to the translation feeling half-assed as well, which doesn't do this novel any more justice and only harm it further.
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blu3monster rated it
May 27, 2017
Status: c43
An OK read if you are not yet tired of isekai stories.

Can't honestly recommend tho. Reasons:

  1. Characters easily forgettable (not memorable). Give it a week and you already forget who is who.
  2. Story a bit boring so far. Not engaging enough. It doesn't have interesting characters, so it should have better story arcs / world building / something else to make up for it. Sadly this one don't it well enough.
Like in "In a Different World with a Smartphone", the characters are nothing special but the author created decent story arcs before... more>> it starts to feel boring. I'd probably recommend that before this.

If you like slice of life kind of story, better yet read Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku. Probably the best one I've read.

For now, I'm keeping this as a reserve for when I have nothing better to do. <<less
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lnv rated it
April 30, 2017
Status: c31
It started out pretty good but it has a lot of consistency issues. Not to mention... there is something off about the tone. I don't know if its translation thing or just how the author does it (though I am leaning more towards how the author does it). There are a lot of boring events which are made a big deal out of as well. But the MC in himself also seem to be a boring type.

There is also a HUGE inconsistency in his experience and being naive. He sounds... more>> and does a bunch of experienced things like a professional. And then does completely naive things like someone who has no clue what he is doing. Its like the naive things are put in by the author on purpose to move the plot along but seem completely unnatural.

To list some issues:


When they get summoned, MC just tells the king "Hey, I am not a hero so can I just go on a trip all alone?". And the king is like "good idea!". His classmates get a bit worried but just accept it. Something seems totally off about that interaction.

    1. If the king wanted to get rid of him, wouldn't he instead assign a knight or 2 to him and then isolate him in some mansion or something. Even his classmates under normal circumstances would insist the king send someone with him for protection or work out a job for him or something. As far as anyone knows, he is new to this world... walking out with nothing makes it odd from all sides.
    1. The escorts were mind controlled to kill him. Not sure why... wouldn't capturing him and using him as a tool be more useful than just killing him? It seems s*upid and inefficient... even if you wanted to get revenge for him speaking like that to the king or something, they would still capture him and torture him. Killing someone right after they left just leaves too much of a trail and suspicion.

The MC then

does a dialog how this place is bad and plans to use the heroes and etc. Then puts on a disguise and settles at a nearby town.

His goal is not to stand out but he also personally brings king class cores to the guild. (we are not talking about someone who is here for the first time, we are talking about someone who should have plenty of experience to know how to act if he is trying to keep a low profile)

And that is just a fraction of the issues.

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MondoX rated it
March 13, 2017
Status: c18
The MC was re-summoned again as a hero along with four other people. Slight spoiler, ... more>>

The MC understood the situation, and knew the kingdom might use the heroes for their schemes. The MC did not give them a hint of a warning to be careful. The other summoned people did not seemed like bad people, and when the MC explained that he was summoned "accidentally, " and wanted to be on his own, one of the four was understanding.

The MC is not obligated to do anything, but it left a bad impression on me, since he was a "hero" before and had an advantage of speaking to a Goddess. From the title and conversation with the Goddess, I believed the MC would be living leisurely and explore the world. However, early in the story, the MC has not been living like an ordinary person. No matter how many times the MC seems to stand his ground and not want to do something, he ends up acquiescing. The MC should either go with the flow or gain a backbone, but not whine for a while not wanting to do it and ends up doing it. It happened several times, and it early in the story. <<less
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bidoblob rated it
May 16, 2017
Status: c30
I think it's kinda poorly written (I think it's the author's fault and not the TL) and very boring most of the time. The is very cliche and the girls all seem to fall in love with MC on first sight. I skimmed through some of the chapters but so far it didn't get any better. I can not recommend this.
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ZoorYuvonHeim rated it
September 6, 2018
Status: c80
I've read worse, but this isn't good either.

Story is flat, reveals don't make much sense and it feels pretty aimless and dubious on its goals.

From where the story starts, to where it ends up going it takes a number of turns that isn't fitting for the feel it began with. For the OP MC that didn't want to make a big impact, the story soon became about the OP MC making a big impact - and being completely okay with it turning into that despite it going contrary to the... more>> original stated reasons.

This is not recommended to read in my opinion. <<less
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montblanc512 rated it
November 3, 2019
Status: c10
Cliche as cliche can be for the most part. But I like the genre so usually even cliche would get 2-3 stars if done competently. But this is just dull. The fact it's his second time seems completely meaningless. There's no "I'm actually someone super famous" stuff going on, he's using none of his previous knowledge for anything. One could argue it's 1000 years later so his knowledge isn't useful, but it isn't written like that. There's no "last time I was here..." kind of writing. It doesn't feel like... more>> the MC is back in this world a second time. And then there's the fact he's kind of an ass to the only characters we've met so far.

But what is making me drop this is that the world building is already coming apart. Minor spoiler,

but they do the cliche bad-adventurers-target-him-immediately-after-registering plot point, the one that only serves one purpose, to have an early curb-stomp moment. But it's setup is so dumb I can't even suspend my disbelief. Basically, the bad adventurers follow him after he gets paid, demand he hands over all his shit, and he has them chase him to the guild so that the guild overhears them trying to mug him... The guild then... does absolutely nothing because it's a matter between adventurers. Basically the guild says "welp, can't stop them from mugging you as you're both members of our guild". It turns out to be a trick by the guild, but it's still s*upid that the MC rolls with it after being stand-offish about being tested in the first place.


I'm done with this one. A fantasy world where the rules of society are dumb, the MC is bland, and the author doesn't seem to care about the logic of said world. <<less
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SilvaLau rated it
June 23, 2019
Status: c14
The content of the story completely betrayed the title. He is definitely not living his life as an ordinary person at all, nuh-uh. He is conspicuous as all hell. His power was revealed to the upper echelon as soon as he reached the first town, and he was even openly selling materials of high-rank monsters on the very same day he registered as an adventurer.

I'd rate this 4-star for the initial betrayal, but minus 1-star for bad grammar.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Renaxan rated it
July 23, 2018
Status: c78
Pretty generic, bland and not memorable enough, altho I can blame my memories or translator does take a rest too long.. it didnt change my statement. Just review since I felt bad because it.

Honestly, return of hero isekai theme undoubtly always sounds interesting.. like why and what happen to first summon. But the recipe in this story goes wrong.

MC actually... (take a 2-3 minutes to remember story) hmm he is kinda generic isekai hero that take anything slowly.. with plot of slice of life then make the MC bored and... more>> forgetable if you dont read so long. Others character face same problem as main character. Yap, just like consuming bland food and nothing excitement found.. well maybe its good novel for starter.

I think i've good read before, but I didnt remember it well. Planning to 3/5 but with somehow slow tl + boring story.. its has problem so 2/5. <<less
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For Academic Purposes
For Academic Purposes rated it
April 21, 2017
Status: c41
It's a slice of life novel with an OP MC.

Honestly his interaction with the "guild master" template made me love this MC (and why I gave it a 5), and from what I read he's not perverted.

Only problem with the story is it moves quite fast and there's not enough character development, but then again it's a slice of life so don't be expecting much.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
worldofash rated it
December 16, 2019
Status: c71
I really tried to like this but, its a total snooze-fest.

Every problem is solved within 3-4 chapters with no urgent overall goal, this novel has no action or drive.

If you want something that is slow with no real consequences this is the novel for you but it was not even close to exciting or fast paced.
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November 24, 2017
Status: c6
I feel as if I've read this story before, and I loved it when he didn't follow the usual "come with me" cliche. But I could also swear that when I did read it before it had way better grammar.

I don't know if it's the story or the translation but I'm going to sin both, the writing is all over the place. The perspective switches from first and third person every other paragraph. They use past tense to describe current moments and vise versa. Honestly if the translation was better... more>> and the grammar wayyyyy more polished then this would be a nice little story to read in order to kill some time. But sadly I could not get past chapter 6, even the story suffers and not due to translation. There was a segment where the MC (or narrator, can't really tell) said "I did this and then this, MC does this and this" and this was during an action piece which made it stand out more and made it that much more unforgivable.

Read something else if you have the option, but if you've read everything out there and are used to bad translations, then go ahead and take a crack at this. <<less
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CrimsonWarden rated it
February 15, 2017
Status: --
At the start, this story felt too similar to Konjiki no Moji Tsukai but it was a nice twist that the MC was a bit more capable in certain aspects and a bit more balanced out. I am looking forward to how this title fleshes out its story and hope that it doesn't fall to much in the mold of other "Isekai" stories.

The only problem I've had so far is the grammar issues in the translation.
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