Where’d My Delicate Little Wife Go?


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Xie Yunnan accidentally learned that he was a cannon fodder in someone else’s love, and would lose his life because of it.

What the hell is this? He doesn’t want to die!

Also, he is clearly a top. His dream since childhood was to marry a beautiful and fair-skinned wife!

After inadvertently saving a pitiful and frail beauty, Xie Yunnan bit down, and got the certificate with someone.

He married, and the scumbag left.

After marriage, Xie Yunnan fed his little wife every day and vowed to be a considerate and good husband.

After feeding and feeding, he gradually felt that something was wrong.

Good little wife, why are you getting stronger?!


Duan Changqing, a body-refining madman, transmigrated into a pitiful little fellow with injuries all over his body, and found a Taoist companion who was in-line with his heart.

He is very satisfied.

He will definitely grow back his muscles as soon as possible, and beat down all those who dare to bully his Taoist companion!

Duan Changqing worked hard to cultivate. After becoming strong, he suddenly found that he was also the most respected high priest in this world.

Duan Changqing, who had just become the leader of the rebel army and is discussing with people how to kill all the priests including the high priest: “…”

How to hide his vest? Urgently waiting online!

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June 23, 2022
Status: --
I kinda didnt read until the end but so far it was okay to put it simply. The very beginning was very interesting, we have an MC who wasn't a transmigrator or someone who regressed but got a foresight of the future. The world setting was something like a post apocalypse after zombie or alien invasion of some sort but has already establish a society where humans has adapted even got powers.

It was very interesting but this story has some issues after the very interesting world setting.

First of all the... more>> tension was completely gone and the main conflict hasnt appeared even for the first 50 chapters. The story has something going on in the background where political strive was going on. At best it feels like slice of life thats spice with comedy. There are some action thats pretty okay and rather fun but thats pretty short.

At first the main villain was pretty clear as the story heavily spotlight but then again it feels like pretty one sided. The motivation of that villain while silly was good enough to warrant him as a villain but then he doesnt feel so much as threatening cause how the conflict cause by the villain was dealt like it was nothing.

Well villain aside, granted its not something I can judge since I choose to not finished it until the translation is above 50+. Cause if I read this until the end and granted I will be bored since I basically knew the ending or how the plot goes.

Now the biggest concern for me is that the MC has no push or valuable action that pushes the story. He is like a very big Mary Sue that everything goes well for him. I think its he author fault as for the 50 chapters so far, only the ML has the biggest spotlight rather than the MC. In no way that we as the reader can develop a strong bond with the MC cause ML basically took over the MC spot for various reasons I will not explain.

In truth if the story is written differently with majorly MC view point it be still interesting even if MC is a mary sue.

I can kinda feel bad for the villain cause MC has it easy but well the villain wasnt that clever anyways


So is this something you should stop reading? Not really I dont recommend reading the MTL if you want to read the translated version. But while the MC problem aa being critical its still stand with how the world is pretty interesting and the economical and political problem thats brewing. Not only that theres still nature thats apparently a big issue as well. Over all there is something to expect in the future and maybe by then I will give a proper conclusive review. <<less
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marsGF rated it
June 18, 2022
Status: Completed
Such beautiful misunderstandings~ Just how many vests were thrown about in this novel? Lmao. 😂

The story is very tame: there's not much drama and not much conflict. The villains are all easily defeated. Basically, it's a very easygoing novel.

Another thing to note is: Who is the MC? I know that it's Xie Yunnan (XYN) but halfway through the novel, you'd feel like the MC is Duan Changqing (DCQ). At that part, the POV that you'll get to see is that of DCQ and XYN is busy at the... more>> sidelines somewhere. It continues to be so until the finale so it would have you thinking: Who exactly is the MC??

(Although the extras redeemed XYN as the MC)

I've read this via MTL. Of course, the readability isn't the best but it's easy to understand compared to other novels, which is a plus point.

What's great about this novel is the comedy: The comedy about the misunderstandings and the expectations brought about by those misunderstandings. This novel is basically a trove of misunderstandings! 😂 It's good to read as a breather but it's not actually that memorable since there really is not much conflict. I'm gonna give this a rating of 4.5/5. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Momothecrazyhomo rated it
July 8, 2022
Status: Completed
The book is a very good read. If you love cuteness and fluff with an addition of adventure and (op protag), you gonna love this book.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rida rated it
June 12, 2022
Status: Completed
Although it's not set in a primitive setting, I found this novel to be really similar to 'Stone Age Husband Raising Manual', so if you like that, I really recommend reading this!

The MC is highly liked by those around him; he's honest and optimistic but not naive. He slowly becomes stronger with the ML's help and although he marries the ML impulsively, he develops feelings for him over time.

The ML is scheming and protects the MC secretly. He enjoys living a simple life with the MC. Eventually, as the MC... more>> and him take over more cities, he helps develop the infrastructure and lives of the citizens by contributing some ideas and sharing a common cultivation method.

He does hide his identity at first but eventually tells the MC about his previous two lives, which I really liked. He's also the first one to tell the MC about his identity as the High Priest.


The plot isn't too complex and the background of the story is quite simple so there is a lot of fluff and not much drama.

The villains are easily defeated.

One of the primary antagonists, Liao Muye, was reborn and his actions inadvertently helped the MC and made his life better. In the original timeline, which is written about in the extras, although the MC eventually gets his happy ending, he suffers a lot.


Overall, this story was nice break from reading convoluted plots. My only complaint would be that I feel that there was no point in the MC getting the memories of the future. It had minimal impact on the plot; it's only purpose was to let the MC go to the river so he can save the ML. I would have also liked to know more about the development of the Holy City after the MC took over. <<less
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August 2, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a nice easy read! Although it feels comical at times (plot-wise) I don't mind it, the world setting (btw) is half modern half cultivation. I was a little weirded at first but after you just roll with it, it's quite fine!

Mostly focused on the romance, after they got married it became really stable. And then it focuses more on family, plot progressions, hustle and bustle. Felt a little like watching sitcoms -- fun and entertaining. The writing style can come across as more of a report of whats happened... more>> instead of showing us the story but its quite nice, the pace picked up because of it and I appreciated it.

Overall, this novel is quite fun and I'd highly recommend if you want a casual, cute read! <<less
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Rubyspecs rated it
June 6, 2022
Status: c57
Nice slice of life casual read with cuteness, fluff and cuteee beasts and pets, with the leads gradually becoming stronger together with people around them.

... more>>

MC is an ordinary person with companion beast which can't cultivate. Kind hearted and full of warmth and cares about people around him and tries his best with whatever abilities he has.

Later on he awakens as priest all thanks to ml.

ML is transmigrated guy with golden finger of cultivation techniques and understanding far beyond the level of this world. So he has an advantage as he easily overpowers the strongest people of this world.

The only thing that pricked me a wee bit would be MC is left in dark about the details how their enemies are dealt and handled by both of his strong father aka ghost king and his husband aka ml. MC is under delusion that he has to protect his 'pretty delicate spouse' and earn for the family but in reality he is being taken care of and protected by ML and his dad. So I am not really fond of this, I would have preferred if MC is also involved in aiding, even if ML has to hide his strength and his dad has to hide his identity

And I guess there is no much use of MC being able to recall his previous life except for being able to see through the masks of that pair of narcissistic brothers which he could have done that without previous life memories if he had bit more eq. But let's not blame him for that.

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