Why Did The Good Ol’ Enemy Force The Marriage?


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Announcement of joyful news from the front line! The commander Qi Qing won a great victory and made great achievements, and he was promoted to the youngest marshal of the empire!

At the moment of national celebration, as a fateful foe of Qi Qing, Ji Xingjue glanced at the experimental project fully funded by the military, and the beeping in his heart: switch out.

People from all over the empire were waiting to see Ji Xingjue’s jokes.

Unexpectedly, Qi Qing came to his front door: Want funds for next year? Come here.

Holding the tragic mood of being exposed to the wilderness, Ji Xingjue followed Qi Qing to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Ji Xingjue:?

Qi Qing: The handwriting is more attractive.

Ji Xingjue: …?

People in the Imperial Capital who are eating melon seeds:????

Ji Xingjue, who was forcibly married: I gave my life to science.


People of the Imperial Capital: This must be a unique kind of revenge!

Ji Xingjue, who was at his last gasp: I never thought of being retaliated like this.

The marshal raised his eyebrows calmly: It’s very simple, either “live” or die.

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LightPotato rated it
September 19, 2021
Status: --
Hi, translator here.

There's only few chapters so far and because I read as I translate, I don't know the whole story yet. However, for how funny the first few chapters I've seen, it's likely very promising to read.

Well, if you want cute, light, comedy romance, I'm pretty sure to recommend.😆
25 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
BambooTriangle rated it
March 30, 2022
Status: c43
I finished all translated chapters and I'm Hooked with a big H.

This novel is both hilarious and serious with mystery behind two main characters and a weak little scientist MC that is stronger than he seems (!). Furthermore it has a tsundere sharp tongue ML with the softest heart I adore this pair so much!
I just saw translator is back!! Happy!!!
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
marsGF rated it
April 9, 2022
Status: c24
It's a mystery-filled novel that would make you want to read more!

I only read the few translated chapters that are available and I am hooked! There's something happening and a lot of clues has been given to the readers, but there no whole picture yet. It's a gradual reveal, but the MC seems to be more powerful than what everyone thinks (which is a very tempting trope to read!).

The romance makes me want to laugh happily because we have a tsundere ML and... I don't know how to describe the... more>> MC in terms of romance since not everything's been revealed yet,

but I guess I'd call him a silent martyr?

It's been heavily implied that he cares about the ML a lot but the MC was always afraid of being close to the ML. As for why the MC is afraid... In the beginning, it was said that it's because the MC betrayed the ML and so the ML is making his revenge so the MC is afraid, but as you delve deeper in the novel, you'd read that the MC wasn't afraid of that. Rather, the MC is afraid that the ML would get hurt because of the MC's existence. (As for why the MC's existence is dangerous... That is still unrevealed as of chap. 24).


I don't know if my interpretation is accurate but I am definitely hooked, that's for sure. The translation is also awesome, which I am grateful for, since it's a smooth read for me.

My ratings for now would be a 4.8 / 5. Whether it goes up or down would be determined in the future chapters. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Fudgecakess rated it
January 17, 2023
Status: c1
Love this story! The ML and MC's relationship is so freaking adorable that I have to put my phone down to compose myself before I die of cuteness
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jaid rated it
January 9, 2023
Status: c48
LightPotato id doing an excellent job of translating. The dialogue is witty and amusing, the plot is fascinating and the characters are interesting. Even Song Mei and Cecillie feel like they have a background, despite being supporting characters.

I will be sad when the novel ends, that's for sure!
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rokiroki rated it
January 24, 2023
Status: c55
MC and ML's robot "child" is so cute! 😭 It's so sticky and it calls MC "mama" and ML "papa" it's so cute I'd have loved to have seen more of it.

Also, we love secret identity MCs!
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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