Why Does My Baby Have To Be A Villain?


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When I woke up after banging my head on the road, I possessed a novel I enjoyed reading. Although not a single line about her appeared in the original, she is the only daughter of a wealthy family with enormous wealth.

I was embarrassed for a brief moment but later thought that this was a great opportunity. This is my favorite novel, and I can finally meet Locus, the villain of this novel.

At the same time, this is my only chance to save Locus!

I clenched my fists as I made up my mind. As long as I’m here, Locus’ life will end happily without any shortage. Especially without being pushed aside by the main characters! I will paint his path with gold!

To do that…

‘Locus had an unhappy family history since childhood.’

I have to erase this one line from the novel.

Really, this is ridiculous, why does my baby have to be a villain in the first place?

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