When The Mother Of The Duke’s Son Returns


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I returned to my husband’s funeral. Third life. I will never make the same mistake again.

So now! right now! I’m going to beat my son’s butt first!

“Bliss! I raise you by myself, not even my own son. ”How can you betray your mom as soon as you become a duke?”
My goal in this life is not to make a Duke son, but to make a Human son!

Being praised by people around you for successful financial techniques and rational judgment is an added bonus.

Love? Dating? I’m back, but I don’t need it. Because I’m busy making my son a good human first!

It was like that…

But a young man who is too good for me is obsessed with me.

“You’re not running away, are you?” I’m sure it’s not true. Aren’t you supposed to tell me what to do after a kiss?”

“When did I?!”

“First of all, shall we move? If possible, go to a narrow and dark place.”

Duke, don’t do this! I have a son who gets hurt if I don’t pay attention to him!

“You still don’t know? I don’t care if you have a son.”

Suddenly, a large, thick hand of a man wrapped around my waist.

So that I don’t run away anymore.

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공작 아들 엄마가 회귀하면
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