White Calculation


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“Ji Xiao Li” Chen Yu Bai pressed the body under him and gritted his teeth, “What exactly did I owe you in my past life?”

“I…don’t…know..but you don’t know too? Aren’t you a fortune teller?”

At this instant, even the thousand years ice jade bed under them can feel the chill emitted by this man.

“I am the Grand Tutor! Great Divination Master! Don’t call me a fortune teller!”

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Aska.has.ORD... rated it
July 14, 2019
Status: Completed
Read the remaining chapters in MTL.

The MC is innocent like a child. If you are looking for a strong MC thru and thru skip this novel otherwise you'll die of frustration. like for real. ... more>>

the dialogue she had with the ML in the description was asked SERIOUSLY. she truly only equates his job as grand tutor as a fortune teller

I love her foster family though. everyone truly loves her except for the concubine. All of them truly only wanted her to live a happy life free from intrigues and suffering.


The dad a general peys her to the top, she can even escape corporal punishment with a single tear (crocodile ofc). Wangfei spoils her too even more than her own child- worries to the point she is sick sometimes. The 4 brothers are all siscons. They even ganged on the ML when tbey heard she was wronged.


The ML is typical of CN novels protag. Cold and detached.

only saved from a melancholy life by the warmth of tbe sun called the MC.😆


the ending tho... wow. I did not see one plot twist coming...

if you are curious read this novel. its a short one so it wont drag you for hundreds of chapters without true content. <<less
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