Why Don’t You Coax Me?


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Issue # 1: Ran Shu was a top performer before. It is a pity that he now became unpopular through the years.

The younger generation pulls the trigger as the fans are waiting for Ran Shu to see when he will burn thoroughly.

But as if it was only a day and a night, he then returned again on the hot search. However, the news seemed to be a little strange.

# Ran Shu saved a cat and had gotten into an accident in the middle of the night.
# After the haters scolded Ran Shu, the keyboard warriors continued to attack him nonstop.

Issue # 2: Many people knew that Ran Shu had an ex, so his opponent went to look for his ex’s identity so that they can attack him with that. Who knew that it could provoke people that they should not be messing with.

A few days after Ran Shu publicly stressed that he was single, he had gotten drunk in a live broadcast on his cellphone. And from there, he entered Sang Xian’s house while slurring: “Husband, show them your chest muscles! Don’t be shy; my fans are not outsiders.”

It’s a complete reversal of his statement.

The next day, his car was immediately surrounded by his fans. Fortunately, a helicopter came and land on the roof of the building. Ran Shu took the helicopter to leave.

Later, Ran Shu said, “I was indeed single when I declared that I was. Every one of you should read the specifications carefully.”

Issue # 3: What does it feel like to fall in love with Mr. Sang?

Ran Shu: “I am in a bad mood today.”

Sang Xian: “Open the map and buy an island.”

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New tt2005
September 17, 2023
Status: c57
It's a very funny novel that isn't really meant to be taken seriously. The characters are well written and each have interesting personalities and backstories. Again, it's suppose to be a light hearted novel so I wouldn't say the MC and ML are likeable but they are very human with complicated problems and misunderstandings.

... more>>

The MC and ML has an on and off relationship for 10 years where they fight and break up over very small things or misunderstandings. We later learn that this is actually necessary for them. MC grows up in an environment that makes him very depressed and insecure as an adult. He needs that constant confirmation that he is loved, deserves to be loved and whatever situation it may be, he and the ML can work it out after decent communication. ML on the other hand, experienced a traumatic event where he watched one of his friend's father drown. This makes him have survivor's guilt. He has hallucinations and he's prone to self harm. Having this on and off again relationship allows him to focus on these fights about small things instead of the dark thoughts in his head. Apparently this has worked for both of them and their conditions. It is allowed by their doctor and everyone around them knows and plays along.


Personally, I really like Suihou Yu as a character. He has very firm boundaries and yet very caring to his friends. He understands when to leave a situation but always stand up for his friends when needed. He's honestly such a good friend <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SourCitrus12 rated it
July 4, 2023
Status: c12
It's definitely not bad, especially if you don't take the plot that seriously and read it for a laugh, but like the MC is a little uhhh extra...


so the MC and ML have this on and off relationship for like 10 years and honestly, if this was real life, I'd be so done. MC breaks up with ML and gets mad over very small stuff 0.0

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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