When My Wife Cheated On Me, I Went Back To My College Days! I’m A Sparkling Adolescent, Irresistible With My Married Life Experience! And Yet Somehow, My Young Wife Missed Me!


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I, Kanahisa Tokiwa, was cheated on by my wife and someone killed me. But when I woke up, time had returned to the day before my college entrance ceremony.

So I made up my mind. I decided that I would use my future knowledge and skills in my college life and show them to the world in a bright and shining youth!
And I succeeded in getting off to a great start in my college life!

But I had forgotten.

But I forgot that my young wife was also in the same university, same grade, same department….

Will I be able to escape from the spell of my wife?

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Yome ni uwaki sa retara, daigaku jidai ni modotte kimashita! Kekkon seikatsu keiken o ikashite motemote no kirakira seishundesu!Nanoni wakai koro no yome ni nazeka natsuka rete shimaimashita!
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Queen of Sheba
Queen of Sheba rated it
November 4, 2022
Status: c24
Hmm. My knee-jerk reaction was 'NTR - disgusting, rate one star for the sake of all that is good in the world and leave this rubbish behind.' The synopsis however hinted at the MC redeeming himself, so I still gave it a shot. And oh my! MC's wife is an absolute monster. The worst type of person who can possibly exist in the world - a person who breaks anything she touches, and anyone who comes close to her gets scarred for life.

For me, this is a tale of MC... more>> trying to escape the orbit of his monster that is his 'wife-in-his-previous-life' and finally get the happy ending he deserves. To this end he surrounds himself with lovely people (most of them of course women). The ex-wife however, being the utter monster she is, doesn't show mercy, she does everything in her power to have MC fall to her charms again. From the looks of things, MC is balanced (not meek or submissive) but his obssession with his ex-wife is destroying him. For one, he still mentally calls her his wife... that alone is a nail to any chance of happiness.

If MC gets together with his horrible, horrible, ex-wife again in his second change then this is certainly a 1 star novel. Oh, why do I say MC's ex-wife is a monster? She's the type of women who sends her own bestfriend to prostitute herself so she can maintain her own 'pure, and innocent' image. As I said... monster in the worst way possible. <<less
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RealityMaker rated it
November 8, 2022
Status: c32
The only real strength of this story is the mystery behind why the main character's wife cheated on him in the first place. The main character being an unreliable narrator makes it interesting since his biases clearly hinder his recollections.

Too bad those are the only good things about this novel.

The writing itself is crude and pubescent -- you cannot go through any chapter without the mention of big breasts, asses, or virg*n. With each chapter, the whole time travel and "NTR" serves to only make the MC as the "righteous... more>> protagonist" who does no wrong, and every woman he meets ends up being flat as cardboard, no matter how big the author tries to make their proportions be. <<less
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LongXi rated it
November 20, 2022
Status: c63
I think the author had a rough outline for the story but didn't know what to put in between, then after writing some chapters forgot what he wanted with the story. Then he retconned the ending of the season 1. Now, reading season 2 it kinda became needlessly dramatic, but bland at the same time. Also I think author of doesn't know what a real relationships looks like since this seems more like a shounen writer making a soap opera drama because it's what he on the tv. Nor does... more>> he know what the "composure of a married man" is.

Edit: So I just finished reading ending of season 2 and at this point, I'm dropping. The whole arc was a filler, and remember his conviction that he established at the very start of this novel that made us read in the first place, he set it aside in the end of first season and trampled on it on the end of second season. Yeah this might be a different universe he was from, but do you know what's not different? Ririse and Hagiri's relationship, just as MC got the got in his previous timeline, and FC loved him yet still cheated because of some bs reason she is a doll of NTR man, then tried to ask for forgiveness. That will just repeat in this timeline, and if author writes otherwise it wouldn't fall into place without feeling forced. He should've just stick to his original script where MC stirred clear of NTR girl and man. <<less
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Kines rated it
February 1, 2023
Status: c35
It feels so pointless in a bad way. Its not literally all bad n stuff and I get it, solving problems are fun (?). Personally though this feels kinda bad since the story premise is the dude going back in time and reliving (potentially) fixing his past mistake (marrying his wife?) but the longer this goes on it feels kinda wasted. He’s not using his special perks of future info to gain any upperhand, so much so that you’d think hes trying to life a slow life like in isekai.... more>> Nope. Hes still beefing with his wifes bf (lol) and at the same level too. Couldve hug some company stocks, do real estate, shiycoins, and more. But nahh lets just do whatever pontless stuffs till the giy came up along with ur wife then kinda have a stare down till ur wife breaks it off. And also, I get that hugging golden thigh and stuff is good but don’t you have some pride? If you are willing to hug the senpais leg why dont you actually try to make money??? And forgive me for this, if I remember correctly hes not even studying that hard. Just feel like hes back with no passion for anything whatsoever. He hates it when bad stuff happens even though he knows itd happen and how to prevent it. I really feel like the antagonist got more respectable willpower and ambition than the MC. He kinda deserves to be cucked with no 2nd chance. <<less
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Fincentcloudzt rated it
January 10, 2024
Status: c130
In short, this is story about beta san that found out his wife cheating and he got rewind his collage youth. Unfortunately, its more like second time of normal beta male became super beta male.

MC : "What? SUMIMASEENNN!! I'm really sorry to disturb your s*x, ntr san. Can I speak to my wife after you done f*cked her?"

Yeah, typical jp beta male but this MC has no proper male behavior, no backbone! Simping over his wife to much and dont have any slight motivation to change his fate. Cuz, all... more>> of develoment is forced only in plot by author san.

FMC (more highlighted rather than other potential fmc) : ex-wife but MC always mention her by his 'wife'. Despite of supernatural thing, this b*tch is a true whore. I dont care about author story to elevate her value, but she had sleep with many man before and got tired about it. Then she choose MC just for avoid her ex and convenience, but in the end she cheated him with his ex. <<less
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M0J0 rated it
November 17, 2022
Status: c50
Okay, so reading in so far, I'll say this: it has SOME great moments, SOME good moments, and MORE bad moments. What do I mean by that? Well, I'll start with Bad.

The MC has some weird pride/ego of his past self regarding his "ex-wife" and what I mean by this is that he constantly treats this wife he meets in the new past as if she's the same one of the old future. Now, author has tried so hard to make this MC seem smart and in control of himself... more>> many times, but mostly the guy just starts petty and worthless drama whenever she comes around except for like, one chapter where he actually got along with her well.


They actually had really good chemistry in one/two chapters where they hung out, drank, and did lottery things together. Even the MC acknowledge that he would like to change the future regarding his "new" past wife. But of course, that all gets side swept as if never happend because author just feels like continuing drama for whatever reason to "keep readers interested." Seriously, what is the obsession of vengeance with JP, KR, and CN writers? Like, they even slept together on a couch at her house. Literally slept, not s*x. Yet somehow, the dude cannot comprehend nor understand he is living in what can be considered as an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT REALITY from his original one.


Like I get it, she did awful thing to you in a different timeline, but ultimately speaking that doesn't matter when you realize by the premise and concepts of this story that it technically -TECHNICALLY - never happened. So, simply put, the MC, although right to have his angers and frustrations on the ex- wife, completely fails to understand that the person he's dealing with is actually NOT his wife that he knows. ESPECIALLY considering all the changes and events that he had done that basically ensured that he's certainly not in the same timeline as before.

This honestly is what I consider to be the worst aspect of the story so far, but regarding the harem? Eh... not too bad actually. They have their own personalities in a sense but sometimes they'll act and behave all the same as of they're the same character. You know what I mean when you read the parts when they're all together. So far, they're just "friends" with the MC but there have been hints of romantic feelings from at least one of them at the very least so the harem aspect this story is only starting to begin with where I'm at.

For the most part, the story is still interesting but I just wish the author took a different route than the typical "revenge from the future" angle that honestly just doesn't make sense to me at this point considering everything being shown so far. At least when it comes to the "wife". As for the antagonist? No, MC is justifiable in that regard, especially when we learn of the shady sh*t the dude has been doing. <<less
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Sokaris rated it
October 13, 2023
Status: c125
Oh boy, I don't think I have enough neurons to understand what made the author decide to go from an NTR induced time-leap romcom to the MC becoming ninja batman fighting against the former-wife's cartoon villain of a childhood friend.

... more>>

MC developed ninja skills in his previous life after doing some scott pilgrim-esque battles against his wife's (way too many) ex-BFs. Is also superhuman-level strong from doing part-time construction work before getting into college and also knows how to break into houses because apparently that is part of an architect's skill set.

Then in the current timeline he just happens to remember exactly how the stock market behaved in his past-life then proceeds to become mega rich in order to compete with the ultra rich childhood friend


Then there's the whole mystery of what caused the time leap, so obviously the author decides to

make it about some deep King Arthur lore (god I wish I was joking) centered on the former wife and also the reason for the childhood friend being a mad scientist with connections to brazilian dr*g lords

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Somara rated it
November 24, 2022
Status: c62
So I'm only writing this after I saw the translator mentioning complaints on NU.


Translator already said, if you dislike it, stop reading.

... more>> In my case, I don't mind grammar errors. If something seems off with the translation, I can read it later in JP. (I can read JP, it just takes longer and I can't use a dictionary while I'm commuting, so I usually just read on my commute and check later if something seemed off at home.)


Some people complain about NTR and others don't like how the protag is getting back to the wife that cheated on him. So this is just speculation but I don't think she actually "cheated" on him looking at the current development.


It seems more likely that Hagiri had just r*ped her or forced her to do it. Maybe more precise reasons will be revealed later, since there is something going on between Hagiri and Ririse that Kanata doesn't know about. (Ch62). Recall that Ririse had offed herself after the act.

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AngelKnighz2lips rated it
February 21, 2023
Status: c17
I was planning to read more chapters down the line just to get the feel of the story's setting in order to truly see if the other reviews here do say it in a matter of fact on what this story is like.

But it's a 5/5 stars for me.


Well, after reading a comment that says that this is a slow-burn type of story, I'm the kind that likes these kinds of things whereas, for the NTR part, no, but I think this tag was only necessary because I think the... more>> author is trying to show something in a sense where the author kind of takes some parts of other protagonist qualities or traits from other JP, CN, and KN stories in the MC's wife's childhood guy friend who is seen as arrogant but also charismatic in the eyes of others.

Also, another thing, I'm the type that likes to speculate and also trying to see far ahead on where the story will go so here's my review/opinion of it...


We have three characters here in the first part of the story which is of course, our MC whose name is Kanahisa Tokiwa, his wife, Riri, and his wife's childhood guy friend named, Hagiri, and also the very guy whom his wife cheated with.

In the first chapter, it was confusing on whether the attitude of his wife to him was one of lamenting and in asking for the MC's forgiveness right after our MC found out about her affair with her childhood friend, or that she may as well have a kind of fetish to ask for his forgiveness, in a sense, where she desires to keep two men in her life to continue entertaining her.

But after reading about her desperate plea and cries to the MC for forgiveness which was heard by Tokiwa, Tokiwa himself has instead asked her to just die because of the hurt that she's done to him that, yes, she followed through his words and decided to just.... *krrrrk* herself.

Afterwards, the MC himself also passed away and then regressed into his college life where he decided to renew himself by trying to not cross paths with his wife because he rather not go down the same path again.

Now, since our MC has regressed and that his wife's childhood friend's personality is then shown after arriving in college and meeting his wife; remember the part where I said about the author integrating protagonist traits and qualities into his wife's childhood friend that I talked about? Right, so, Hagiri is shown by the author as a highlighted protagonist who is always, and must be, in the spotlight to the point that the people in the MC's college is recruited into Hagiri's group that the MC saw through this ploy of his since the people Hagiri recruited were those who imbue beauty and good-looks that this is where a kind of "love rivalry" started because the MC hinted that those people were only recruited not for their talent but instead to build Hagiri up as a "king who has good-looking vassals". This is then where he said that, in his previous life, Hagiri was already known as a rich and famous man if the MC had let Hagiri pull his wife and the others in making him famous and wealthy.

Also, I think it's wrong to just say that his wife's childhood friend seemed to just unnecessarily push himself in situations where the MC is just because the wife is there. It could be that Hagiri is just trying to sustain his star-like repertoire and his childhood friend status because his wife's childhood friend seemed to think of himself as the protagonist of a manga that the others may view Hagiri as an unnecessary block wherein fact, he could be necessary for the story to develop.

Whereas, for the wife, I suspect that she must've regressed like Tokiwa too since the MC was always dumbfounded by her behavior and in her ways in always trying to get him to eat lunch with her, and spending time with her to the point that his wife is seen as a good and innocent beauty that always tries to get people to get along with each other in the eyes of the MC. Moreover, Tokiwa seemed even perplex that his wife is even in the same department as him that his remembrance of his college days in his previous life was one where he "could only look at her from a distance" that this was what confuses him but decides to not pursue this train of thought any further.

In addition to this, in one chapter, his wife's best friend, Mashiba, seem to downplay Riri's innocent image in front of the MC because of how Riri and Hagiri was always together that, instead of being persuaded by her words, he himself instead noticed that this wasn't the case in the sense where Riri has already reacted badly to her best friend's rudeness to MC. It almost seem like she was trying to not show MC any kind of stain but then, our MC is oblivious to what his wife was trying to do that he has always tried to push her away.

These are just speculations of mine since the author, who may have read other JP, CN, and KN might be trying to put a kind of meaning in this story that he has, instead, decided to put the NTR tag here because stories that have this tag don't always end up with a happy ending.

Maybe the harem tag is in this story as a way to build up the story as it progresses, and that the relationship of the three core characters will then be shown more afterwards in the later chapters and that the other girls could be just there to kind of like, help the MC's growth. Possibly. I could be wrong in this since I'm still the tens chapters.


In any case, I could be wrong in my speculation since I'm not one for seeking vengeance albeit apologies may as well be better to be said face-to-face to the ones that has been instigated on. Nevertheless, I'll still have this as a 5/5 stars with how the author is trying to deliver the story in a way that he/she so desires. <<less
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thaaungoo004 rated it
October 19, 2023
Status: c30
This novel is one of the worst I've ever read. Not because of the contents or even the MTL which is horrendous btw. It's because everything feels unnatural, the pacing is off, and random things can occur for the sake of it. It feels like the author came up with the name of the novel and the premise, then opened up his laptop and began writing in the middle of the night while extremely sleepy. One word to describe this novel would be: discombobulated
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November 28, 2022
Status: --
I really hate NTR to be fair I read doujins with that tag sometimes but I'm picky with it (I usually read where the guy that's getting NTR'D don't get a spotlight at the doujin since the guilt is gonna eat me up) I read Novels that had NTR as it's tag a couple times but it was mostly of revenge aka the b*tch/b*stard who NTR'd die a horrible death and the guy/girl that got NTR'D be happy the wife according to the other reviews didn't die a horrible... more>> death and even made the MC's life worse after the regression and the MC's obsession on his wife which I understand since you loved her half of your lifetime only to find out your wife is getting f*cked behind your back I personally probably fueled that "love" into "hatred" or even probably ignored her and focused on anything other than her (dating, vacation etc that's "fun") I'm still hesitating on reading it it's tempting but the NTR is really making me hesitate

I'll edit it after reading a bit of it and if not edited then I probably chickened out of reading the novel... sigh..I hate this kind of relationship problems which is absurd since there will always be problems at a romantic relationship maybe that's why I hesitated on going into a relationship and maybe that's why I like reading novels since there's always a "perfect" relationship in novels sorry author just ranting... (╥﹏╥) <<less
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Kermit Pretender
Kermit Pretender rated it
June 13, 2023
Status: c113
This novel is amazing. A fun and weird story of a guy that gets a second chance in life to not mess things up and just wants to enjoy his youth, just to find himself not only commiting pretty much the same mistakes, but also putting himself into a lot of trouble for that.

The Good:

    • It's refreshing to see a novel that is not an Isekai or a High School drama, but instead in a University setting. This gives a lot of freedom to both the characters and the writter, creating a lot of interesting scenarios.
    • The MC acts like an actual adult (young adult, but hey, its progress) that just wants to have fun but he is not s*upid, he is prone to action and resourceful when needed.
    • MC relies more on his past experiences rather than knowledge; like how he was a gloomy person but was forced to break out of his shell due to his work and got more confident when talking to people.
    • The Author is clearly very passionate about his work and I respect that. Not to mention in the last chapters this has become something akin to a Bollywood Soap Opera and I love it.
The Bad:

    • The FL is this suppossed goddess on Earth, with a gorgeous body and pure personality, but I cannot help but find it kind of annoying and bland, like it needs a little more of character development. I think is due to a lack of disclosure of the cheating.
    • I don't know if its due to how the author writes, the TL team or just that my English is lacking, but there are instances when I don't understand what the characters are talking about, particularly in the first chapters.
    • And sorry to say this, but the girls the MC saves play a lot of dirty jokes that just don't land with me.
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jpmrblood rated it
February 16, 2023
Status: c91
This is a slow burn novel. The author sprinkles little clues here and there. I think this web novel falls into physiological story. It tries to put slice of life, but it won't fool me! The darkness inside the story so obvious.

... more>>

First, I thought this is a story of a ghost from sixth sense. But, the more I read, the more I get that this is a story about a cult in modern society. Currently, more like Fight Club, but don't know if there would be supernatural later.


Btw, the translation is fine and enjoyable. I can immerse myself in the story. <<less
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