White Snake Husband


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Xu Xuancao is a monk who supports justice, eliminates demons and defends Taoism. She is superb in Taoism and is the most talented first disciple of Guiyun Sect. One day, she came to Anzhen to subdue a demon, but was bitten by a green snake demon. Suffering from snake venom, and while she was in danger, she was rescued by a man in white.

In Xu Xuancao’s eyes, he is a flawless, gentle and jade-like genius doctor. He is also the best husband in the hearts of women in the town–one who can go up to the hall and go down to the kitchen.

Are there too many monsters who want to invade him?

Xu Xuancao (draws sword): With me here, no demon dares to touch you!

Bai Sijin: What should I do if you leave, why not stay and get married.

Xu Xuancao: …After getting married for a long time, she discovered that her most gentle and virtuous husband is the super villain behind the scenes.

Hmm… Should this demon be eliminated?

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6 Reviews

Mar 19, 2023
Status: c17
At chapter 17, they've had s*x once, in a very drunken sort of way. I'm not sure but what this ought to maybe also have psychological tags, because the ML is in process of coaxing her into what he wants while also making her think she's made the choices herself. Which, to be fair, she sort of is.

She gets wounded by green snake demon, and white snake demon (who is much, much more powerful) decides to rescue her, partially because green boi was indeed doing bad things. She's blinded temporarily,... more>> and while he's taking care of her, seems to develop feelings. Not Love feels, no. Slight obsession, certainly sexy obsession... which surprises him because he's mostly been an aesthetic up to this point.

Anyway, he proceeds to start weaving a trap for her, to keep her, and makes the marriage joke pretty early on, to the dismay of his subordinate demons who are a bit frightened of having around a major cultivator from the sect that tends to hunt them down.

The first round s*x is dub/non con, but twisted, in that she wasn't really in her right mind at the time.


He's warned her that an alcohol is particularly strong and should only be drunk if one has no desires at all. She thinks she has no desires, but whoops. So she ends up stripping him, stripping herself, and then starting off the s*x. ML 110% could stop her if he wanted to, but he clearly doesn't want to, because it's a trap for her. So she ends up in angst because she feels like she r*ped him.


Anyway, I'm looking forwards to more chapters. <<less
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Jun 27, 2023
Status: Completed
A very interesting plotty smut story. I love it. Read via MTL.

FL is a cold-faced, strict Righteous Disciple of a sect with a Master and Uncle who raised her up. She cultivates the Ruthless/Emotionless Path.

ML is a black-bellied manipulative snake demon who tricks FL to staying with him. The reason why he does this is because he knows that FL being so strict with herself, will never willingly be together with him in the romantic, traditional sense. So he thinks that he has to trick/manipulate her in order to make... more>> her stay with him.

In fact, they've got a history together.


She was a fruit from a sacred tree that he grew, and they had s*x together and she liked him a lot. However, they were cruelly separated. He went into hibernation and she was stolen by a child, this child is apparently a drug mule or something. Not so sure, the MTL was a bit vague. When she got separated with ML, ML created the Demon World order to search for her but it went so wrong and out of his expectations. The Demons killed too much. He got fed up, tired, and then depressed, he went to hide at the place where he first met FL. A Heavenly Monarch/God came and took away ML's memories, and said if you find her again and love her, you'll regain them. That's when ML took over his new identity of being a doctor for the humans. He was just tired of living without her. It's why he was so obsessed with keeping the FL by his side. He didn't have his memories but he knew instinctively that he didn't want to lose her again.


I like the Extras at the end too.

As for her Master:


This one I got a bit confused but I think the Master stole her as a child, gave her this human body, and then the Master is also obsessed with her. I think the Master wants her for himself but why make her cultivate the Ruthless path then? Maybe the MTL made me misunderstand something.


All in all, a good read. I love it. Thank you translator! I will be rereading when there's a completed translation and update review then. <<less
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Jul 26, 2023
Status: Completed
Interesting role reversal on the famous Madam White Snake story. I like the ML and FL's personalities and their relationship is quite cute. Doting ML and strong FL who is naïve in relationships. They have pretty good chemistry.

The story's buildup is a bit blocky (?) for my taste: the main characters met, the main characters got "involved", introduce antagonist/main characters' conflict, conflict resolution, antagonist resolution, ending. I also felt the side characters could have been fleshed out more or revisited, but the story just focuses on the main couple. So... more>> overall, it has the vibes of a short fairy tale. <<less
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May 11, 2023
Status: c22
At chapter 22 after the field mouse demon and her spouse were killed, this conversation took place

Lin Xuanshu touched the baby's tender face with longing, "There must be such a thing. Mortal women having children with demons is a bit like a story in a play. I'm curious what the child would look like."

Xu Xucao snorted, "If there is, then that woman must be foolish, deceived by the demon."

She didn't know she was the foolish woman I wonder how she would react when she finds out doctor bai's true nature.... more>> This is one of the best stories I have read so far. <<less
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Jan 08, 2024
Status: Completed
More than the snu-snu, the love story of the ML and FL really hooked me in the end. Didn't expect that they're love started way over a thousand years but got separated! Really glad this was a happy ending!

Thanks so much to author-san and translator-san for this gem 🫶
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Oct 03, 2023
Status: Completed
Lovely short and sweet smutty romance. Great translation and I love the fan art included. I wouldn’t have minded a much longer story, especially a continuation at the end about their life together.
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