Who Stole The Empress


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“You have no idea how repulsed I was every time I saw you limping.”

….These wounds had made her look disgusting.

It was for this reason that the emperor abandoned the empress in the heavy snow.

Along with the sword that was stained with the blood of her family and friends.


Endless snow.

Left alone in a world that was blindingly white, Roselyn was willing to accept death.

There was no reason for her to live. She had no family, no friends, and no desires left.

She laid down her cold, freezing body on the white snow and gazed at the black sky.

The bitter cold soon thawed. It was then that she realized that freezing to death wasn’t so bad after all.

“You were banished to death, but you’re still lying here in this snow, as if you’re going to rule over it.”

This man.

“Your life….if you’re throwing it away, I’ll be more than happy to pick you up and take you away.”

Tamon Krasis, the enemy general.

“You are mine now, Empress.”

She was abandoned. He stole her and ran away.

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황후를 훔친 이는 누구인가
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6 Reviews

New Ianna2
Oct 22, 2021
Status: c69
When I first came acrossed this novel, I straight out ignored it but then when I came back at it again, it's so nice.

The plot, the 'rape' thingy is not what you think it is, haha I mean he saved her. And I love their chemistry so much.


New readers would probably not gonna like it at first, but guys try reading it further and it will explain our ML and you're gonna like him. I bet.
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New sun01
Oct 02, 2021
Status: c13
The r*pe tag was missing on this :|

This isn’t much of a review. I was interested in the premis, the novel seems really interesting and the TL quality is great, but reading the moncon/dubcon parts made me feel horrible. So I’m putting this out here for anyone who needs the warning.

This has both dubcon & noncon, so read at your own discretion
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Jul 12, 2021
Status: c8
lol this review is basically a comparison between remarried empress and who stole the empress, mostly because they are really similar (as has been noted) with a few key differences; tldr is that who stole the empress is a more tropey/cliched version of remarried empress (with key differences) SO FAR which debatably can be more satisfying especially because remarried empress is very slow paced

FL and ml

... more>>

navier and roselyn are pretty similar: stone cold empress who cares a lot about their respective countries. Loved by their people. Hein lee (ML of re; ive seen like 4 different interpretations of his name lol) is DEF way more baby than tamon who is a war hero/general and is in the tall dark and handsome category. Their relationships between the FL and ML are pretty different as navier and hein lee were good friends and had a more innocent relationship compared to roselyn and tamon who are ultimately rivals even if they do respect each other. Similar in how ml's both fell hard for the fl's icy empress demeanour, though again tamon is less innocent and more sexual LOL


emperor and lover


sovienshu and rashta are more like actual people, whereas the emperor and concubine in this story are clearly characters who are meant to be hated; sovienshu, while being hypocritical, was a good emperor and (previously) a good enough husband to navier until he met rashta. Emperor in wste is a nasty and greedy man with no redeeming qualities. Rashta is manipulative but not really an evil schemer in the same way natasha is.


in the end I feel like it comes down to the fact that wste theres a clearer good/evil or protagonist/antagonist dichotomy whereas in remarried empress theyre all more people like and in a sense any of them could have been the protagonist but the author chose navier esp considering the way rashta and sovienshu met was similar to many harlequin novels where navier would have been the archetype of a villainous obstacle. In wste its clear that roselyn was always meant to be the protagonist. Idk if I overexplained without explaining well enough, but if you know you know I guess

ALSO to be clear I am NOT saying that re is better than wste!! I do recommend this novel and I cant wait to see where it goes!!! I did rate it 4 stars which is also how I rate re!!!! They're both good!!! <<less
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Aug 11, 2021
Status: c20
By far, this novel is extraordinary. Some may compare it to the Remarried Empress but I think they are far too different to be put within the same scale. Yes, the pos concubine and emperor scheme against the hard working empress while a man of another kingdom steals her for himself. But the author’s execution differs, its painful as a reader to watch a perfect monarch have her seat stolen right below her because of the jealousy of rats who can’t stand to see her shine. The MC is strong,... more>> very strong. Not in a sense of physical power, but she perseveres through her struggles and challenges everything head on with a silver tongue. A crippled leg does not raise as a weakness, but a symbol of the honor and loyalty to her empire. And the characters in the novel may it be ally or enemy, all recognize this trait of her. Also, may I add, the tension between the ML and MC having me shaking! It’s not your mere game if cat and mouse, both figures actively push each other on with some very “heated”fights. The soon to be couples interactions have me reading at the edge of my seat and can’t wait to press the next chapter button. Rain Of Snow never fails to pick up amazing novels such as this one, and I’m grateful for this top of the mark translations. Give this one a read, it surely won’t disappoint. <<less
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Jun 30, 2021
Status: --
Basically the story goes with The MC who was former Empress name Empress Roselyn V. Sunset, whose got abandoned by the Emperor, which got schemed by him (the Emperor) and his concubine, Natasha. Natasha is the one who put idea on the Empress brother's false treason to make all the MC family and supporters got killed for the brother treasonary act. The people of the Empire loves Empress more than the Emperor due to rumor of Empress sacrifice her leg for the future of the Empire. Emperor doesn't like Empress... more>> due she more popular despite her only have cold expression in her face. Also she has more authority as strategist and good negotiator which always has upper hand during negotiation.


This story has more to Remarried Empress vibe which the author mention Natasha is more vicious side chick than Rasta.



ML is introduce as peacemaker negotiator represent his country, Amon. He remember MC during their past encounter on discussion of island??. He reminds me as Ishakan. And his lewd thought like 'I wonder if her skin feel cold like her eyes'. *Cough* *cough*. There no 18+ warning so I kind a bit disappointed.



The Emperor is more thrash as I read more. What? Since one accident that show his cowardice, his feelings of inferiority to the Empress driven him to accept Natasha trap. After Empress banished, I need the sweet revenge.

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Aug 02, 2021
Status: --
Honestly, I don't think that it's similar to Remarried Empress cause even Soveishu wasn't that vicious or cowardly. He was more of an egoistic and s*upid man.

Rashta, well she was indeed scheming but a beginner. Natasha is pro at the game.

While the Male Lead has no resemblance to Henley, he gets what he wants and ain't nobody stopping him. Our Henley and he too got the person he wanted but he was such an adorable person, pure cotton candy and while this person, he's a little bit twisted but it's... more>> alright if he's on the side of the female lead. <<less
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