When I Tried Strengthening 【Rusted Sword】, It Evolved Into An Overpowered Magic Sword


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In this world, when you turn twelve, God gives you a special weapon called a sacred weapon.

Rust, a boy living in a remote village, dreams of becoming an adventurer with his childhood friend Ruby. Ruby receives the highest rank, A, but Rust receives a battered, F-ranked rusty sword.

Unlike his childhood friend, who was recruited by a top-ranked party, Rust was told that his dream of becoming an adventurer would never come true. But he didn’t give up, and decided to fight with his rusty sword.

He defeats weak monsters little by little and steadily strengthens his rusty sword.

Eventually, after three years, the【Rusty Sword】finally reached weapon level 10. At that time, a skill awakened in the rusty sword, and it evolved into an overpowered magical sword.

This is an adventure story of a boy who was always told he was the weakest.

Associated Names
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"Sabitsuita Ken" wo Tameshi ni Kyoukashite Mitara, Tondemonai Maken ni Bakemashita
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New NGNLKuhaku rated it
July 2, 2022
Status: c20
Idk if this applies to everyone but for me the writer has a given a bit too much of the MC thinking to himself, there's three to five paragraphs of thought between each action, what should have been a fast paced action feels like a turn based fight, furthermore the information given is just repeated, there's nothing new you!

... more>>

When fighting Amethyst, he explains 3 times that without a sacred weapon a person is basically useless, which we have already been told for the past 15 or so chapters already!


Other then that, the story's good and you should just read it. <<less
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GreenRiver rated it
May 4, 2022
Status: c15
The MC starts as a timid beta-male. There're reasons for this (bullied, no father, etc.), but they don't matter too much. By chapter 15 he's starting to man up, so I'm holding out hope.

I like that the MC, even tho he's bullied, is still loved.

His family and friends didn't turn on him. He didn't get banished, no one tried to kill him, or any of those other BS troupes that happen in stories about fail-skills. His friend didn't abandon him, she even wanted to stay by him and help him... more>> train, but he didn't want to hold her back.


I always hate the first few chapters of stories like this. I mean, watching a good person get sh*t on should make people angry, right?

Anyway, by chapter 15 he's recognized as a small-town hero, becoming an adventurer, and has his first party member (she's the girl on the front cover).


Overall it's not great, but it's worth reading. <<less
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Cactiii rated it
April 22, 2022
Status: c11
Its nothing special but if your looking for a typical japanese novel thats basically what this novel is.

This one has the typical timid MC which while it is annoying its not done enough so far in the book to make me drop it, hopefully the author will have the character develop some confidence soon but with how this story is written so far I don't really expect it. It uses the typical trope of childhood friend got something amazing while I got garbage but it turns out my garbage is... more>> the strongest which I'm getting tired of since its so overused and never seems to be executed well but it feels unfair to put my personal bias against the genre into my review. Right now I'm giving it 4 stars simply because if your looking for this type of book then its not a bad version of it, there are a lot of minor issues I have with it which is why I'm removing a star but at least for now I wouldn't say its bad enough to weren't 3 stars.

So far character interactions feel a bit shallow, I can tell the author was aiming for the scenes with the mom supporting him to be heartfelt and sweet but I don't feel anything from them other than mind annoyance at the plot not moving along. The characters don't feel that constant, for example the childhood friend was suppose to be strong-willed and always dragging around but after the ritual she just gives up once he says "i'll catch up some day" and then apparently never comes to visit despite seeming to care about her village. I will give props to the author for not using the stereotype of where the childhood friend ends up hating them for xyz reason, its the one part of this overused shitty trope that they got rid of and honestly its nice to not have to know that soon your going to have the very poorly executed making up between the characters. <<less
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