Why not go to JUSCO with me, Valkyrie?


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Once upon a time in the small town of Hiraya, Nagano Prefecture, lived a normal high schooler named Rin Ichirou.

One stormy night, he found a Princess named Pau and the Female Knight (Valkyrie) who served her, Clauzela Lou Kotovic, collapsed in the middle of paddy field.

Both of them had escaped from their country which fell to an Orc army attack using Gate magic.

And now they established government in exile at Rin Ichirou’s house.

Between a jealous stalker childhood friend, Princess Pau and Clau’s fascination at Japanese modern technology and culture, and super dense Rin Ichirou, a slapstick comedy choked with otaku culture reference in a rural Nagano countryside will begin!

Also, the people from this world and from that world began to visit one after another.

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Onna Kishi-san, Jusco Ikouyo
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10/16/18 Yado Inn v1c4
06/23/18 Yado Inn v1c3 part5
06/07/18 Yado Inn v1c3 part4
05/04/18 Yado Inn v1c3 part2-3
04/14/18 Yado Inn v1c3 part1
03/28/18 Yado Inn v1c2 part4
02/28/18 Yado Inn v1c2 part3
01/29/18 Yado Inn v1c2 part2
01/20/18 Yado Inn v1c2 part1
12/06/17 Yado Inn v1c1 part5
11/29/17 Yado Inn v1c1 part4
10/27/17 Yado Inn v1c1 part3
10/08/17 Yado Inn v1c1 part2
09/13/17 Yado Inn v1c1 part1
09/04/17 Yado Inn v1 prologue
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ManEatingPug rated it
June 11, 2018
Status: v1c2 part4
This WN LN is a meme, and therefore it should be treated as such. If you read it as a meme, it's not too bad and you'll get a laugh from it.

I thought it was a WN because of how bananas it was but was suprised to see that it is a LN.

Which means a publisher actually printed this, wow.
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