When I Went to Another World, All the Women I Met Fell in Love With Me and Things Got Out of Hand – A Carefree and Heartwarming Harem of a Man Who Fell in Love With a Death God, as He Pours His Thoughts Into a Sketchbook and Dominates All


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A high school student with the ability to instantly memorize anything he sees becomes enchanted by a beautiful Grim Reaper he accidentally encounters. In order to be with her, he must become a god. With his incredible ability to remember skills and use them to command monsters as weapons, he sets out on a journey of training to become a god in another world.

This is an adventure fantasy with ecchi theme, featuring a main character who rises quickly to become the strongest by using his skills to draw and command magical creatures.

However, it is a world where women are very forward. Before he knows it, he finds himself in a situation where he must marry all the heroines he meets, including beastman maids, elves, spirits, princesses, receptionists, saintesses, and goddesses!

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Isekai sketch
Sketch Isekai
When I go to another world, all the women I meet fall in love with me, so I'm out of control ~Put your thoughts in a sketchbook A man who fell in love with Shinigami & a heartwarming harem~
異世界行ったら、出会う女性みんな俺を好きになるので収拾つかなくなっている ~スケッチブックに想いをのせて 死神に恋した男の無双&ほのぼのハーレム~
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3 Reviews

Aug 14, 2023
Status: c37
This is a great example of why you don't introduce too many characters all at once. Within the first few chapters of the MC being isekai'd, about 10 different girls have fallen in love with him right off the bat. All of them seem to have a personality archetype that simply consists of them being completely infatuated by the MC. They really don't have any other defining characteristics. As a result, they're all basically indistinguishable from each other, and only exist so that the MC can have lots of different... more>> women. <<less
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Jul 19, 2023
Status: c36
Just like any other story where the main character gets isekai'd, goes on an adventure, and has all the women he meets fall in love with him instantly.

The twist is that it's a speedrun, and the harem members so far have just been like NPCs in games giving quests and explaining things. The only semi-interesting thing about the novel is his relationship with the shinigami, but even that part is just average. Everything else has not the slightest creativity and is written in a mediocre way, and the relationships progress... more>> too fast in some ways yet not at all in others (instant proposal, sleeping in the same room they night they met, but the protagonist refuses to even touch them and knows nothing at all about them aside from whatever quests they've given).

On the combat side, he starts at level 1 but quickly levels up and gains skills, finds stronger monsters, levels up more, etc. Even though sometimes he says the fight will be dangerous, there was no feeling of tension in any of the battles so far.

So this is a mediocre novel that I can't really recommend to anyone. Maybe for people who only read novels to see numbers go up. <<less
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Sinner Angel
Sinner Angel
Jun 30, 2023
Status: v5c57
Warning 1: The title more or less describes what this is all about

Warning 2: Turn off about 96~98% of your brain cells and you will have a nice read

Warning 3: This is only my opinion up to where I read already

Warning 4: This is your classic overpower troupe, turn away if you don't like this troupe, you are warned.

Ok, we begin with the premise that MC that dies, ... more>>

for true he was killed by the death god because he saw her face, breaking some kind of universal law or the like

That's all, don't ask for more, and better don't start whinning just because.

P.S: I will be back if there's something remarkable later on <<less
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