Wilderness Livestream Room [Interstellar]


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Just as Earth was entering the interstellar era, it selected Su Ge to participate in the most popular variety show across the galaxy—Wilderness Livestream Room—in hopes of modestly boosting Earth’s recognition.

But the effect seemed to exceed expectations.

At the beginning.

Interstellar Audience: What? Earth, that backward place, has the nerve to open a live streaming room?

Other Participants: Oh my god, why do we have to livestream with an Earthling? Has the Interstellar Alliance gotten so bored that it’s focusing on Earth?

Interstellar Alliance’s Major General of the Milky Way Galaxy, Rong Shi: Is this an Earthling? Hmm? What is she doing? Oh! Earth doesn’t even have nutrient solutions! What is she doing with fire elements? What barbaric behavior! Why is she putting everything in her mouth!!!!

Later on.

Interstellar Audience: No, don’t stop me, I want to watch the Earth livestream. I just ordered the fitness outfit Su Ge wore yesterday, hope it arrives soon!

Other Participants: (knocking on the door, eyes sparkling) Dear, can you give me another of that facial mask you used yesterday? I’ll trade you a third-grade fuel raw stone from the base for it…

Rong Shi: What’s for dinner today?

Su Ge: Go back and eat your nutrient solution.

Rong Shi: …

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