Which Alpha Do You Want?


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“It rarely happens this late, which is interesting.”

Seyeon had been living a normal life until suddenly she was given the verdict of ‘Omega.’

She was taken aback by the unexpected news. The doctor in charge told Seyeon,

“First of all, you have to match the opponent first for the estrus.”

He pushed photos of a young, handsome men towards her. Also several sheets of information about them.

“I’ll match any Alpha to your taste.”

One day, the world surrounding her changed, 『Which Alpha Do You Want?』

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어느 알파랑 할래요?
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Llamaz rated it
March 9, 2022
Status: c4

This novel is like her going in for a kind of blind date with some Alphas because she about to be in heat. So the doctor pretty much set up some guys who'll match up with her and do the deed. To take care of her spicy flamethrower heat. That what I got from the novel. Oho, idk but werewolf novel always have this bullsh heat thing going on. I just dont get it. But if you likely like this kind of plot story it for you. Me have left the chatroom ~ 👁_👁

I know this is early review but I just question why every female would have this thing called "heat wave"?? That is what I'm going to call it from now on, so is it like "heat" means she turn on or something? Gosh. 🤔 That heat wave would've been a pain in the a*s for every female wolf's. LIKE!!! WTF!!! #HELP #IMONFIRE #I'MINDANGER #MEABOUTTODIE #DONTF*CKME #RIP #NO Okay that all for this review. Have fun reading it. Dont let me stop you from having a sips of the novel. You could be the next one to review the novel too. Goodluck 👌👍👋 ~ bye.

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simpforeru rated it
October 22, 2023
Status: Completed
Lowk disappointing. The concept was amazing an omegaverse reverse harem and the set-up was great. I really enjoyed the author's writing style and the in-depth descriptions of how the pheromones affected her. However, I came for a smutty reverse harem and I feel like I got scammed lol but it might just be my tastes...

... more>>

I was expecting more interactions between the potential lovers however it felt like a normal straight BG novel. The love interests never interacted and she just moved on from one to the other until she ended up with the most boring one. Pheromones make the s*x scenes interesting but there was only one 3P scene which she doesn't even remember?????? It felt like the love interests personalities weren't fleshed out enough leading to repetitive R19 scenes that just got a bit old. It might just be my tastes tho cuz when I see R19 reverse harem I'm kinda expecting higher levels of plays and multiple people scenes lol. Feel like I got baited by the cover. Mid and bland and nothing new.

. <<less
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