When the Mad Emperor Suddenly Becomes Sweet


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Lucius tied her hands tightly above her head, planting soft kisses along Freya’s neck and shoulders. Freya could no longer relax as his lips brushed against the peak of her chest, which had hardened in excitement. “Oh, this feels weird,” she moaned. His hand slid toward Freya’s exposed belly, and as he reached her most sensitive spot, caressing it gently, Lucius suddenly let out a low groan.

“Freya, I can’t take it any longer.”

His ere*t manhood, threatening to spill its evident desire, penetrated her insides at once.


Freya grew up abused in her orphanage. She picked up Ruth, a beautiful boy with blonde hair and green eyes who had fallen down in the yard.

‘Freya, I have only you.’
‘No matter what happens, I won’t let go of your hand.’

But one day, Ruth suddenly disappeared, and that was the last memory she had of him. And three years later, Freya became a servant of the mad prince.

“I will give you the honor of being my servant,” said the prince. However, things began to get strange as Freya is constantly entangled with the prince. She wants to keep distance from him, but her efforts were in vain.

Blonde hair, pale skin, and thin red lips. Crown Prince Lucius held dark blue eyes, so different from the Ruth Freya knew in many ways.

‘He’s not Ruth. But why… do I remember Ruth?’

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4 Reviews

Jul 12, 2021
Status: --
this is just... so confusing?? who is lucas? what happened to the ruth and lucius from the summary? is the MC married to lucas or not? why is lucas dying right after he banged the mc? are they suddenly orphans? are they kids or adults???? literally mind f*cked rn
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Dec 08, 2022
Status: c111
whoops, this review got longer than I anticipated. The more I read, the more I had to say

Sorry about that.

Ok, so honestly the story starts messy. It starts with a smut scene

... more>> then it seems like we go back in time to when they first met

but actually she already knows him


This final flashback is when the story actually seems to start. And Freya is 7. Uh, whump Freya btw. But anyway reading it at this point got confusing bc the timeline was very loose. It seemed like the author wanted to portray Freya's terrible childhood but not get into too much details

it was to the point that we were on a scene weeks later but I thought it was the same day, and had to reread the passage bc nothing made sense.

But I did eventually get used to the weird writing style even if I didn't like it. Funnily enough, it was when she first met Ruth that I got used to the (in my opinion) bizarre writing style.

Anyway, I'm at the area where she met the prince and is now his servant and I'm getting a bit weirded out. They say she is the age of the majority because she is 16, but this man is 20. There hasn't been any smut yet, just tension, but I am so concerned I am about to read pe*ophilic content that I'm hesitant to continue. But with the way these timeskips are set up, she's probably gonna turn 21 before I even know it.

anyway, I'd recommend starting the story from the poster's chapter 4. Then there's a paragraph that begins with "until the age of seven" and then we're stuck watching Freya grow up. Before that, it's just smut and confusion because we know nothing about these characters other than they know each other and are romantically involved.

Now why'd I give this a mediocre score? Bc it's kind of boring. We got like dozens of chapters of Freya being an abused child then she finally found a way out, and now she's with the "mad" prince and it's just


it seems like the author is going to make Freya into a badass in the end, but I'm just really not into all the weird angst and misunderstandings.

Also, if you're reading this purely bc it has smut

good luck. The only one so far was at the very beginning. Then we have the abused child arc that lasts wayyy too long, and I think now we're finally getting somewhere spicy

but again. She's 16 and he's 20. Im not into it bc she's still so young and literally knows so little.

ok, that's it. I had this on my "plan to read" for months and it took until today for me to make it further than chapter 3

and that's only bc I skipped all of the first 3 chapters

Edit: I'm taking a break. The translation got rough as the story continued and I'm honestly so sick of Freya and Lucius. Remember how this is supposed to be a smut novel and it was my primary reason for continuing this? At this point I just want them to kiss. Anything to take me out of the tedious rofan cliche. Please, give me something

Also, stop having random ppl join Freya's unintentional harem. She met a character ONCE a MONTH AGO and now he's suddenly thinking about her smile? Stop it. This is just a huge rofan cliche.

  • bad childhood
  • neglected prince
  • an evil stepmother
  • a daring escape and a familial-like bond
  • reunion, but they don't recognize each other
  • prince recognizes her and becomes super obsessed but doesn't tell fl
  • everyone (which all happen to male btw) instantly likes fl
  • a lazy villainess (both the "love rival" and the empress)
  • an unnecessary fight for the throne
  • a contract relationship
  • and most annoying of all? A character named MICHAEL (I'm sorry but I can't explain this point more
    it's an irl thing)
  • oh, also I thought FL was gonna be a baddie. She's just another innocent goody-goody type
    which doesn't bear well for the future smut

I wish this story was more about them with their relationship already established and none of this orphanage/battlefield/court drama annoyance arcs. This is so predictable, especially if you've read a bunch of rofan (isekai or not) before. Like, the stand out feature for me to read was that it would have smut. I assumed it would be sprinkled throughout. Guess who was wrong and is now just reading cliche rofan garbage?

im just so frustrated and irritated that I read 100+ chapters and the most action I got (ignoring the first scene) was a kiss in a cave

And MICHAEL having s*x with the empress

which, btw, I could have lived without <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 01, 2021
Status: c2
I'm kinda confused because the first two chapter is different from the summary but I'll give this a chance when there's more chapters.


it went right into a heated scene of Freya and Lucas

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 17, 2022
Status: c102
I have some trouble with het romance for multiple reasons but for one bc the FL’s uslaly make me cringe. But I like Frrya. The story is actually good and while the translations can be a bit confusing the flow is good. I’m really enjoying this webnovel and hope it updates frequently
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