White Lotus Substitute: The Rich Are Toast


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Li Jing’s last transmigration mission was to be a substitute female lead and to endure the physical and emotional ab*se from three male leads. She had to complete a miserable and impoverished storyline before retiring to enjoy her old age.

Fortunately, this time she had a special reward from the system:

“All monetary transactions made in your name, all payments made for you in this world, will be deposited into your real-world account in full! You can take this money with you to your retirement world after the mission is completed~ ”

Li Jing: Oh, got it. ^_^

So, when the cold and ruthless CEO threw money at her, insulting her as a fake—

Li Jing, with tears in her eyes: “Who wants your filthy money? If you have the guts, donate it in my name.”

“…” The CEO donated 10 million yuan in Li Jing’s name.

When the rich and handsome School Hunk made a malicious bet that he could win her over in three days—

Li Jing, with a choked voice: “You only bet a single Hermes bag on me? Is your family going bankrupt?”

“…” The School Hunk added ten exotic leather Hermes bags to Li Jing’s name.

When the most popular Acting Emperor forced her to expose herself online—

Li Jing, holding back her pride: “Alright, if you have the guts, make sure my name stays on the #1 trending search for three days.”

“…” The Acting Emperor spent millions on traffic for the #LiJing hashtag.

After completing the storyline, the three male leads were deeply entangled.

Male leads: We’ve never seen such a strong/brave/special woman…

Li Jing: Thanks. I’m making a fortune. ^_^

The Transmigration Bureau knew that a certain big boss was inspecting the performance of their top no. 1 performer. Those top-notch and excellent men were indeed kneeling at Li Jing’s feet, heartbroken and begging her to come back.

Then he stepped out of the crowd with an elegant stride.

“I’m richer than them,” the handsome god smiled, lowering his gaze. “Can I retire with you?”

-The male lead is the one mentioned in the synopsis. The original three male leads are the ones who get hurt.

-This is a light, sweet, and refreshing story.

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New crispychicken rated it
June 30, 2024
Status: Completed
I love it! The book cover literally captures the whole plot of the story lol.

Honestly, though, this one is a light read, and I finished it in one sitting. I really loved the fact that the main character only has her own goal in mind. Her attitude towards money is something I can relate to. Plus, the three "male protagonists" are literally irrelevant except when it comes to money, so I love her for that.

Although I don't have any complaints about the male lead –

... more>>

I think it would be better to see more interactions between them when the main character was transmigrating through different worlds before her last world because I feel like it would create more chemistry between them. I'm not saying that they're not compatible, but I hope they interacted more before the last world so their romance could make more sense. Although it was mentioned that the male lead knew and was watching her, the main character didn't, so the last world was their first-ever interaction.


For the ending, the ending was okay. The three "male protagonists"–


got what they deserved, and then it was left at that. No more story after the event that the main character "died." So I didn't get to know the aftermath or the effect of the main character's death on the three male protagonists. I think it would be interesting to see what happened; however, like I've said, they're literally irrelevant (when I say this, it doesn't pertain plot-wise since they're MC mission's targets. I just meant that they literally feels like an insect that brings money in mc's mind), and the author focused more on ending the story. The main character and the male lead's story abruptly ended, leaving me wondering if they got married or had kids—no such thing was shown. The ending was a bit abrupt.


But I think it's good the way it was ended. <<less
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