When My Childhood Friend Dumped Me and I Was Expelled From the Soccer Team, it goes on to the point of other childhood friend left speechless. . EH? You Want Me To Come Back Because You’re in Trouble Because I’m Gone? I Don’t Know Anything About That


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My first love ended when my childhood friend and girlfriend, Sorane Takasaki, said, “Let’s break up….”

It was Todo, the ace striker on the same soccer team, who stole my girlfriend away from me.

Yuma Munagata, a second-year high school student, is an inconspicuous boy with a gloomy personality.

But there were two special things about him. First, he has a beautiful childhood friend, Sorane Takasaki, and second, he is actually a foreigner.

Since he was a returnee, he was very assertive and was ignored by the people around him.

And thanks to his efforts, he has been able to contribute greatly to the soccer team with his dedication. Even though he was inconspicuous, he was actually a key player in the offense and defense. But in spite of this, ace striker Todo makes fun of his dedicated play, takes his girlfriend, and expels him from the club.

He feels as if everything is over, when another childhood friend, Shiranui Mashiro, arrives.

Shiranui is half Russian, and like Yuma, is a foreigner who has returned to Japan. In order to change their difficult lives, the teacher in charge of their class orders them to join a special club, the Public Morals Club.

As they get to know each other through the club activities, the two grow up, and Yuma’s high specs are gradually revealed, and the people around them cannot leave him alone. In addition, other childhood friends and girls who adore him confess their love for him one after another.

On the other hand, Sorane, who dumped Yuma, finds her heart back in him, regrets it, and cries, but there is nothing she can do about it.

When Yuma leaves the soccer team, Sorane is left without him, and naturally, she starts to fall apart.

Todo, a bum striker, gets down on his knees and cries to Yuma, but it’s already too late. Finally, Todo is expelled from the soccer club due to his outrageous behavior, and is expelled from school.

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~ Osananajimi ni Furareta Ue, Soccer-bu wo Tsuihou Saretara, Hoka no Osananajimi ga Donbiki Suru Kurai Guigui Kita. E? Boku ga Inakunatte Komatta kara Modotte Kite Kure tte? Imasara Sonna no Shirimasen ~
~幼馴染に振られた上、サッカー部を追放されたら、他の幼馴染がドン引きする位グイグイ来た。えっ? 僕がいなくなって困ったから戻って来てくれって? 今更そんなのしりません~
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HenryTUns rated it
May 14, 2021
Status: c2
The title is too short. The description also leaves me in too much suspense over what is going to happen.


More to the point, the chapters feel really disconnected from each other. Despite what the MC went through the first chapter, none of the emotion of that is shown in the character. Instead it is basically a power trip of the guy beating up 3 delinquents at once and showing off his multilingual skills. An emotionless power fantasy that is already spoiled by its description isn't that appealing.

22 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
EvilPersonified rated it
May 24, 2021
Status: Completed
[easy to read the raw with straight MTL.]
This is a decent, if cliched story, based on a short story the author wrote a little while ago.
Our (self-proclaimed) average, unremarkable and gloomy MC, after being cheated on for two weeks (he was fully aware of the fact from the first day of cheating), gets dumped and that breaks his heart into pieces. Getting dumped is what broke his heart. Anyway. Immediately after, he becomes super popular with every girl in the school that is considered hot, an idol, or... more>> untouchable. Regardless, he tries to pursue a clean monogamous relationship with the first girl to approach him (his second childhood friend) after he gets dumped. Their history is just as long as with the first childhood friend, their compatibility is good, and of course she has always loved him. But so has the third childhood friend to show up. And so has the fourth self-proclaimed childhood friend who only talked to him once. And also the cousin that is a teacher at his school. And maybe the sister. Oh yeah, and apparently the first (cheating whore) childhood friend too? What?
He is forced to join/found the jara club (basically the service club from OreGairu SNAFU) and their service club activities somehow always seem to turn into a situation where MC has to compete in sports, hand to hand combat, karaoke singing, academics etc and he always effortlessly dominates even though it is on the other guy's turf or speciality.

Throughout the story it is revealed piece by piece that he is;

-a top tier student in almost all academic subjects, save for Japanese history because he learned world history in instead

-a super genius at soccer/football even though he had never played it before high school

-a returnee transfer student back from Russia

-an international judo champion

-training partner of the world tennis champion

-fluent in Japanese, English, Russian, maybe others

-taught how to skate by the world's top figure skater


...a totally average, unremarkable and gloomy Japanese kid, indeed.

The description/synopsis is basically the entire first 44 chapters minus the dialogue and the above revelations about MC. The dialogue is interesting enough to make it worth reading. Anything after chapter 44 should be new material that was not in the original short story or the synopsis


Like almost all web novel love stories, there is nothing really remarkable about this series, everything is predictable, nothing will surprise you, but it is still a fun read. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LittleBigSnowFlower rated it
July 15, 2021
Status: Completed
I just want to say that reading the description made a very good tl;dr version of the novel that most would just read the description and would know the majority of what happened LOL

The novel itself is not even that unique and just colored differently, it felt too linear (title itself and description is a dead giveaway) that you would know what will happen sooner or later so it's a very light read that doesn't need to be taken seriously (in a good way). There are points that can be... more>> done better though.

Solid 2/5 for me. Good enough for a one-time short read too. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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