When I Threw A Sword-Wielding Fiend Into The Villainous Nobles Life, The Eyes Of Those Around Became Murky


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A Tale of the Onmyoji Protecting the Capital from Swarming Demons. The Old Man Who Was Supposed to Be Dead Somehow Became the Villain of That Novel.

In the novel, the final fate awaiting him is a brutal death at the hands of the protagonist, the Onmyoji. Despite the seemingly despairing situation, the old man is inexplicably delighted. This is because the old man was a sword-wielding fiend who had an intense love for serious duels.

“Let us have a fair fight, my lifelong enemy――――.”

The sword-wielding fiend looks forward to his duel with the protagonist, dedicating himself solely to the practice of the sword. As he walks the path of the sword, he becomes admired, sparks interest, and ultimately, is feared by everyone.

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