When the Main Bottom Becomes the Yandere Top


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I possessed the main top of a hardcore, BL novel, but the innocent, main bottom’s weird. I thought we were just normal friends. Because he was acting differently from the original novel from the very beginning. So then, why’re you acting like a yandere top?

“Stay with me, forever.”

Isn’t that supposed to be my line…?

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메인수가 집착광공이 되면
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7 Reviews

May 18, 2021
Status: c7
AH AH AH! Waiting for the novel's translation!

It is rare for a novel with Seme-like uke and Uke-like seme pair to exist. That's why I really like this novel! Too bad to read on ridibooks requires a credit card QAQ

Even though I have no problem spending my money to read this novel!! T^T
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Jul 30, 2021
Status: c12
Ah huh?

This is pretty good. The translator is doing good, the novel is great, what's with the ratings?

Ah, right.

... more>> Never trust ratings especially with newly translated novels.

I like this. Let's start with MC; MC, Hail, transmigrated into a novel where the main top is a yandere and abuses the bottom. And he is in the body of that so-called-yandere top. And then we have Evan, he is the bottom in the original novel.

At the very least, in chapter 12, the latest translated chapter, there's no description about how the original Evan is like but currently, the Evan we have is acting like a complete yandere. Hail sees it completely but completely tries to deny it inside; the denial is high in this one, people.


Baby Hail, come on. Use your brain~ This guy ain't a bottom. He'll probably abuse your kidneys at this rate. (... Or maybe not just your kidneys, considering this guy's a yandere. sweats)

"Oh, by the way."

His beautiful, melodious voice tickled my ears again.

"I don't want other people touching you."

Evan was still smiling. It was obviously the same smile, but a weird sensation went up my spine.

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Dec 17, 2021
Status: c8
It was a huge "try not to die from the second-hand embarrassment" challenge.

Like, be it a commentary on their beauty or MC in general, just made me realize this wasn't for me.

Normally I'm all in for buff bottoms, but hell, who got the idea of putting this holier-than-thou maiden as the MC?

... more>> He keeps blushing, stammering, hands shaking and eyes darting around, doing a bunch of embarrassing stuff, fanboying ML day in and out... He gets embarrassed when the ML just BREATHS.

So just imagine how embarrassing the thoughts in MC's head are when the ML is stuck to him basically all the time.

The dynamic is like this:

A: "U-hm, our knees keep touching, you also stare at me a lot, we a-are just friends tho right?"

B: "So cute wanna take home."

A: *inner monologue about how beautiful, innocent, and pure looking ML is*

"O-oh, just friends, I see."

B: "..."

I also dunno what to do about MC describing his body's good muscles, wide shoulders, narrow hips, straight spine, SUPER WIDE shoulders again-

Like dude I get it. You are handsome.

All in all, they made a Japanese beta protag transmigrate and made a yandere-in-hiding lust for him, even tho he doesn't have anything going for himself.

2 for the cover lol. <<less
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May 17, 2021
Status: c2
excited for a yandere top that is cutsey looking!!

im kinda wary of evan being like hail hm hm

gonna set up camp here and wait for more updates
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Nov 26, 2021
Status: Completed

Starting from the first chapter till the last one, the story was so finely written. The fluff, tension, mystery, plot, and main character interactions, and development have been delivered and elaborated very well. I was never bored reading a single chapter because everything was unpredictable yet interesting at the same time.

Let us examine the genre of this story: Mystery, psychological, romance, and shounen ai.

Mystery: Throughout the story, it was fun guessing who Evan and Hail really is. It was the same also for the world that Hail was brought into.... more>> Psychological: Hail's and Evan's thoughts of fear, love, and obsession in their relationship were pretty richly much shown in their point of views (POVs).

Romance: At the start, if it weren't for the twisted plot that 'Hail' has read in the original story, I would actually thought that I was reading some school campus romance story. Romance was a little bit of a slow burn, and definitely sweet and heartbreaking at the right moments.

Shounen ai: Yeah, sadly, its not a yaoi but rather a shounen ai story. I'm still waiting for a side story if author-nim will ever write one.

Want to know what type of ending it has? But honestly, I don't recommend for the future readers knowing this spoiler though. You'll missed out the fun.




Excerpt on the last line:

'His sincerity and mine had finally intertwined.'


Still hoping an English translation. <<less
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May 18, 2022
Status: c45
Not bad, but not for me.

The MC is literally like a new born calf. He is either shaking in fright or being red from embarrassment in every turn of events. It's okay at first, people have weak heart, it's understandable. However, after 45 chapters, the story still progressed to nowhere. It stuck in loops where ... more>>

oops, MC senses something strange with ML's behaviour > he's scared and skeptical > avoid the ML > fighting with his inner monologue "he should confront the ML and asked him straightforwardly, but oh the ML is so nice, pure and beautiful and he likes ML so much, there must be nothing wrong, let's forget it this time" > have little skin/eyes contacts > heart shaking > get back together >

and then repeat the same sequences for I don't know how many times already in this short span of only 45 chapters. I can't. 🤦‍♀️ This is too irritating. Besides, The narrative is very confusing. There is no rhyme or reason, but everyone here either acting like a psycho or ignorant af. Like seriously, I can't find any sane person in this story. 😣 I give up. <<less
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urmomlvr MilesDeep
urmomlvr Mil
May 05, 2022
Status: c12
i am heartbroken (≧Д≦) I love soft looking semes and ukes that tower over them. And just when I find a novel that portrays how I want the pairing to be, it got discontinued 😭😭😭 truly heartbreaking! And although the plot is barely there (just the main cp getting together) and the characters (especially mc) are particularly portrayed horribly, I still cant turn a blind eye on something that has this much potential!
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