Wife, I Am the Baby’s Father


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Overnight, her parents committed suicide.

And she married her nemesis.

Without resentment, not unwilling.

She became his wife.

But on the night she became his woman, a fight broke out, her life changed in one night.

Really want to know, whether or not she and him can still be together.

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Fathom rated it
November 17, 2016
Status: c121
First 50 chapters are like reading a bad Harelequin novel. Characters are 1 dimensional with no depth. The plot is also not any better, with typical shoujo elements of misunderstandings, evil third wheels, reverse harem building, amnesia, and etc. All that being said, it was a short but tolerable read. However, by the 80s-90s chapters, I predict most readers will not like to read further.
... more>>

The heroine gets into an adulterous relationship after marriage that isn't only a one time deal, but last multiple years. Keep in mind that she was only with her husband for 1 month, and 1 night of consummation. However, with her second guy she's with him for 4 years. So if adultery bothers you-- especially when it's from the main female lead. Don't read this series!

In addition, this is not a happily ever after story. Definitely not a feel a good story, nor is it comedic as one would assume from the title.

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RochellaRee rated it
September 25, 2017
Status: c122
It started off kind of sweet, but plunged downhill very quickly. Rant and spoilers below, sorry:

... more>>

So basically, it's a cesspit of misunderstandings where the wife essentially takes all the sh*t from the husband who thinks she betrayed him - to the point where she's beaten/slapped several times and has her hair pulled, is emotionally and verbally abused, and raped as well by him.

The author makes it out like she's an idiot where right after she's been beaten or raped, she just smiles and thinks 'oh I'm so happy' for some stupid reason like him keeping her old clothes in a closet. LIKE ARE YOU FRIGGING KIDDING ME, that guy is not right in the head at all, you were just slapped and called names and forced to service him, what is wrong with you lady!!!

Also, no one who deserved punishing actually got punished. Evil lady whose obsessive love for ML was the catalyst for the shitstorm - nope, she didn't get punished at all. ML who was an as*hole who raped and beat his wife, and didn't even apologise to her when he found out she actually hadn't betrayed him - nope, not punished either.

On the other hand - kind old uncle who believed in the wife and helped her and saved ML's life dies to 'atone for other people's mistakes, ' and the sweet doctor who basically cherished the wife and raised another guy's kids with her for four years while cherishing them too got the short end of the stick and thrown to the side because the wife decided to run to the psychotic rapist husband.

NOTHING MAKES SENSE HERE. Husbando causes the deaths of her parents who die right in front of her and then she sleeps with him once (with him being under the influence of drugs), and then she mysteriously gets amnesia and ends up with a nice doctor chap for four years. Four years of being loved and looked after and raising chlidren together, and she essentially runs back to the as*hole husband (and even considers ditching her children to be with him).

Plot holes are also popping up everywhere - like do we ever find out why exactly he wanted her parents dead?? Poor little son as well, both children love their doctor daddy as he's been the one looking after them for so many years, and then all of a sudden their mother starts yelling at the son to call this random dying man 'daddy' instead. Way to go to confuse and traumatize your child by not even bothering to explain that his cherished father isn't his real father and just expecting him to call this other dude their dad from now on without skipping a beat.

And what happens in the end?? Like, what happens to the evil chick who killed her brother and almost killed everyone else with her obsessive love for some guy who hates her?? What happens to the doctor who gets thrown to the sidewalk and has his 'children' ripped away from him?? What is the meaning of life?? I have so many unanswered questions.


tl;dr This novel makes me mad in so many ways - mostly due to gaping plot holes and annoying-as-hell characters who I just want to karate chop to the sun and beyond. <<less
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Twilight Reverie
Twilight Reverie rated it
November 23, 2016
Status: c73
Though I have to agree with a prior reviewer's comment about this work reading like a Harelequin novel, this story isn't horrible. Some of the characters are a bit unbelievable, but the author does a good job of showing how human relationships progress over time. There are a handful of glaring plot holes, but otherwise the work progresses in a natural and organic manner.

Though others may claim otherwise, the story cannot truly be labeled as NTR, nor does it actually include adultery. It is simply a tragic romance; both the... more>> male and female leads are betrayed by those they should be able to rely upon, and even though their feelings never truly deviate the circumstances and the things they are led to believe pull these lovers apart. Plot elements such as jealousy, revenge, and amnesia are utilized in a way that would make the writers of any daytime drama proud.

I can feel the story winding down, and can say it will not have a truly happy ending. If the author does this work and its characters justice it will be bittersweet, with hurt feelings, broken trust, and, with a little luck, a sense that things may get better in the future. The chapters may be short, but this is hardly a light read and it is best to approach this work with some measure of caution. This is no Cinderella story, and there is no way everyone is going to get their happy ending. <<less
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kalp456 rated it
December 4, 2016
Status: c80
The author introduces things that are very illogical to create drama. I wouldn't actually mind if it is a self-indulgent novel but since it is for the sake of drama, the author should have at least made effort. In my eyes, she/he didn't.
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JenJen rated it
May 1, 2017
Status: c122


This story starts out sweet with the twists expected of a trashy romance. I know some people feel it is not NTR because she had amnesia for years and raised his children with another man who she was sleeping with and believed was her husband.

But I think it is still cheating. And the end was just ambiguous. The women who did terrible things were not punished. The men who did terrible things were not punished. I wish I hadn't read this. Unless you like cheating, graphic violent s*x and sad endings... don't read this.

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tried rated it
November 11, 2016
Status: c34
Pretty enjoyable read, the MC isn't some OP or a damsel girl, she's normal. As in she's imperfect but she's also very reasonable and as far as the story is at the moment, she actually working to get better.
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Bib rated it
November 21, 2016
Status: c66
There's no adultery here actually. The story's not bad but it's similar to other plots with the male lead misunderstanding the female lead because of the schemes made by the male lead's jealous childhood female friend madly in love him. Still worth a read.
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max2payne0 rated it
March 15, 2018
Status: c6
I only skimmed the beginning and already I'm dropping this. Her parents die, and while it's suicide, the guy definitely went to kill, and would have killed everyone else and spared her because he liked her face if she hadn't said anything. She still goes off with him, marries him, acts all shy around him. Then I read the other reviews and some spoilers, and figured it only gets more ridiculous later on. It's seems like a tragedy in the making, and i'd rather not get dragged along for the... more>> ride, so it's a no for me. <<less
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Miaka_Mei rated it
September 23, 2017
Status: Completed
Believe me, I've read plenty of ruthless possessive ML. and I hated them. But miraculously I gave this story a chance!

seawaterwitch: "You need adult mind to understand these story. Because the world is not black and white, sometime it was grey."

This story is so good, while the characters are so......

The bad ones are so bad u wanna kill them. The dumb ones are so pure and naive I wanted to slap them. But the plot is so good, I had to rate it 4 star! (I clicked the wrong... more>> star T^T)



A tale of two people, enter-twined by blind hate and tender love.

Nangong Wu Qing, a man who married the child of the people he despised and hated.

Shen Xin Ci, the woman who married the man who killed her parents.

And yet these two people were bonded together.

A brief misunderstanding and framing befall, will their love help strengthen their trust or will hatred blinds their rational? So tragic.

And wow! HEY! The jealousy and misunderstanding in the story is intense... really makes people nervous...

P. S. Ambiguous happy ending (?)


My rant:


Dear readers, I simply hoped that u calm and rational yourself, it's worth the read, don't drop it due to the ML's blind hatred towards the wronged & pitiful XinCi.

"But on the night she became his woman, a fight broke out, her life changed in one night."

Can you imagine when your love became fuel towards the hatred in your beloved? My poor XinCi ahhh.

I still want WenKai to be the ML, not WuQing. He should suffer a lifetime punishment for the torment that he put towards XinCi!

But doing that would hurt XinCi since she's so pure and loved him too much, doesn't want anything to hurt him. He owes her too much, just too much! #mywishfulthinking

I was even hovering between 4 star or 1 star, primarily because of that ML! But I love the story so much....

Another thing about NTR issue, well yeah technically but not exactly. Anyhow there's strong love rivals to both leads leading to misunderstandings.

The main leads aren't loose. I repeat: the main leads aren't loose!! The strong love between them, in my opinion, easily cuts off anyone else from entering their hearts.

Kids, stay away from aphrodisiac, it clouds your mind and a blind man with hatred will simply torment u.

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Reader coming through
Reader coming through rated it
October 3, 2019
Status: c122
I can't say how frustrated I was after ending this one. I think the plot was really interesting but illogical and so since the beginning...

... more>>

She saw her parents die in front of her eyes because of the ML, the ML forced her to be married the next day. And I've got a hard time believing that even through she promised she won't take revenge, she actually fell in love with ML so easily. Blushing when her parents bodies' aren't cold yet...

She doesn't even now why he hated them. Never asked ML. I was feeling kind of unconfortable. She fell in love too fast (well him too in a way) without any guilt or angry feelings.


Then I want to know what the FL actually did wrong ? I even wonder if all this amnesia thing wasn't to "justify" the bad treatments. Author, do you hate your FL? It looked like that to me...


Because of her amnesia, Wen Kai (and the others) told her that he was her husband and the father of the children for a few years.

I actually was upset about that. All of them knew her husband was alive, that she loved him and that she actually rejected her cousin because she wanted to be faithful. But she got amnesia and then... let's lie to her, fabricate her a life and cause further misunderstandings! (yep, such a good idea!) Why wouldn't they just pass the husband for dead and make Wen Kai try to seduce her during this years?

Do we really really need more reasons to abuse the FL? Feel to me that ML got plenty already


And I was impressed by the love of FL for ML...


lol !

She was raped, beaten, accused unfairly, insulted, abused... the list is too long. And she was innocent (even her pseudo affair with WK was because she had forgotten). But she actually felt a sort of culpability (from who knows where) so she dumped WK, her children, let herself be abused without defending much (just saying twice that she wasn't the killer).

She still love him after all that. If not for a powerful Stokholm syndrom, I actually can't explain how she still love him, and find him excuses.


And this ML got so WTF at one point


So egocentrical. He was actually surprised that she "betrayed" him. He never listened or tried to ask her more. He just think she "betrayed" him and broke his poor little baby heart and so wanted to destroy her.

He never thought more of her martial arts being destroyed, of the strength of the FL that night that could mysteriously go against two powerful martial artists, that he could actually sleep like a baby when his BF died...
I think the fact that he only listen to the girl who's madly in love with him is the most stupid.

The funniest in my opinion is that he never repented from what he did to his "love". I wanted the FL to leave, to die, to hit him in the face, be angry (?) anything... but accepting him. I wanted the ML to suffer at last half of how the FL suffered (bastard. Ass**le)


The injustices were never truly resolved. The people who did bad things never regretted nor punished. The good people were the one who suffered and died.

I think this story had a lot of potential but too many loopholes. Well translated but you get frustrated about the characters and the story itself. <<less
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Nino SeaH
Nino SeaH rated it
May 27, 2018
Status: c50

i constantly rolling my eye.. It's not normal for me all fairy tail and so on.. On the starter chapter like all the attention toward the FL. Falling in love what so ever.. Huh

like seriously I hate the way the it describe the line.. It's was to direct..

the FL to fragile constantly crying over merely a wound.. My god.. Please..

i decided to drop it.. And all the male are to beautiful and all fall over her..

i cant take it anymore..
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seawaterwitch rated it
May 2, 2018
Status: c122
Two thumbs up. B (^_^) d

It is a good story and adult problems. My biggest regret is, I did not read it because of its low star. When I read these. Not bad actually. It is a good novel. But these novel, not for children reading. You need adult mind to understand these story. Because the world is not black and white, sometime it was grey. And sometimes you need to take of leap of faith, try to read it first, and ignore bad prejudice misleading review.

I really hate the... more>> crazy bit*h Fei Yan (the female antagonist). Pardon my language. Also the female main character was really really naive and can get your nerve.

Thank you for the translator team hardwork. God Bless You!! 😘😘😘 <<less
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Cohran rated it
November 22, 2016
Status: c72
At 72 chapters the story reminds me of a typical Chinese romance novel, which was my fear before I begun. The story has the typical setting of one woman been seen as not good enough and vise versa with the male lead. Some parts of the story are good and shows minuscule character development but other times it is just the same redundant plot repetitions. Honestly it reminds me of 'The Falling Dreams of Fang Hua' as the plots a quite similar, the difference is that the lead in that... more>> story was a lot stronger as a female. I have decided to drop the story and wait for the final chapter to see the end. It is neither good or bad so read at your own risk. <<less
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Aimee rated it
May 2, 2019
Status: c122
i rarely write a comment even though I already read a lot of books but I really need to write for this one. I really happy for the ending but seriously cant accept second ML trick MC make her betray her husband. I hate WK so much.. I pity WQ (ML) because he the one who suffers the most not XC (MC) because she very happy since she could not remember anything. However thanks god in the end everyone get what they deserved. I really happy for WQ. Although is... more>> not clear what happen to that bit*h FY <<less
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Serena12195 rated it
February 9, 2019
Status: c77
Definitely a roller coaster of emotions. The main "villain" is obsessed and insane... The MC is pretty much weak and soft... The ML has got issues.... However the story even though it feels rushed at times does touch the heart. In the end it is about a pure love which gets dirtied, trampled, and finally revived. The ending was not bad but I do wish for a different one, a happier one (though with the story background, Probably an impossible task). Thank you for the translation!
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jufiasca rated it
October 19, 2017
Status: c122
What? Thats all!. The ending.. Please, add an epilogue at least. It was not satisfying as an ending. Nobody, I mean, it wasn't explained properly. Like it should have a part where they explain the misunderstanding and final conclusion.... It was good, and it was actually enjoyable which is ironic because it is a drama right? But.. It really lacks something... Moooooore please, huhu...

Anyways, at first you would think it's the usual chinese romance, a tough and cool ML and the ever so refreshing "different from others" FL. The... more>> twist would be of course later, which frustrates me. For me, I think the plot was good, just not delivered very good but understandable. Though I think sone plots in it are so not necessary and too much forced onto the readers to just accept that it happened


for example, ML's growing hatred for FL without even confirming. Guess he didn't trust her that much? If not for the overflowing love then he might have not reconsider hearing her side. And also, just like that!? Really FL? 4 years together but after recovering tge memories all of it turned to nothing, ugh (though I am still ML's ship) it's just not delivered good, more like it just happened and accept it ok? You're not the author afterall.....


hahaha! Even though I said all of that I still like it that read it all in one sitting though my pace was from after breakfast to late after dinner, haha <<less
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