Why Do All the Male Protagonists Look at Me Like That


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Zhai Xingchen has transmigrated into a novel about a rich and powerful love variety show. Almost all of the 8 guests have a combination of beauty and wealth, which can be called the pinnacle of a love variety show.

For example, guest No. 1 is notorious and cold. Everyone has to avoid him. He has only been interested in financial data in his life, but he has an extremely handsome face. A casual smile can make people blush and walk. He is the master of the Future Business Empire, and he can swipe his bank card at will.

Guest No. 2, a straight boss with evil charm, height 191, male dog waist, shark muscle, the son of luck who will be famous in the world. Now he is still starting his own business, but he will suddenly become rich in a year, and become the owner of a listed company at a young age.

Guest No. 3, a gentleman who is aloof and abstinent, his shirt is always buttoned to the top. Although extremely clean, he actually has a twisted and fiery heart. And he is a well-known domestic e-sports ace.

The other guests are all rich second-generation, such as the enthusiastic and gorgeous queen Bottom, the restrained and temperamental high-level intellectual Bottom, the mature and dignified Bottom and so on.

But Zhai Xinchen is the nobody in this romance novel. He does the most work and gets the fewest shots. He has never received a Touched Message from beginning to end. He is a complete nerd. Ah, this persona suits him so well!

Zhai Xingchen is determined to be the little match, to burn himself and illuminate other guests.

When someone was hurt by the indifference of guest No. 1, he comforted: “It’s only because of his unfortunate childhood that he was so dark. Don’t you want to be his only light?”

When everyone thought that guest No. 2 was too greasy and domineering, he explained: “Don’t you think he is full of the spirit of a king? He will definitely achieve something in the future, I am optimistic about him!”

As for the guest No. 3: “He looks so cold and abstinent, don’t you want to tear his shirt off?”

Thanks to his efforts, the show really exploded.

Guest No. 1: “He is my only light.”

Guest No. 2: “Only he understands me best.”

Guest No. 3: “What I thought in my heart, even if I say it, it will be banned from broadcasting.”

Four five six seven guests: “I love him.”

Zhai Xingchen: “…Ah?”

When the show first aired, netizens said, “I don’t think the guests seem to be in love.”

Later: “Every episode is a jealous Shura field, so exciting!”

“This is too damn sweet! My little face is flushed.”

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Why Do All the Male Leaders Look at Me Like That
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Thime rated it
January 19, 2022
Status: c9
I am loving it.

Last time on Why Do All the Male Protagonists Look at Me Like That...

Xingchen ends up into a novel he barely read. He knows a few plot points but not how the book ended. The story begins with Xingchen already in the novel, about to enter the home he will share with 7 other contestants. He takes on the role of an already existing character with the same name and appearance as him. Xingchen seems to have entered the novel not that long ago, but it precedes... more>> the beginning of Why Do All the Male Protagonists Look at Me Like That. The story follows Xingchen as he tries to be a proper tool supporting character as the one in original novel.

The plot has a eight important characters or contestants including Xingchen. They are split into two teams, red (0) for the shous, and blue (1) for the gongs. Let's begin with our MC in the blue team.

Blue Team -

All the members of the blue team have fallen for our MC instead of anyone from the red team. They fell quickly for the MC. Although it cannot be called love quite yet.


Xingchen (blue team) - Make some noise for our MC. Debatably the best looking of the contestants. Eyes are said to shine like stars. The only not rich blue team member. Is just trying to help pair the characters and be a bridge for their love. He's not too proactive in setting them up because he doesn't know who everyone ends up with, just that it's not him. Mostly encourages group interaction. Also, he wants to get paid. Amen brother. Get your coin. Friendly, kind, and caring.

Huo Cheng (blue team) - I know what you're think and nothing alike. I think he's supposed to be our wild child but is much too mature for that. Applaud the self made rich one in the entrepreneur world. Went on the show to promote his company. Is said to be of darker complexion. Also, considered the most manly contestant. Cliche but we'll live. Deserves more attention. Outgoing, friendly, and peacemaker.

Pei Xu (blue team) - Slow clap for the would be the ML if this ends up a solo thing. A funds manager. Rich b*tch. Went on the show as a favor. Is kind of done with it. Was most popular until someone stole his spotlight. Behind his back people say his attitude ruins his face. Is relatively nice to Xingchen compared to the others. Looks at stonks in his free time. Cold, quiet, and assertive.

Yan Zhi (blue team) - Stole Pei Xu's spotlight. Possibly more handsome than Xingchen. Give it up for the golden contestant. Esports athlete. Is supposedly drop dead gorgeous. 4 eyes. His company made him attend the show. He is pretty straightforward and nice. Arrived late to the show. Has many fans. Polite, reserved, and amiable.

Red Team -

Wont fall as easily as the blue team. Most of them like Pei Xu or Yan Zhi except Wen Nuo that like MC.


Wen Nuo (red team) - shield your eyes as we welcome the sunshine. Runs a bakery or flower shop with a friend. Dropped out of college because he's smart. Probably not waiting for Biden to cancel student loans. Feels insecure because the rest of the contestants are basically rich. Wants to get along with everyone. Kind, pleasant, and warm.

Duan Yihua (red team) - please rise for the elderly 😂. Is the oldest contestant. Runs am alcohol business. I think. Maybe. Hasn't had much impact yet. Another contestant describes him as mature.

Xingchen named his as his type was also the one to say he's mature


Hu Ting (red team) - beware your heart may be stolen by this homme fatale. Is a social media influencer. I think. Has fans. Would have been most beautiful if not for Xingchen. Some say he still is.

likes Zhi Yan but was checking out MC's legs. Says he couldn't date MC because he's more beautiful than him.


Lin Qingning (red team) - Don't fall too hard, he has beauty and the brains. Probably not the brawns tho. Professor at a prestigious university. Graduated from Harvard. Relate to Pei Xu. Smart and Surprisingly proactive.

I did my best with 9 characters of knowledge. Looks new so I'm hoping for some more progressive ideas. I don't know if this will be multiple love interest or a poly relationship but if it's the latter I'm hoping for something more wholesome. The plot is heavily focused on romance but that might change. <<less
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enell rated it
March 9, 2022
Status: c20
I'm sorry it's the translation that ruin the novel.

The translation is just ssooooooooo tr*sh. The novel is great, I can feel it. But the translation is like a copy paste straight from a Google translate. I know the translator (probably) tried their hardest to deliver this novel, but damnnnnn, it's so bad that I'm ready to get hit by a truck.

Ever the simplest "him" turns into a "her". And then, the obviously male characters got called "herself".

It's not just the pronunciation that bothers me. Ever a simple " are you... more>> going out?" Became "you are outside?".

Sure the Chinese character are spelled like that. But can the translator just line up the words correctly??? If you need a spell checker, I'll do it 1$ for a chapter. Just, at leasttt you can do is check the wording. So the readers aren't lost.

Like Mann. Do you even read the translation properly? Bet they just copy and paste it without reading, just to get some clicks. Cuz the summary really hook ppl up, but the translation ruins it. I can go on all day about how bad the translation is. God daym it almost gave me a heart attack. 😭😭😭 <<less
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citrus_sunsun rated it
February 12, 2022
Status: c106
I love this novel so much!!! MC is is such mother hen, like yes he do the cooking yes he do the cleaning. Okay jokes aside, I love how each character has their own personality and flare. MC is soooo nice, calm, mature, and charming, even though he is the youngest out of all of them. And even though the MLs are love rivals, that didn't mean that their friendships would be strained. They still care for each other as well.

The status of all the MLs as of chapter 106:

... more>>

Blue Team (gongs)

Pei Xu- The cold and indifferent guy, but is so romantic and caring if in love. IN LOVE WITH MC. He was so lowkey that the other love rivals didn't notice him until he made a big move. Now regarded as the biggest love rival by all of the MLs. (And if this novel ends with 1v1, I would definitely like him to be the endgame (//∇//))

Hou Cheng- The wild-but-not-so-wild and outgoing guy. IN LOVE WITH MC. He was the first one to openly show interest and chase MC. The tallest and really makes MC look like a shou even though MC is like 183cm.

Yan Zhi- The aloof and clean freak guy. SO IN LOVE WITH MC. Even though he's aloof on the outside, he's very fiery inside. A bit low-key but is also open in chasing MC. Regarded as the biggest love rival before they noticed Pei Xu.

Red Team (shous)

Hu Ying- The frank and sassy QUEEN UGH. IN LOVE WITH MC. In the beginning, he was interested in Yan Zhi and just regarded MC as a good sister. But soon realized he was attracted to MC. He is a bottom, but is willing to be a bottom AND top just for MC 😋.

Wen Nuo- The shy and soft guy. IN LOVE WITH MC. Not really that active in chasing MC because other love rivals (especially the blue team) are really just too active. Regarded as not much of a threat by other love rivals.

Duan Yihua - The mature guy. IN LOVE WITH MC. He was conscious of MC because he thought that MC was interested in him and MC is wayyy younger than him. They have a 10-year age gap. Was soon attracted to MC after some time. Doesn't much of an impact.

Liu Qingning- The graceful guy. The only one who is NOT interested in MC (well, we still don't know the future). He and Pei Xu are childhood friends. He is interested in Pei Xu and is very proactive in chasing him, but gave up because Pei Xu has such a thick brick wall and Liu Qingning still has his dignity. Still has a bit of feelings for Pei Xu.

Basically all of them, except one, are interested in MC.



I also like how MC is actually not that dense. I mean, he WAS dense in the beginning, but that was actually because he just regarded the MLs as protagonists of a novel and himself as a supporting tool man. He just never expected them to be interested in him. But once he noticed how the all the MLs acted around him, he figures out how the MLs felt for him. He was trying not to be narcissistic, but the MLs were really just too obvious. And I liked how he didn't disregard their feelings, and tried to appreciate. He was really pressured because imagine like, 6 guys liking you. I would be pressured just by being liked by 1 guy, and he has SIX! MC is really just too sweet and kind.


I'm really excited on how the story will go. Who will be the ML if it's a 1v1? Or will it end with a poly? Either way, I'm fine with both hehe.

I will update after the novel is finish since it is still ongoing. <<less
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JustAki rated it
April 17, 2022
Status: c18
It is indeed a good novel but as much as I want to finish it, the translator is just a bit...

I'm sure the translator does their best and as a reader, I should be grateful but it's really hard to read it, especially distinguishing who's female or male.
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1Sami rated it
June 7, 2022
Status: c20
This is really sad. Not the plot, no the plot is very fluffy....I think. The translation quality is horrible. The pronouns are constantly being mixed up and I think I've even caught a few times where names have been changed. Sentences are choppy and the imagery could be better. I am fairly certain it is the translators fault, just because I don't think the author would have written it with alternating pronouns, but if I'm wrong I'm very sorry. And if I'm right, I'm just as sorry. The premise looked... more>> really good and I was excited about reading a new novel with a bunch of chapters stockpiled, but I can't even bear sticking it out past chapter 20. It took a lot of effort for me to make it this far. <<less
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April 3, 2023
Status: --
Soo I'm writing here to say who the real deal ML is if u don't wanna suffer for your favorite character :)

Lucky me that he (ML) was my favorite from the beginning 😩

It's Pei xu my boii❤️


I'm really happy with them being the final couple
14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Suisui rated it
March 14, 2022
Status: Completed
I was surprised by such a low rating since the novel is absolutely amazing. While reading it, you really feel as if the story is alive. The characters, all of them, have so much life and feel real. I very rarely give all 5 stars but this novel really deserves it, and a much higher rating than it currently has. I'm not going to comment on the translation since I'm rating the author's work, not the translator's and I've read MTL till the end.

I'm so glad that my ship actually... more>> came true, I was worried since 2 other characters besides our ML appeared quite a lot, at least up until the later part where the pairing slowly became more obvious. None of the characters' actions seemed abrupt or out of character, so it definitely made the story seem more like a real life events rather than a novel. I'm very impressed by the author's imagination and such well created characters. Definitely give it a try, the translation may seem as reading MTL, but the story is just too good to not give it a try just for that reason. The relationship between MC and ML will definitely put a smile on your face, it just feels so different from all the other chinese webnovels I've read so far, and trust me, I've read few hundreds of them, so this means a lot. No typical misunderstandings, overbearing president ML or naiive and clueless MC, this story is really something else, something different, well deserving of a much higher rating. I can't even say how much I loved this novel and I'm usually incredibly picky and drop a story very quickly if I find inconcistencies in characters or world-building. Just the fact that I followed this story every day as new chapters came out because I couldn't wait for them to pile up shows a lot. Don't miss out on this incredible novel because of the few low-star reviews since those readers either read only a few chapters or rated a translation instead of the actual novel. Give the story a try, and I'm sure you'll love it! <<less
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March 4, 2022
Status: --
The translation is hard to understand at times, either having unexplained terms. Or just weird english due to a direct translation.

The translation speed is very fast, but the trade off is the quality. I don't mind it, but it takes around 3-5 chapters to actually understand what's going on.

The story seems pretty intriguing, with so many guys you probably can't even remember half their names.

But you're here for the harem tag, and this novel delivers.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Seafall rated it
February 7, 2022
Status: c120
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGGGGGGG. This novel is really my cup of tea!!!!!

Everything is so unpredictable. I really like how wicked and witty the author is to spice up the love variety show. The character depth is so finely shown that I could distinguish every single one of them in the show. Their antics of temporarily allying with their love rival and sabotaging the other are also funny. Besides that, each of them are full of surprises that makes them so lovable and interesting. Pretty much to say, they're so dynamic that I really... more>> want this to be adapted into an actual variety show drama.

But most of all, what I like is the character development. You'll see when you get here.

I'm still guessing at this point who might be the endgame, so what I could just only say is that MC is finally becoming self-conscious of a certain someone. *&Gt;/////<*

Here's a hint: He was described as,

the blank paper and dormant volcano ready to erupt.

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
PalenMisha rated it
March 7, 2022
Status: c12
I'm only 12 chapters in and I know I probably shouldn't rate this yet, but this is a slog to read. The summary made it sound like a fun story, but there are a few issues. First, it reads like fan-fiction - constantly going on about how good looking everyone is and repeating the same (not very good) descriptions for all of the characters. Second, I thought I had read enough Chinese novels to have a pretty good grasp on lingo/slang/general terms, but apparently not. There were quite a few... more>> terms I did not recognize. That leads into the third issue: the translation isn't very good. As one of the other reviewers said, it's hard to understand and the translators (MTL?) don't leave any footnotes or explanations. The wrong tense is frequently used and there are so many names it's hard to keep track of what's going on at the best of times. 12 chapters in and all I can tell you is that a bunch of dudes are living in a house together - they are all hot apparently and oh did the author mention they're all hot? I feel like I'd do just as well if I tried to MTL it, but based on what I've read so far I don't think I have the patience for this author's writing style (lots and lots of descriptive words without really saying much of anything). Going to search for something a bit more readable and bail on this (and likely avoid anything translated by this group). <<less
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JaqiONwbqi rated it
July 28, 2022
Status: dropped
I think it could have been good if it was written better.

I dont mind that MC is dense but even I have trouble being convinced any of the MLs actually have feelings for him. Half the time im doubting myself. That is not supposed to happen, especially not when you have the MLs physically stating who their preference is - im not supposed to be doubting whether they actually said so or not just because they seem so indifferent past the obvious physical attraction.

Also im not too sure why Hu... more>> Ying is a character, I assumed it was to have a mean, green tea b*tch-type love rival that hated MC bec of their crush liking him, but HY also likes MC. Maybe the s**tty Mean type is popular now? I dont know but I did not like. I mean what is this? What even is this?


Hu Ying says: "Holy f*ck it's so good, isn't it? It's so pink. Holy f*ck I love it. Is it a pink snow mountain? I love pink snowy mountains the most!"


Hu Ying didn't hear the hostility in his words, and smiled and wiggled his bu*t a little.


Hu Ying said, "Because the thing I work on most often at the gym is push-ups." Nonsense, it's obviously because doing push-ups shows off his arse!


I dont even know what the Author was going with with this kind of character, It is literally the same personality as that one classmate no one likes. And the way he talks to everyone is so grating, constantly rude yet expects others to like him because hes pretty? HY honestly deserved to be beat up a good few times, and actually would have been if this was in real life.

But ignoring my 1 pet peeve, the story is just kind of lame;

Its half just descriptions of MCs lithe athletic body and the other half if vague mentions of MLs looking at MCs lithe athletic body.

It could have been better, but the author didnt put as much effort into the world + character building or story telling as they should have.

Read if you want a harem ig, but its not really worth it, especially not with the quality of MTL we have -

on that note, MTL THIS YOURSELF. Tea Novels "translation" is an unedited MTL, and I dont know what they use, but even aggregator sites that have MTL features are higher quality <<less
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ahumbleshopkeeper rated it
May 21, 2022
Status: --
I like MC and some of the potential MLs, but this novel just hits too many of my pet peeves to be worth the read.

... more>>

Just to be clear, I've only read up to the first break between filming. I don't remember the chapter number and don't care to look it up.

First issue: All of the "Top" MLs treat the "Potential Bottom" MC as inherently less manly or strong because they want to f*ck him.

MC is handsome, sunny, tall, and athletic, but because he's someone the "Tops" want to bang, he's of course going to lose in every single "Top" related category - exercise, combat, the bedroom apparently, et cetera. MC takes this as a given because he's supposed to be a side character, which is fine. But the MLs take this as a given because of their ~apparently~ unshakeable position as a "Top". As if a "Bottom" HAS to be weaker or less manly. *Rolls eyes*

Second issue: The "Top" MLs have unanimously and tacitly decided that even though MC has CLEARLY and REPEATEDLY stated that he was a "Top" that MC can be converted to a "Bottom". They don't take into account MC's opinion or preferences at all and presumably don't care.

I know this is a problem that plagues the BL genre, but it really grates here. I don't know why. Maybe because NONE of the "Top" MLs have considered being a "Bottom" for MC and have given no thought or consideration as to whether MC might not want to switch either. It's so entitled and arrogant that it makes my teeth ache.

Third issue: MC is frustratingly dense.

I know, I know - This isn't a new problem either. I should have known what I was getting into, blah blah blah, I hear you. But by the point I've read, there have been so many glaring signs that other characters are gunning for MC that the fact that MC hasn't noticed yet is just irritating.

Another reviewer has promised that MC eventually picks up on this, but I can't hold out anymore. His obliviousness combined with the weird, entitled competition going on between the MLs has obliterated my patience. I've got none left. I don't care how this ends anymore. I don't want MC to end up with any of them.


If you like this novel, more power to you. I'm not judging. I just want to warn any potential readers who might be put off by the same things, so they don't waste their time like I did. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LordOfPhantasm rated it
April 30, 2022
Status: c5
Actually, I can see the potential of this story, not only because its one of the only few BL Reverse Harem novels that I've read so far, but also because its a BL "novelize" version of the American TV show "The Bachelor", which is one of my favorite tv programs. But, the translation ruined my "drive" to continue reading the novel. I appreciate the effort of the current translator and I commend them for their patience and perseverance to continue providing us, Non-native Chinese readers and speakers, with the opportunity... more>> to enjoy and know more about this piece of literature but I do hope that, someday, some more skilled and experienced translator would one day picked this up. But since we "should be" rating the actual plot and story of this novel, I will not let my bias with the current translation to affect my rating for this novel. For now, I will give this a 5 STARS, hoping that one day it would be picked by someone in-line with my "reading aesthetic and preference". Thank you and for those who read further than me, I hope you enjoy your read. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
alice-in-underland rated it
February 20, 2022
Status: --
this is genuinely so entertaining, I love it so much ??? I never thought reading a BL version of the bachelor would ever be a thing, but it is and it's GLORIOUS ... more>>

I wanna know more abt wen nuo !!! He seems like such best boy material even as a side character !!!


a small translation note: sometimes the pronouns get messed up, but I think that's because of the original text. Typing in pinyin might cause the auto-character to be wrong, but everyone on the show are all guys ! <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 6, 2023
Status: --
I need Tea Novels to get their pronouns together. I’ve read a few books on their site and none of them have had consistent pronouns. It really makes it hard to understand the story became I’m constantly confused about whether a character is supposed to be male or female. Like this novel I’m trying to figure out if everyone is in fact male, if some people are cross dressing or if some people are in fact female. And since I think it’s about a bl dating game that’s kinda important
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
deasMUN rated it
May 6, 2022
Status: c188
it tries to be a fun and interesting novel but its just a mediocre reverse harem with many paragraphs dedicated to mc’s pure body.

there is no chemistry between any of the leads and MC. If you like typical reverse harems with only the plot dictating that they must like MC, this is for you.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
hknico rated it
January 26, 2024
Status: Completed
My heart is giddy!!! My ship is the endgame for this story and everything is beautiful and sweet and suddenly I want to fall in love as well.

First of all, the pace of this story is SLOW. You need to go through many chapters to reach the point where revelations might appear or for you to find the “genuine chemistry” that you have been looking for, but I promise it’s definitely worth it because after that, the story picks up AMAZINGLY. The plethora of characters that the author paired to... more>> the MC play a part on this.

Each one of them is very distinct from the other and as a result, it doesn’t bring any dullness to the story especially when it comes to progression and how the relationships are built.


It’s totally toes wiggling as you read on the story and pick up the hints of how the MC treats specific character (the ML) or vice versa. Their characteristics play a huge role in shifting this perspective that to notice it feels really rewarding, like you are in their secret as well.


The way the author portrayed love is very pure as well — it’s not only happiness but also pain that comes from it. There isn’t anything condescending about it in the writing and humane in nature. As a result, it enriches the relationship depth between the MC and the other characters, then the aftermath.

Pretty much every characters in this story is OP, they know how to do basically everything to the point their flaws might seem insignificant to what they can do (lol). Gary sue, yes, but I do think it makes the conflicts interesting with how they play into the traits played into the plot. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
AstralStuffIGuess rated it
August 26, 2023
Status: c36
The novel has really good so far.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
luhyung rated it
April 14, 2023
Status: c41
Very hard read. While I appreciate the translator’s efforts, I was reading the raws half the time to understand what was going on. Translation is very literal so a lot of subtext is lost. Which also makes it harder to like the characters.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Perry_08 rated it
November 17, 2022
Status: --
I like it. There's no usual white lotus or green tea b*tches that are usually there in these variety shows in novels. All of them are sensible, real people, even the least important side characters are normal. Gives you a sense of peace while having comedy and romance.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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