Who Is Your Dad?


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“Is she my… daughter?”

It’s been six months since I possessed the villainess Celeste Aisha Louisette of Ropan.

Before the story begins, I fled to a quiet country town where I lived peacefully, enjoying wealth, power, and charm.

I’ve discovered that I have a hidden child.

“Boo Boo?”

Big eyes that look like they’re about to spill out, cheeks that make you want to bite.

The one-year-old child, heavily armed with cuteness from head to toe, is my daughter?

But the bigger question is….

“Is Valerie my child?”

The man who’s going to kill me, Archduke of Albrecht, Karl, is supposedly the father.

This is ridiculous, there was nothing like this in the original story!

I tried my best to ignore the reality,

I had no choice but to acknowledge him as he spoke with his handsome eyes flashing and the child’s bright cries.

“Don’t tell me you forgot about that night. For I have never forgotten, not even for a moment.”


That this man is the father of my child.

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Who is your dad?
Who is your father?
¿Quién es tu papá?
아빠가 누구라고요?
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