When The Cute Kunoichis Spied on Their Teacher’s Secret


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In the abandoned B3 underground plaza of a large train station, Sugiyado Souha, a 17-year-old boy with a scar on his face, was facing two fighting groups of kunoichis.

On one side was Kuhou Ouka. She was a girl of 13 or 14 with her long chestnut hair worn in twintails. She wore a special fiber outfit that fit snugly to her young bodylines and she held a hunting gun with two stacked barrels, a bayonet, and a multipurpose sight that resembled binoculars.

On the other side was Shirazaya Guren and Suiren. Those identical girls of 16 or 17 had semi-long blonde hair. They could only be distinguished by the white or red extensions attached next to one of their ears and by the flower decorations in their hair. The two slender girls each held a special-steel ninja sword and a kusarigama.

“Stop this! Keep this up and you’ll die!!”

Ugh, thought Sugiyado Souha while looking up toward the sky.

He lamented to himself while confirming the sensation of the sealed poison gas container in his hands.

How did I find myself in this mess?

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Bishojo KUNOICHI chan tachi ga sensei no himitsu wo nozoitemita kekka
Cute Kunoichis
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Mr.slowly rated it
August 8, 2023
Status: v1 prologue
A short and enjoyable story about a very talented ninja who ends up as an instructor for some equally talented young ladies. This all takes place in a sort of alternate future, kind of a Matrix feel. Pretty well written, lots of good action and some interesting sci-fi tech for anyone interested in any of those things. There is a harem, and some romance, but it's one of those things where you wish the story were much longer.

The only complaint I have about this piece is that the author repeats... more>> some descriptions of the girls way too many times. But that is seriously a tiny gripe. I'm sure some of these fellow free readers will find some snarky, scathing things to say about this, but I genuinely liked it and would rather see the author and translators feel good knowing their work was really honestly appreciated and enjoyed.

Give this a read if you just want something quick and enjoyable and finished. Oh, and there's lolis, hahaha! <<less
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