Why Don’t You and Your Big Sister Rule Another World and Build a Happy Family?


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Let’s go to another world and get married, shall we?

“Will you go to another world and get married?”

I panicked at the invitation of the strange beauty that suddenly appeared, but it didn’t seem to be a marriage proposal from herself.

This girl is the messenger. It seems that my missing sister reincarnated to another world and sent her to pass on a message___

“Do you like me? If so, in which world do we get married together? I ruled this city because of you.”

….It seems that to materialize her marriage to her brother, she went to another world and became invincible to break the city’s rules.

That’s right, my sister [seems to be] the strongest ruler of the other world.

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Isekai Sister
Onee-chan to Issho ni Isekai wo Shihai shite Shiawase na Katei wo Kizukimasho?
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