When I Was Summoned to Another World with RPG Style, [Likes NTR] Skill Appeared


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The main character is summoned to another world with RPG style by the Goddess of Darkness. The goddess gave him a variety of useful weapons and skills. But among them, there’s also [Likes NTR] skill.

The Hero will met the heroines and journey together while enjoying NTR Play.

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Gonzhilaz rated it
August 12, 2017
Status: c2.5
What can I say. This is hentai.

I don't like NTR stories, but this one doesn't felt like NTR. It's like a p*mp selling his s**tty girlfriends. The s*xy scenes quite okay. But the story is awfull... I thought the MC would find a way to break the curse of the Dark Goddess, but he just accept the curse and infected his girlfriend with his curse.

Oh well... If you looking for some NTR... Might wanna try this... If not.. Dont bother f*p errr read this..
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Darxen rated it
August 13, 2017
Status: c53
First - I put 5 stars for the simple fact that people not concerning these tastes will give a minimum of qualification.

Second - I read the raw in the time where I started to read some novels from its origin with several mtls, so my review along with the above is not very valid, but it has more value than the people who put negatives only for the NTR (I do not mean the first review).

Third - I have already read the novel, so I will not put anything about... more>> the translation, but personally, I like the original onomatopoeia more, feel more fluid.

Regarding the novel, I can only point the points I remember and those I think necessary.

-The protagonist is not hetare or any weak characteristic of the typical weak MC in ntr.

-The novel is labeled as netorase (netorare play) and junai (pure love).

-Every chapter is long, without overwhelming with unnecessary walls of descriptive text.

-The scenes of s*xual relations are equally light and long, describing just and necessary adding the lines of dialogue of those involved (even if it is moans), so it is not a novel type manual that every few lines of characters there will be a wall, I reiterate, I read the kanji / hiraganas with their respective romaji along with the hard translation, so I get used to reading the "important parts" in Japanese in a more natural way than translated with the "pan pan" and "pero pero" haha. <<less
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Reeverdark rated it
March 25, 2018
Status: c28
To clear up some of the confusion that seems to be prevalent towards this work, I feel the need to clarify to everyone.

This is not a story of hardcore NTR, nor Netori. Its about a kink, a taboo kink, of watching your lover with another man, and how BOTH of you enjoy it, but then at the end of the act, both return to love each other and continue as lovers... The men, other than the MC, are nothing more than glorified vibrators for the MC and his ladies to... more>> get off.

If you are unfamiliar with this sort of perverted play, it goes by another name in western society, known as "swinging". This is not to be confused with a 1930's dance and music form, but an act of sharing your lover/s with multiple people. Swinging contains elements of both NTR [Netorare] - (lover being stolen through s*x), and another type recently depicted in japanese culture known as Netorase - (watching your lover getting stolen as a fetish). These both seem remarkably the same, but the context can be remarkably different. NTR can have themes where the lover who is getting stolen is being blackmailed or raped, while the other is unaware of his or her lover being stolen. Whereas with Netorase, one of the two in the relationship, asked for the other to get stolen while they watch, and more often than not, the result at the end, is that it intensifies their own feelings for each other and end up in passion together. In short, its a play... there are exceptions involving setting up your lover to get raped or seduced without their the other parties knowledge, but that's more rare...

Basically the difference is, that the order of things is reversed.

So, with that out the way, let's actually review this work. First off, I would like to suggest the tag "swing" or "swinging" in the list as, that fits this title much better than any other.

Second, I would like to point out that this is a "happy end" type story, in fact there is hardly ever any sort of negativity in this story at all, in the context of "perverse acts, being explored with love"... at least that is the feeling of this work... there are some hills the MC needs to climb, but overall this is a hentai work about "sharing" with those they deem not "dangerous".

What this means is, that the MC, although is cursed to be a cuck and enjoys it, is still no push over... in fact he can be rather aggressive, and if there is a man or situation he feels is either a scum bag or will harm his important person, he has been known to kill them or at least threaten them.

This aspect feels rather fresh, and on top of the fact that all his girls are a bunch of bad ass fighters, it gives a sense of security, that in the end "nothing really bad is going to happen".

For some of you more into "hardcore" NTR or Netori scene, this will not be for you at all, as it will make you feel quite light in comparison. The reason for this I feel is because the main focus is that of "NTR play", the feeling of taboo and perversion, that sent aroused chills up your spin, because you know your doing something wrong. Not the feeling of fear and adrenaline of your loved one leaving you for another man...


It seems to be the opposite strangely in this story... the girls feel really insecure about him leaving them for all the cheating they do in front of him (that they begrudging love to do, and cant help but fall into lust for)... even though he erasures them that he's actually loving every moment and is cumming in his pants the moment they cum from another man cumming in them.


All in all, this is, through and through, a lighthearted yet rather (or extremely, if you view sharing as extreme) perverse hentai about swinging, due to a curse, and how they go about revising it.

Overall, the author seems to be extremely clever in how he sets up certain situations and plots, however, sometimes falls short of execution, as some chapters do feel a little monotonous, at least in terms of the language used. This might be due to translation or how it was written in the original work, but I dont find this to have a massive negative impact on the story as a whole.

So far im enjoying this work and hope to see more of its kind, that explores the s*xual fetish of cuck love, but where there is no actual resulting loss like in this work, as apposed to harder types of NTR.

5/5 -originality. 4/5 characters. 3/5 -plot progression. 4/5 -erotica. 3.5/5 -writing style.
Overall score - 4 (some forgiveness I feel I needed since this is an amateur web novel work) <<less
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_Asura rated it
November 14, 2017
Status: c53

For those people that read this out curiosity and expecting the MC a happy end, u will be disappointed. As of of the latest chapter the girls are already broken, they enjoy cheating with other people falling in love like a bitch hiding it with the MC.

Why 5 stars?

Its really not that bad if ur already corrupted. Yes, corrupted. I thought this is a netori but its not. Already in this path and cannot go back anymore. All hail NTR sect!!! M (-__-) m

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dumdum rated it
May 6, 2018
Status: c31
The thing is I loves ntr type a, b and c (netorase and netori). This story is about netorase, similar to Marina series from Atelier Sakura. The MC just loves how other men corrupted his girls, and the girls loves it too.

If you're slut enough just read it, and leave it if you prefer something ordinary.
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LegendX rated it
January 28, 2018
Status: --
Alright I'm gonna be honest wasn't completely sure what to expect when going into this but since my life was going fairly well at the time I decided to seek balance by looking into some rape/cheating/NTR/cuckold genres and thus stumbled upon this little wonder which I gave 3 wonderful stars why you ask? Weeeell

First star goes for translation:

Which when compared to the Japanese text overall, isn't too bad, we get a few things lost but that's more because of culture than the translator themselves. Also the release frequency of chapter... more>> pretty solid, although it may not be the once a day so many of us want when it comes to our translated online novels the translator does do a fairly good job at release consistency.

The 2nd star for the world:

Although it does follow the standard summon to another world trope, it's still fairly interesting to see how different lands are governed (I'm using that term loosely -_-) by different gods, as well as the difference in out look for the residence.

The 3rd Star for erotica:

The H-scenes are fairly good, creative, and sometimes a bit lengthy which isn't always a bad thing especially for those with a more*cough* colorful imagination.

Now as to why I can't give this story anymore stars...


Minus star for characters:

The MC: is a wuss, the artist gives us an impression that he might be a [email protected] at the start when he guns down two men in cold blood just for looking at his girl but than later on said girl gets taken over and over again by similar type or worse men than the first encountered duo and all our MC does is... well literally jack around *pun*. Yes he's cursed but the story makes it quite clear in several chapters that it's something that can either be resisted or indulged. He's not a slave to the curse he still has a choice. Worse every character that allows him to fap off while his girls are getting plundered immediately becomes a "nice", "kind" or "good" person in his book (FYI this also includes several predatorial rapist.) with the MC either promising out loud or thinking that he would come back and visit again. Um excuse me? Isn't the whole premises to get rid of the curse so this kinda thing doesn't happen in the future?

The harem?: While at first they seemed to put up resistance and at the least would inform the MC whenever they accidentally "cheated" by the end they more or less just forget or disregard telling him any infidelities at all unless he just so happens to catch them in the act, not to mention they even begin to cover for each other (or in most cases the people who took advantage of their curses.) keeping MC completely in the dark while one or two of them are off sleeping around, which is fairly weird since early on there was this big emphases on the MC "protecting" the girls or I suppose keeping them from losing control and sleeping around without his knowledge. The MC swears multiple times that he can see the love for him in their eye's but can they're really be love without trust or respect? Hmmm....

Everyone else: Is more or less just there to take advantage of the MC and his harem members curse in some way. Yes I understand it's H-novel but when every character is either going to sleep with MC harem, set someone up to sleep with MC harem or cover for some one sleeping with MC harem it points a pretty bleak outlook on the world in general. I mean come on, even the innocent children are often in on it!

Minus star for the story:

Yes I know it's an H-novel but that's no excuse to throw the premises of your story out the window after the first few chapters. Yes I know all the characters are cursed but again, as I mentioned, it's made clear several time's throughout the novel that they can resist the curse and while the H-scenes are creative I just wish the writer could have come up with more creative reasons for "why" they where in those scene's without having the reader grabbing their head screaming "WHERE DID THIS COME FROM? WHY DID THIS HAPPEN?" for example they're a few instance in the story where the characters themselves are brainwashed or drugged, There, right there perfect excuse to start an ntr scene that won't cause the reader to question their mental capacity.

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devilmycry rated it
December 8, 2018
Status: c48
This novel was my first Isekai NTR novel i've read and you know what? I f**kin love this series so far. Oh btw I'm on the cuck side (the thrill when your loved one being taken by another guy makes me diamond :D oh spare me I'm rotten on the inside after all) and I'm not really fond of Netori I guess. I've played/read a ton of Eroge and H-Manga with NTR-tag before so I can tell which is good or not and.. Based my judgement this novel really hit... more>> the spot

(for f*p material of course)


Before.. If you dislike NTR-tag or has a weak heart.. Then you can f*ck off this is not what you lookin for.. Oh and don't ever try to review or give a bad rate for this series with your sh*tty review (muh NTR bla bla bla) because of your bad taste.. You don't even read.

Okay then why you should read this novel :


The Plot

The MC got a curse by Goddess of Darkness. The curse is called [Likes NTR] that is when you get s*xually excited by looking your girl get "eaten" by another guy. Meanwhile the girl you're had s*x with will get another curse by the Goddess. This curse called [immoral] yep its immorality.. That kind of act where you get aroused when doing something corrupt. These curses are the main plot for this series. Well basically the MC will brought into the setup where his girl get abused and he get aroused by looking at them. So the curse is somewhat ridiculous but interesting at once.. Because MC can only have s*x with the girls once a week due to this curse and so they satisfy themselves with doing that kind of act (i.e Netorase) while they are on a journey to dispel the curse. It's frustrating but they still in good terms as lover.


The MC is likeable, he is smart and cool to the point he can take a quick action based his judgement. The Heroine are cute and attractive both character and physically. The Chads.. Well there is one that simply perfect for the role but average they're all just some middle-aged man and adventurer.

And Lastly s*x Scene

5 stars.. Yep truly the best f*p material. The s*x scenes of this novel are the most well-written so far. It's so hot and long yet tempting. The teases is somewhat addictive. The more you read it the more you will get addicted. The author really did a good job for this one. I came for the first 2 chapters at the beginning. That was hot as f*ck. Most of the s*x scenes are Netorase. There is cheating, 3P, 4P even orgy. What I like about the s*x scenes is the mindbreak.. But this seems to be vague because they (the girls) didn't tend to betray MC and they still love him.

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Zeraphin rated it
May 13, 2018
Status: c42
What do I say?

... more>>

After arriving in another world the MC found out the dark goddess gave him a skill that makes him horny when he sees his harem f**ked in front of him,

Oh no it doesn't end here, every single guy that f**ks the harem of the MC has a 10+ inch penis and the MC has a seemingly micro micro-penis (can't be sure of it's accuracy due to reading this by mtl)

And on top of that the girls seemingly become corrupt at the later chapters, As they want other men to impregnate them and say that the MC can't pleasure them with his small cock


This was a very horrible read due to the MC being capable of stopping every single male that came to f**k his harem

Overall wouldn't read this ever again

But this is hentai, what do you expect from a ln that has ntr tags in it?, that's why I gave it a 5 star due to me incapable of comprehending this.

I only read this because of a bet (I won) <<less
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pleasebean rated it
November 17, 2018
Status: --
I will rate this 5 stars because I have NTR festish.

This is one of the best NTR novel out there, the s*x scene is very well good and emotion.

It seems like alot of ppl who read this misunderstading and drop mid way but please, although the author put this on hiatus due to his job (and I hope he will get back to writhing soon), in the lastest preview the author confirmed this will have Happy End. I re-read this many times and I have confidence that nothing bad... more>> will happen.

Sure, the girls seems broke in most ppl eyes but no, they are not, they still love MC very much and enjoying their curses. MC have big tool and end-less stamina due to his new obtained skill even if something bad going to happen, the rule of thumb in many NTR is big **** alway win in the end so he can just get them back anytime but this scenario not gonna happen because the story flow into a good direction.

Truely a amazing story to enjoy if you have NTR festish but afraid of bad end. <<less
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0infinit rated it
April 1, 2019
Status: c42
The story is very good if you want to enjoy a good r18 novel wrote by a proficient author with a good grammar (something that is not that easy to find), the only negative thing that I can see is that netorase genre is a little bit heavy, especially for noobs or beginners in this sector.

I feel kind a disappointment with the other reviewers that gave this novel a low rating just because they don't like this kind of genre, thing that discourage a lot of other lectors and places... more>> this novel in a much lower rank that the one it deserves.

And of course, I know that there are people that just find this genre offensive or even repulsive, but I think that when one rates something, one should try to give it a rate in accordance with the art quality itself rather than by he's/she's personal opinion. <<less
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Kerlark Dgrayman
Kerlark Dgrayman rated it
December 29, 2018
Status: c45
So basically just like the "Welcome to the Man-Eating Dungeon".

Well....... of course I still hate the Netorare (Netori are the ones that I like, but Netorase is a so-so depending on the settings) tags, but there are exception. Yeah just like the novel above.

The girls (as much as I interpret it) still has a love to our MC so I guess that balances for me I guess. And if you know Adolescence Adam then that's a good sign, for having a resistance skill to bear the Netorare of this novel,... more>>

especially if you survive that Netorare scene. And by the way that's my first Netorare so the impact means a lot to me.


So a 5 star because it has a unique combination of NTR and romance (lol) <<less
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Konstantin rated it
September 29, 2018
Status: --
I'll rate is as 5 to compensate all those 1 stars, lol. That people expect from a novel which have a title what directly saying what this is pure netorare porn? This is strange, you know, for example on exhentai most netorare works have high rating at least 4, 5/5 because most people know what they want to see. Also I could say what netorare isn't exactly masochistic fetish, rather it allow you to associate yourself with both sides - guy who steal girl and guy from whom girl is... more>> stolen, which is rather unique and addictive experience and have much harder emotional impact than majority of other genres of porn, this is why ntr works are rather popular among Japanese porn.

This novel does its work well, though as one of review said it feels more like netorase, but in later chapters it slowly transforms into true netorare. Also I laughed on the top comment somehow, why would author try to solve a curse which is most important point of the novel, to the point of being mentioned in the title itself? Also MC tried to find a way and this is why they decided to travel to a place where Dark Goddess lives and this is main objective of their travel. Unlike most ntr protagonists MC here have some balls and powers, he lending his girls, but still have some extent of control and can kill guys if they annoy him. At least at beginning you could see what MC and his gf just use other guys to satisfy their fetishes which were forced on them by a curse.

I found this novel because there is visual novel based on it which was released recently, anyone who liked the novel should check it out.

upd. It seems what vn just have same title, but completely different story, lol. It is shame because the novel is well written and visual novel is much more generic. <<less
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KLJY rated it
May 30, 2018
Status: --
Initially, the protagonists want to resist, but after cuckolded many times, he learned the pleasant feeling of being deprived of his lovers (he thought it's just a play, lol).

Let me tell you in advance, the girls are wh*re (thanks to MC skill of like to see NTR play, he never thought to get NTRed for real). So don't expect a happy ending where they'll still love and come back to the MC like at the beginning. If you're a hardcore masochist who enjoys NTR, this is a must read for... more>> you. <<less
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ShadowFax rated it
September 28, 2017
Status: c37
The beginning feels like light-hearted NTR until the newer chapters where the girls ended up being a bit more... independent of their actions. Not for the faint-hearted, a very good read for fans of this genre.
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Aho555 rated it
January 14, 2019
Status: c2
I'm not going to give it low points just because its theme is NTR which I dislike, but judging it on the usual factors, it's just a below average story. In the first chapter, it even has the cliched 'cartoon villains to give the writer main character the chance to show off his OP-ness.
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funkmasterjo rated it
March 3, 2018
Status: c24
NTR stands for Netorare, and it's basically an advanced form of a cheating kink.

In english you can call it a cuckold kink.

But NTR holds the connotation of emotional pain. The work is supposed supposed to make you feel sympathetic to the person being cheated on, make you feel bad, and sometimes people enjoy that.

... more>> They might enjoy the burning feeling, the newness feeling, or the taboo feeling. Not entirely sure because I only go for it occasionally and can't handle the high level stuff.

The other version, Netori would be if you aren't really supposed to feel bad for the peroson being cheated on.

In the Hentai world we're verry accustomed to this, and indeed the dawn of mainstream NTR happened some 10+ years ago. (Whenever tachibana got published) But there's not many NTR elements on this site so this is a heads up. We already have NTR, Netori, and cheating tags and use them all differently.

All that said, the MC actually likes NTR himself, so is the story NTR or Netori? It seems closer to Netori. <<less
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